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25th May 2013

Enjoyed all your photos
Hi Linda and Al, I am enjoying all the stories and photos, what a wonderful experience. Are you on schedule for your return to Mechanicsburg and "The Lake". The weather here is colder than a witches you know what, low last night was in the low 40's, day time temperatures in the middle 60's. Can't wait to hear all the stories in person.
25th May 2013

Weather here
We are on our way back home, starting to yearn for our own bed. The weather has been exceptional as you can see from the photos. We only had rain one afternoon in Yellowstone.
24th May 2013

Why is you profile picture upside down?
25th May 2013

I finally was able to delete the upside down photo and replace it.
21st May 2013

Hi from Terri
Looks like you had a great time with the twins! I enjoyed the photos.
22nd May 2013

Travel homeward
Terri, Yes it was a great visit, however, after 4 1/2 weeks of traveling, looking forward to getting back home
7th May 2013

Destination safely
We enjoyed the pictures and notations very much. So glad you arrived safely. ENJOY YOUR VISIT.
5th May 2013

Enjoying your journey, blog and pictures. Thanks for sharing!
1st May 2013

It must be warm as Linda keeps showing up in short sleeves.
2nd May 2013

The weather has been absolutely beautiful. No rain since St Louis. It was windy and chilly in the mountains, but great otherwise.
29th April 2013

a bit of heaven on earth
Zion is one of my favorite places. We were able to hike the river trail but it was during the summer.
26th April 2013

Hi Linda and Al! The Grand Canyon is so incredibly beautiful. Pictures can't really capture what you see. Your trip sounds so wonderful! Keep posting! Your pictures are fantastic!
25th April 2013

Al looks so relaxed!
This photo made me smile! I'm so happy that you both are taking this trip. Cheers!
25th April 2013

Wait until you see the photos of Grand Canyon
25th April 2013

Day 6 pictures
Pictures are GREAT. Have a great trip.
25th April 2013

WOW - How awesome
Hello Al and Linda. It looks like a little piece of heaven on earth. So glad you are having a good time and no real dramas. Our country is very beautiful and diverse. I bet you were very good at the ax throwing Al ; - ) Wanted to let you know Dan received a new heart and is doing fine. He is now driving which I am not sure about but what can I say. Thanks so much for the blog entries. I look forward to them each day. Be safe!!
25th April 2013

Trip is great
Please share with everyone at office I only added you to subscribers
23rd April 2013

Hi Linda, this is great. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like your trip is great.
22nd April 2013

Hey there!
Linda, it sounds like a great trip so far - enjoy every mile! :0)
22nd April 2013

Great photo's. Enjoy your trip
22nd April 2013

Cold ones
I hope they had some cold ones in the peddling wagon. Did they take you up to the brewery?
21st April 2013

St. Louis
Guess I'll be seeing that soon when Tom moves!
20th April 2013

Moonshine causes blindness
Where is my moonshine? Chickens. You should have bought some.
20th April 2013

We wanted to make sure we could see where we were going!
20th April 2013

Hi Linda & Al! Thanks for sharing your trip. Hope you have a great, although long, road trip in your tiny Prius! Take care and have a safe journey! We will be traveling to Florida soon to see our new granddaughter, Reese and her big brother Chase. Hope to see you this summer sometime.

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