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1st March 2011

Thank you! Definitely on my list to have enlarged and framed :-)
10th February 2011
Railay Beach

Fantastic picture!
22nd December 2010

tie me kangaroo down sport
wonderful photos you should have bought some of that sun over with you!
15th November 2010

These are wonderful pictures, I would love to have been so close to so many animals....memories forever.
14th November 2010

Wow looks awesome guys! Wish I could come visit! Keep having fun x x
14th November 2010

Your photographs
See your still having a rotten time, never mind soon home. It's still raining and really cold, you will love it. xx
15th September 2010

Again a wonderful insight into the journey....I felt I was there. I new my Teddy Bear would do it in style. Hugs.
10th August 2010

Well Spotted
Hey Peter Thank you for spotting that :-) Hope you have a brilliant time back at the temples, we will have to go back one day and visit more. Its amazing how many there actually are and how great an area they are spread over!
8th August 2010

Hi there..Your shot of the ANGKOR THOM temple with the tree overgroing the entrance is actually TA SOM I was there in July , 2010 as well. Going back in a week or so for a few more days...
7th August 2010

Thinking of you both, Lots of Love
Please take care, keep up the great blogs,really good We miss you.....................Mick and Helen Aka Dad and H xxxxx
13th July 2010

I like the photo of you and nan 5232049.
12th July 2010

Wonderful transportation
Wow! It’s amazing... Bamboo train.
11th July 2010

We learnt all about the Killing Fields, Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge... another country with a tyrant leader... will this world ever learn??? I can well imagine how absolutely horrific to be there would be... we all just live in hope that monsters like these will eventually die out from our societies..
6th July 2010

Hi Very good description of the places we went too great pictures. Love Mum XX
5th July 2010

Thank you
am having a wonderful time with you on your holiday, just wish I was with you! xx
28th June 2010

Happy Birthday Philip; You both look really well and happy, hope you are having fun!! Love Mum and Alan
14th June 2010

Youngsters in KK too!
Oh my, reading this...we found the same thing in KK. The youngsters that lived there laughed at us too, we thought it was just us but we are glad that it wasn't just us. We wondered why they were laughing, we felt like asking them if we had a welly on our head or something! Also the soft drinks in Malaysia can be a bit of a minefield as you say...we now always ask what the price of their drinks are before we sit down! Hope you enjoy Vietnam...we love Vietnam but haven't been there for a couple of years so we'll be interested to read your blogs to see if it's changed. Remember to try the bier hoi....super cheap and super tasty! Happy travels, Donna and Neil
10th June 2010

Some fantastic pics, beautiful colour and life. hugs
7th June 2010

Hi Neil and Gill It all has been a great experience so far and hopefully much more to come. We have met some brilliant really interesting people, that is one of the great things about travelling I think. Next blog is in the making :-) Speak soon. Victoria and Phil. x
5th June 2010

What a great experience you guys are having, it sounds like you have met up with some nice people. The photos are fantastic but would have so loved to see the muddy water hole Phil! Take care, can't wait to read your next update. Cheers Neil and Gill
1st June 2010

Looks Fun!
Looks really fun I wish I could be on holdiay im at boring school hope to see you soon also could when you go to China/Japan could you look at how much the Iphones or Itouches are I think that the chinese version of the Iphone is called a SkyPhone see you soon alex ! :P
27th May 2010

Hey Hey
Hi Mum, Elizabeth, Helen and Netty! We are still having a great time, missing you all lots but seeing loads of amazing stuff. We didnt have too much whiskey so luckily we didnt pass out, although it was pretty strong stuff! Phils beard is cool dont you think, he wants to shave it off but I think Ive persuaded him not too. Couldnt believe it when he fell down the water hole, it was so funny but bad :-) Lots of Love to you all. Thank you for your lovely messages! xxxx
26th May 2010

Sounds Great
It was great reading all your adventures sorry about Phil and the water hole. Did you and Phil drink whiskey it a wonder both of you didnt pass out. Keep the blog going it is wonderful reading it and looking at all the photos. Take Care Lots of Love Mum XXXXX
26th May 2010

Hugs all round to everybody there. Fantastic pictures, absolutely beautiful. I am so jealous, enjoy. Hugs
25th May 2010

This sounds amazin! Did'nt know you liked whiskey Vicktoria? and Phil im gettin to like the ginger beard! COOOOOOOOOl! x x

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