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6th February 2018

Very likely all the thoughts of the monks in relation to you are pure, I don't think that this is only mercenary interest, relying on their eastern wisdom. I also managed to visit Doi-Suthep. A wonderful observation, amazed me sure. My cousin and I traveled on a rented Cat Motors motorbike, I drive quite well, and we went to visit and photograph a little more than 120 temples in Chiang Mai in 4 days. That is, we visited the third part of the sights from the must-see list.
From Blog: Temple Visit
6th February 2018

Temple Visit
It was a beautiful temple and a humbling experience
From Blog: Temple Visit
18th April 2016

Arriving Home
Got home safely, Karen (wife) happy to see me but not as much as Elvis (the dog); who jumped between us and licked my face constantly. I would like to say I had a great time and appreciate the new friends I found in Phil, Richard, Dick and Michael; great time together. Not often you can be with people who can rationally discuss differences of opinions in politics and religion but most of the time just clown around, Unique mix. Thanks Again. John From Philly P.S., I've started my diet and I'm going back to marry the one tour guide "Sue", I guess her husband will just have to have an accident.
19th April 2016

To John
On the accident, I can make that happen. I know a guy who knows a guy who........
16th April 2016

Poor Leo, he misses his daddy!
12th April 2016

Woo hoo
Omg, really, really, really excited about the tea! Thanks!
From Blog: April 11, 2016
12th April 2016

If you happen to stumble upon more zodiac cool stuff, I'm 1982 (April if that matters).
9th April 2016

Keep them coming!
Just got the chance to binge on your first week's blogs. Thanks, and keep them coming! Have a great rest of the trip.
5th April 2016

Glad to hear of your mostly uneventful travel day. Your blog came through just fine as well.

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