Peter & Jane Nangle

Peter and Jane

Peter & Jane Nangle

Join Peter & Jane enjoying a sensational road trip through the mounatins and alpine passes of Germany and Italy.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Lindau June 25th 2012

Phew, what a cracking couple of days, The drives through the Black Forest High Roads were some of the best I have driven, over the weekend saw 100's of bikers meeting up for an annual get together at one of the highest points just south of Freundenstadt, they came from all directions and for several km's we had some fun together. Last night saw us arrive at Todtmoos in the southern Black Forest, we arrived after a very near death experience on a left turning, my fault - I turned into an oncoming VW Golf and very nearly come a cropper, Jane was quite shook up and I can only think of what might 'have been', but after a few arm waving apologies we were on our way again. It was a quiet drive into Todtmoos. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-W├╝rttemberg » Baden-Baden June 24th 2012

After a rather full and very satisfying meal and beer last night we were up bright and early here to explore the Spa town, what a beauty it is, no wonder the english WAGS loved it....... Our hotel is right opposite the big chirch and was woken up at 6am with the bells sounding, anyway - that woke us up so we got up and went off for a walk in the very early morning sunshine, it really is a beautiful place - must come back here. Just had breakfast, lost of cheeses, Black Forest breads, meats and coffee, now going to book out and head south towards Freundenstadt before heading for our next overnighter at Totdsmoo in the southern BlacK Forest. Miles of twistys awaits us today, the sun is shining, the sky is blue ... read more
Black Forest High Road
Rude not to....

Europe » Germany » Baden-W├╝rttemberg » Baden-Baden June 23rd 2012

After a marvelous trouble free journey from home to Folkestone (well it was 4.30am)........ I wish all UK road were this quiet and empty...... we landed in Calais, the weather was purrfect indeed. This was immediatly followed by 3 hours of empty french roads where we found ourselves in Epernay, home of the champagne caves/house, as usual we turned up when the place was closed (12-2pm - bless the french)..... we managed to get a few bottles of Peter the Beef champagne, nibbled on some obscene chocolate cakes and headed further down the A4 towards Germany. Some 949km from home we arrived here in Baden Baden, all in all 12 hours on the road and about 8 or so driving, we are staying in the Am Markt hotel in the old town, 100% spot on, great ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Colchester June 22nd 2012

Crikey - exactly how much stuff are taking for this trip, the kitchen floor is full of stuff, inbetween now and 4am we have to try and get some sleep..... I can't.... still have the route to check. The car is ready, all washed courtesy of BMW Cooper (thankyou Laura) - the car is ready, the BMW Performance exhaust was fitted yesterday, so we expect about +3bhp at least. The ipod playlist are ready, not too many cheesy italian ones. Next stop - Folkestone, lovely sunny Folkestone - after that we head for diinner in Epernay + loads of champagne and this tomorrow night, we will be in Baden Baden - poncing about in a Spa.... Still can't believe how much we are taking......... read more
The car

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Colchester June 19th 2012

Ok- so here we are, the route is almost sorted, the hotels are sorted, the car is almost sorted, we have 4 days to go and quite frankly we cannot wait to get going, even the weather appears to be on our side. We thought about this trip last year after an awful holiday in Cyprus (don't go there, it's awful......) a year in the planning and we are off. Keep in touch, drop in, pass on some tips and comments and we hope you find our trip entertaining and above all, fun.... read more

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