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I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human being with the soul of a clown which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments

Asia » China » Fujian » Yongding December 28th 2009

So... honestly where do I start, at the beginning I suppose! When last I left you I was sunning myself on Christmas day on a truly magical isle. The “former” God know to all as Lonely Planet says in its 10 things you have to do in China “you haven’t been to China if you didn’t wake by the sound of a cockerel in a Tolou.” These are enclosed villages, were a whole community effectively live in one rather large house, please Google them for the history as I have neither the knowledge nor the skill to tell you properly. What I will tell you that in 1985 the Yanks spotted these with a reconissense satellite (KH22) and thought they were nuclear launchers and sent a spy to check it out (Howard H Beck) I don’t ... read more
Picture 279
Picture 283
Picture 285

Asia » China » Fujian » Xiamen » Gulangyu December 25th 2009

Well let me start by saying a very merry Christmas to you all from this truly magical little island! Just had a beer on the beach (finally somewhere warm!) going to post quite a few pictures of Piano Island (Gulangyu Island) to give you a true idea of quite how diverse this tiny little island is. On the ferry over you see the usual Chinese massive obsession with neon, they will light anything up, regardless of its insignificance! They love it!! As much fun as it is to photograph, I started to think “oh well here we go again...” and oh how wrong I was! I decided that I would spend a day, as the god named Lonely Planet suggests “just wandering around.” The island is no bigger than Sark, so is the perfect place to ... read more
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Picture 101
Picture 103

Asia » China » Shanghai December 23rd 2009

Well as you probably know i have been in china for a little while now, i have decided i am going to make a few observations about the Chinese and China itself... First of all let me say that the Chinese are without doubt some of the most friendly, helpful people i have had the great pleasure to meet... (And the place is truly spotless and i thought jersey was clean!) However there are some “small” cultural difference between the Chinese and us good old Brits. Our well known love of queuing has not caught on so much in China, the method which i shall name “the push, shove and poke” is much more favoured, regardless of age, race or gender everyone falls victim! And on to driving... it seems to me that the Chinese must ... read more
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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou December 20th 2009

Why are all the cool buildings to photograph at night surrounded by hookers??? Is this rule standard around the world or just places i visit?? couple of shots taken many hookers dodged!... read more
the Shang ra la hotel
Suzhou by night

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou December 19th 2009

Hi Peeps Just a quick one today, a cold day spent wandering the old side of Suzhou dodging the manic motorcyclists! They have E bikes (electric) so you can't even hear the buggers coming! They just appear! Looneys! much love all... read more
furniture 009
furniture 012
furniture 014

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou December 18th 2009

Great first day in China, meet up with friends, settled in to flat we are staying in for next few days. Eaten first meal in China and it was Japenise, was fantastic (thought of you while sat on the floor eating dinner Sam) Going to crash out now, long day traveling, 6010 mies covered so far! off to Shanghai city tomorrow, so should have some nice photos to upload! much love peeps pmc ... read more
Traffic light

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Suzhou December 18th 2009

So here we go 7 am flight out of jersey! (Up at 5am after an hours sleep, bags of fun, please excuse the pun!) Arrive to Gatwick with ZERO stress, taxi to the infamous Terminal 5 of Heathrow..... remembering horror stories of millions of pieces luggage apparently deciding they didn’t fancy going on holiday with respective owner and wandering off to live a life free of getting dragged to various countries around the world only to be locked in a hotel room for the whole time, not surprised they jibbed their owners!! Flight to Shanghai called on time, board plane, sat on tarmac not moving for 2 hours while they “de Ice the plane??! (were they using hand warmers or just blowing on it??) So a total of a 14 hour flight is slowly drawing to ... read more
Leaving Heathrow

Europe » Channel Islands » Jersey December 16th 2009

Finishing work at 5, picking up washing (£40 just to dry it! f**king joke!). 5 onwards, packing, sorting out Iphone with music and films, frantic search for passport, general panic and ditress that have forgotten some vital item (tickets etc...) WOOP WOOP China tomorrow baby! Will post more once i have acutally gone! lol was just testing Travelblog / Facebook syncing properly! ... read more

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