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South America » Brazil » Alagoas » Maceió July 19th 2011

"Oi" (Hi) One can say I am biased to write about Maceio, since it's my hometown (even though I've lived abroad for a very long time), but this city is a true gem if you enjoy a warm destination by an amazing ocean. True that culture is not necessarily "in your face", and if one is interested to go beyond the surface, he has to take the time explore it. Here, it's just a brief overview of one more passage through Maceio and surroundings. WEATHER: I usually come home when it's winter time in brazil, but it's still a great time to visit Maceio. It's warm, from 21-30C, and although it rains intermittently, the sun still appears often enough for one to have a good time. I just returned from a walk under... read more
Jatiuca Beach
Splendid view and serenity

Asia » Burma July 10th 2011

BAGAN: EXPLORING MYANMAR’S MOST WONDROUS SIGHT (Dear friends. No, I’m no longer in Myanmar. I’m actually in Brazil, but time didn’t allow me to finish blogging on my last trip until now. So, here is a little more on Burma, before I blog on Maceio. Among the joys of travelling are meeting of travelers and at times bringing down stereotypes. I had a chance to do just that as I started my journey to Bagan and the sights of the centuries old temples of which first drew my attention to Myanmar. From Inle to the Heho airport I shared the taxi ride with Laura, an incredibly talkative and friendly girl from Latvia. She was nothing like the stereotypical person from the Baltic region: “cold, unfriendly,…”. Arriving at the airport, I meet 2 very arrogant, unfriendly Brazilians. ... read more
Our Horse Cart
On Temple Top

Asia » Burma April 21st 2011

INLE LAKE and NYAUNGSHWE This was a more tranquil, yet still awesome experience in Myanmar. I feared I’d not enjoy Inle, fearful the area would be crowded with tourists since it’s one of the top destinations in the country. My fear was in vain, as there were very few visitors around and the ones I did meet turn out to be great travel companions. At arrival at Heho airstrip, my pre-arranged taxi driver awaited for me. His vehicle was old and beat-up, his driving too fast for my taste and safety standards, but the 45 minute drive to Nyaungshwe presented me with unexpected treats: - First we encountered a huge procession ceremony on its way to a Buddhist temple. Music, women caring offerings on their heads or arms, little girls to become novices at the ... read more
Intha Village.
solitary fisherman
Adorable lake kids.

Asia » Myanmar April 8th 2011

BEFORE TAKING OFF TO SE ASIA: Months in advance, my ticket, free on miles, is ready, but the not forecasted diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis, a painful inflammation on the shoulder, threatened my journey. Well, the doctor categorically said “go, anyways”, and that was all I needed to get my visa and trekking shoes and start packing. The morning of the long awaited trip arrived. I was certain that my flight is at 8:20am, so despite waking at 5, I hung in bed. At 5:55am, I had an urge to check my ticket and it read: departure time 6:40am!!! I panicked, woke Amanda up and in record time got my bags and rushed to the car, still in my pajamas, and headed to the airport hoping for a miracle. I started to change my clothing in the ... read more
Sunrise as I leave for SE Asia
Yangon Colors
Tons of Bills, little value... in dollars.

South America » Colombia » Medellin December 6th 2010

MEDELLIN: Once the headquarters and principal killing grounds for Colombia's cocaine cartels, as Medellin was Escobar’s hometown, this city has done a remarkable turnaround. Today, it shines only one of Colombia’s safest city, but of Latin America as well. It is also one of the most pleasant and developed. The trip from Bogota didn’t start so well, as the 30 minute flight was delayed by 4 hours. Add the bad traffic to the airport and the 1 hour trip into Medellin, and we wasted a whole day, literally. But, by the next day we started to enjoy the delightful city surrounded on all four sides by rugged peaks. It’s very lush here, with green brushing the landscape and flower stands popping along roads. A river runs through the city furiously and the rain, the worst in ... read more
With Yannick & Botero Sculpture
Botero Sculpture
view from cable car..

South America » Colombia » Bogota December 4th 2010

NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE CHILLED IN BOGOTA, COLOMBIA As I prepare to head to Colombia with the whole family, a country famous for being the world’s largest producer of cocaine, friends were quick to inquire: "Isn't that dangerous?", "Is this a safe place to travel to?” My travel book is contradictory. First it states that "Colombia’s back. After decades of civil conflict, it’s now safe to visit". Then, it gives a little bit of not so great news: "The drugs may still be here but the violence is gone, at least for now." But then, at the bottom of the page, after giving me a sense of security, it comes with this: "Travel Alert: Travelers should exercise vigilance at all times due to the level of violent crime. Although kidnapping and homicide rates in urban ... read more
Salt mine chapel
Amanda at Andre's Carne de Res
At the salt cathedral

North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara October 31st 2010

HOLA FROM MEXICO! GUADALAJARA I have been here before, a looong time ago, to watch Brazil play during a world cup in the 80's. Now I return for a quick 5 day trip to the land of the mariachi, tequila, and the sombrero (big hat). Gastronomy: I always get a kick out of observing the breakfast menu of different countries. My favorite breakfasts are the simple Turkish one, with crusty bread, tomato, olives, cucumber, cheese and dried fruit, and the Chinese, with green vegetables (ok to call me weird), soup, rice and a little meat (which I don't eat). Now, the Mexican Breakfast: the first word which come to mind to describe it? weird . Tongue stew, tripe stew, fried pork skin stew and other unadendified organs stews for breakfast!!!! Those are weird foods to have ... read more
Rodo Padilla art
Tradition on street
At Santo Cayote

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta October 18th 2010

WHAT AN OCTOBER! Definitely can't complaint this one has been uneventful. Early in the month, Amanda and I got to see the legendary song writer, musician, and activist, Bob Dylan, right at home in Gainesville. On his 70's, the voice is still barely there, but boy he can still draw a crowd! The arena was full of old folks and young dudes alike. Amazing to think that Dylan has been on the top of stages since the early 1960's! Mid-month and the two of us hopped in the car and headed to Georgia , where we saw the Dalai Lama. He wasn't in Daramasala, his home in exile, when we visited India in 2008, so we joined him here in Atlanta during this conference on compassion and meditation. East met West at Emory University to unveil ... read more
His Holiness

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 25th 2010

Before I start, let me say sorry for taking so long to add this entry. Summer went by, fall has began, and only now I am posting this entry on our last leg of our trio to Greece. My biggest excuse: There were too many pictures and too little time, and than, I got way too busy. Although the place is incredible for pictures, there were too many tourists, and the only ones I was interested to take photos of were my kids, of course. So, a great opportunity for family and friends to see them. So, here is a short entry followed by a ton of pictures. Go directly to than if you prefer. Our high speed ferry stopped at the islands of Mykono and Naxos, which I had visited many years ago, and also ... read more
My take of the Sunset in Oia, Santorini
In Santorini with Amanda & Gugui
Oia with a touch of color

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Syros August 11th 2010

On the early morning hours of day 4, we took a ferry on the deep blue Aegean Sea to our first island.. Syros was chosen because we wanted one of the 2 islands we picked not to be too touristy, and our Greek friend George suggested it. As we approached the island from the ferry we could see the relatively small capital town of Hermoupolis set on a hill. What cached my eyes immediately were two big churches: the catholic St George Cathedral with the blue dome on top of the hill, and the Byzantine Orthodox Church of Anastasis on the middle of the hill. Off the ferry, the first thing we did was to get lost trying to find our way to the hotel in the intertwined maze of narrow crooked streets going up ... read more
Hermoupolis view
Amanda & Yannick in Ano Syros 2
Syros Harbour View

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