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Europe » Croatia » Istria October 10th 2012

ISTRIA: Istria got my full attention as I saw it listed as one of the "Best of the World Must-see Places for 2012" on an issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine. I became set on reaching the Adriatic Sea from Zagreb, Croatia's capital, where I would be visiting friends. I really wanted to get a taste of at least Rovinj and I ended up getting so much more. My friends arranged for us three to be taken on a road trip with a fellow from Zagreb. So, at 7:30am we left to explore Istria's highlights. We had a lovely drive through the green Istrian interior with bucolic landscape of rolling hills, small hilltop villages with Venetian style church towers pocking the skies, olive tree groves, mountains, and more. PAZIN Once in the Istrian region, Pazin was ... read more
I love the alleys of Rovinj
Streets of Rovinj

Europe » Croatia September 29th 2012

CROATIA I wondered through out the former Yoguslavia many years ago, dazzled by the beauty of Dubrovinick, Split and islands on the Adriatic Sea. This was just before the war broke, dividing up the country. Now I return to visit Croatian friends I met in Canada, to explore parts of the country I have not visited before, and to be again delighted by the taste of a cuisine my taste buds have not forgotten. ZAGREB I took a 1.5 hour flight from Zurich to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, where I will be staying at my friends's flats, in two different areas of the city, and also visit another acquaintance. After my first Croatian breakfast with Tanja, sipping a delicious cup of strong coffee and eating toast with homemade jams, I took a tram to the ... read more
Dried Figs at the open market
Colors of the flower market
Flower market

Europe » Switzerland September 22nd 2012

In a big contrast to most of my travel destinations, I find myself in one of the richest countries in the world, Switzerland. It is incredibly organized, well behaved, efficient and politically neutral. I had already discovered the bewitching natural beauty of this country a couple of decades ago. So, what brings me back? A chance to visit 5 good friends from the past, who I met in different corners of the world, and now reside in various corners of this tiny country. Along the way, as we hop from city to city, we'll take detours to re-visit some favorite spots and discover new ones as well. Here is the first climpse of the trip. GENEVA: Perfect weekend with friends Picked up at the airport by our friend Roberto, with jet-lag and all, there was no ... read more
Lovely flowers on each window
Back in Gruyeres, by The Chalet

Asia » Indonesia » Bali May 16th 2012

BALI, From DEMPASAR to SINGARAJA: FINDING FULFILMENT IN TRAVELS, BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS The beautiful beaches, amazing snorkeling, picturesque rice terraces, flower-petal offerings, daily traditional ceremonies, cheap and great spas and delicious food: These are all exciting and compelling reasons to come to Bali, and I intended to have a taste of most of them, as I did and will post a little here and more on my subsequent blogs. But this entry is mostly about the REAL REASON I came to Bali: to meet a special little being. (It also explores the sights along the way from Denpasar to Singaraja.) This is not a sad entry, but one of hope and fulfillment. I share it with the intension to hopefully inspire some to take a little time at places being discovered, to search, and possibly find ... read more
By Ancient Rice Terraces
Walking down the hill to head to the doctor
fields of flowers used for offerings

Asia » Bhutan May 10th 2012

MY DAYS IN BHTHAN: CURIOSITY ABOUT THE STORY BEHIND FLYING PENISES? Giggles and questions marks must pop into every visitor to Bhutan’s head, as it did to mine, as one sees the happy-and-funny looking ribbon penis painted on the walls of houses and businesses. I hope you won't take offense on focus of this blog, as you read the title. It's not just about the "object", but most importantly, what's behind it. I write about what catches my attention, and this is one of the things in Bhutan which is truly interesting and curious. I'd be writing also if tons of houses had happy cats with ribbons were painted on the walls of most homes, with the intention to mean more than just an interesting animal painting. Only a Divine Madman in Bhutan could be behind ... read more
Dressed up and popping everywhere...
At the grounds of the Divine MadMan monastery
Penis decorates walls to ward off evil.

Asia » Bhutan » Punakha May 10th 2012

CONTRAST IN PANAKHA: The Bedazzling Dzong & the Crumbled Village PANAKHA: According to my itinerary, I was to go to Panakah on my second day. The agency, which had already changed my hotels, also changed my itinerary. I insisted on proceeding to Panakan valley on the originally planned date, but this would require a change on my “visa” for the restricted-area travel permit!!! That’s when I realized how tightly controlled every move of tourists here is. The visa office only opened at 9am so I had time to kill before living, we drove up to the unfinished Buddha view point. The 3storey golden statute was made in China and is being donated to Bhutan, I believe by Singapore. STUCK AT THE DOCHU LA PASS: With the late departure from Thimpu, before we reached the Chula Pass, ... read more
punakha Dzong
Traditional bhutanese architecture
With Panakha Dzong on background

Asia » Bhutan » Thimphu May 8th 2012

ON THE WAY TO THIMPHU: On the way from Paro to Thimphu we visited a small private monastery across the river, TAMCHHOG LHAKHANG. The suspended iron chain narrow bridge, from where colorful prayer flags were hung, was both picturesque and frightening to cross. It was built by a Tibetan saint, composer and engineer who built 108 bridges across Tibet and Bhutan. A 100-year old tamarind tree and vertical white prayer flags completed the enchanting landscape. But what made the visit at this monastery quite special was to find a group of village Bhutanese seating on the yard outside the chapel and kids playfully around the yard, some playing soccer. THIMPHU, the capital of Bhutan: Nothing really special about the capital that doesn't have a single traffic light. The 4th king is responsible for many changes which ... read more
White vertical prayer flags...
Bhutanese woman
Playful boy.

Asia » Bhutan » Paro May 6th 2012

DAYS AT THE TINY, ENIGMATIC KINGDOM OF BHUTAN KUZUZANGBO LA (“Hello in Dzongkha, the official language of Bhutan) I started travelling to the Himalayan region in 2005 with my first trip to Tibet. I got a taste of the Buddhist way of life up close and personal, and fell in love with it. In the years to follow I returned to Tibet two more times, and visited Nepal, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, India and Thailand. One last place where Buddhism is prominent remained on my bucket list until now: the small Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon. My curiosity about Bhutan heightened when I read about its philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) and even more so when I met an young Bhutanese who spoke so proudly of his country’s eco friendly stands ... read more
Paro Dzong by the river
Windown at Paro Dzong
Another window at Paro Dzong

North America » United States » Washington April 29th 2012

Plenty to do in DC. Museums galore, parks, monuments. Felt as a school kid on a field trip at times, but seeing the cheeryblossoms made up for tinconvenience of being in DC at peak season.... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas November 5th 2011

LAS VEGAS: Returning to SIN CITY A LITTLE HISTORY: Yes, even Sin City has some history. Most interesting is its past relating to its very early days. The oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert was discovered by a Mexican teenager in 1830 and was colonized by Mormons in 1855. The Mormons, however, didn’t last more than 3 years in the oasis on a sea of sand, returning to Salt Lake City as their crops fell. Fast forwarding to 1903, the railroad came and the town was created, 30 years later the Hoover Dam was built. By 1945, the town was already known as the gambling oasis in the desert. Fast forward to 1990s, there was a campaign focusing on turning the now known”luxury-minded playground for adults” into a family-friendly resort town. Luxury palace-hotels began ... read more
Aria Hotel
Sunrise in Las Vegas
Blue Man

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