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9th June 2009

Crossing Bridge
sounds like you two are having a great time. :)
4th June 2009

Just got back from New Orleans and caught up with your blog. You've been in my prayers and will continue to be. What an adventure. I'm so glad you are well underway and doing such neat stuff. Take care, I'll be following but very grateful I'm safely at home in Bismarck . I'm praying that you both will be able to really enjoy the unique people that you each are. Love you both...Judy
From Blog: St.Louis, MO
3rd June 2009

Love to you both
I'm enjoying the blog--it was a great idea. Keep safe and keep having fun. It's a wonderful opportunity whose knock you've answered! Love you--Brenda
2nd June 2009

Stormy weather
It sounds like that storms happen even when the weather isn't involved. So the question is, how many sermons have already been started as you travel? By the way when you travel in Kansas you have to watch out for Doctor Killers.
27th May 2009

Air jordan
26th May 2009

Prayers for the journey
Steve and Grace - we are in awe of your commitment to this trip. You are doing what so many of us only get around to dreaming about. So - we are going to be living through you for the next few weeks! And during your trip, we are going to be praying for you - for safety, for your enjoyment, for your strengthening relationship with each other and for the Lord, for wonderful insights into God's grace in the everyday, for the words to share your hearts with us, and for all that you will learn and experience about this amazing world in which we live. May God be glorified through you as you ride down the road! Peace to you - our brother and sister in Christ - Gary and Cheri.
26th May 2009

That's alright
We actually didn't go through Minneapolis. We headed south from Saint Cloud to go to Mankato. Hope you enjoy that BIKE!
From Blog: Two Weeks
14th May 2009

Remember - you have to travel through Minneapolis when you head to Chicago - I would tell you to stop and have a cup of coffee with us, but we will be in Minot and Powers Lake over that weekend getting the rest of our stuff there...and the motorcycles. We will be watching for your blogs daily - wish we could go with you. Have an incredible - and Godspeed to you both.
From Blog: Two Weeks
9th May 2009

Nice Great Awesome
Thanks for the wonderful blog.. i enjoyed reading it... Thanks! Peace, Pernan Salvador

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