Where in the World Are PJ & Vivi


Where in the World Are PJ & Vivi

"There are places I remember all my life....though some have changed. Some forever, not for better....some have gone and some remain" --- The Beatles

Today we planned on waking up at 8:00am, but ended up snoozing until 8:40am. We then finished packing and headed down to check out and have breakfast. We got on the 9:30 am shuttle to the airport and had a short drive over. We checked in and got to relax and walk around the duty free shops. By the way if you're looking for Flor de Cana, the duty free shop at the airport is a great place to stock up as its about $9/bottle of the 7 year Gran Reserva. They also have lots of good quality Nicaraguan cigars at reasonable prices. We spent the rest of the morning hanging out in the cafe by our terminal since they had free wifi. A wee without internet and everyone was using their i(insert name of item) ... read more
Nicaraguan country side
Nicaragua farm country
Nicaragua lake and mountains

Today is the big day. The main reason we all came down for. The wedding of Ana and Arturo. It is here at the hotel so we do not have to travel anywhere and have the whole day to spend relaxing after the past couple of hectic days. We slept in this morning, but got up in time for the wonderful breakfast buffet of the InterContinental. We then came back to the room and began to pack and get everything ready for leaving the next day. After a while of getting everything together and relaxing, Vivi went up to be with the bridal party as they got ready for the night. I went off to the pool area and spent the day with the rest of the group that didn't go to Masaya to buy more ... read more
Ready to go to wedding
Archway at Church

Breakfast again was delicious and this is definitely becoming one of the best meals of the day. I just cannot get enough of the queso frito as it is so delicious and the gallo pinto for breakfast hits the spot. Not sure how I am going to cope heading back to the real world after this trip and not having this breakfast everyday. Today was an early day as we were on the bus at 9:00 am to head for Volcan Mombacho. The family had arranged a fantastic caballo vallo for us in a house up in the middle of Volcan Mombacho. After the ride over, we got up to the spot where the busses drop us off in a little guard house and from here we transfer into army bus transports to go up to ... read more
Nice and dry
Always be prepared
Even here we find dogs?

Today we began the day with breakfast at the InterContinental. The breakfast buffet here is amazing. There was gallo pinto, omelletes, pastries, queso frito (which is freaking amazing), and a lot of other great things. We filled up on breakfast and afterwards got on the bus to begin our journey to Granada and Las Isletas. The start of the drive was a lot of fun because Arturo forgot Ana and we had to stop to wait for her to catch up to us. Needless to say that Ana was furious, but luckily got over being left behind quickly and we continued on the way to Granada. Right before we arrived in the city of Granada we visited a cigar factory where they make hand roll cigars off of organic leaves. We bought a 6 pack of ... read more
Getting an order ready of fresh cigars
Hand rolled for your enjoyment
If you need organic cigars this is the place

We arrived today in Managua around 11:30AM and we met Ana and Arturo with most of Arturo's family at the airport. The flight in was mainly uneventful, although we did get to see Cuba from the plane and got a picture of the coastline. We were then taen onto the bus and driven to the InterContinental Real MetroCenter in Managua. The hotel is very nice and up to the standards you would expect from the InterContinental. After checking in and dropping off our bags we went back to the lobby to begin our tour to Masaya. Our tour guide was Christian, who is a German native living in Nicaragua for over 15 years. He is a great guy and very friendly. Highly recommend him. Our first stop on the way to Masaya was the supermarket to ... read more
That's Cuba Down There
Welcome to Managua
Welcome Reception at the InterContinental

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