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Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 6th 2012

Well now possums (hey!! I’ve not seen any of those yet!!) We are now over half way through our “round the globe” jaunt, so I guess it’s time I had a go at this blogging thing!! If you saw the last picture of Joe Blogs you will understand why he is unable to write until we have obtained the necessary medical assistance. We step off the plane and arrive in Melbourne and……’s raining….and it’s not very warm. Hmmm this reminds me vaguely of something……ah, yes….. home!!!! Well I didn’t expect this!!! English weather!! We take the shuttle bus to our hotel “Ah, yes, that’s the cheapest of the three Crown hotels”, announces our driver, so it is with some relief and surprise when we arrive that far from a flea pit it is a chic city ... read more
Henry Putting More Salza on the BBQ
The Melbourne Clan
The Great Ocean Snooze Tour Bus

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 3rd 2012

A Load of Hot Air 17,000 kilograms of it in fact. Our last day in Port Douglas and the hot air balloon flight had been rearranged for today. Pick-up at 4:20am (aaargh) we were driven out to the Atherton Tablelands, a raised plateau (1000m above sea level) of fertile land and the major agricultural area of the region. On arrival, there were 4 huge balloons already inflated and ready to go (it was still dark as the plan was to see sunrise from the air). There were about 20 people in each basket, all of them Japanese and Chinese, except for the pilot, who was South African. The pilot’s name was Johanne, but I will refer to him as Mr Annoying Shouty Man from now on (see video clip and you will understand why). A few ... read more
Squirting The Burner
Lift Off
Atherton Tablelands

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 2nd 2012

Last night, we thought we would pop into Port Douglas for a couple of tinnies and maybe some Cane Toad Racing. We strolled down to the beach and took a couple of pictures of the mangroves and metallic starlings, then popped into Ironbar for a drink and something to eat. The place was in an uproar. I thought it was a football match or something, but no, fortunately for us, it was Cane Toad Racing night. Running that night were Jerry Springer, Fat Bastard, Gay Freddie, Pigeon Toad, Shagging Camel Toad and Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. The favourite was Fat Bastard. Not entirely sure of the rules, but you had to bid to be toad-jockey first. Then, once you had your mount, you had to kiss it (I understand Cane Toads are toxic) and then, on starters ... read more
Mangroves Not In The Sea
Metallic Starlings Roosting
Cane Toad Racing

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas March 2nd 2012

Monkey bats – is that the time? (Cue Batman Theme) We wanted a picture of the massive bats, so we went back to the spot we saw them around the same time and waited. While we were waiting, I went up to a taxi to speak to the driver. "G'Day Bruce", I said, "do you know a good place for bats round here?" “There’s a massive colony of them”, he replied, “about half a kilometre from here. Hundreds of the filthy little buggers, and they stink”. “Ooooo”, I said, "Quick Robin, into the Bat Taxi". Moi, sorry, Robin jumped in too. “Holy Bat Droppings, to the bat colony Bruce and don’t spare the roos.”, said Moi, sorry Robin. "Don't call me by my real name in public", I hissed, before I realised she, sorry, he wasn't ... read more
Hang In Trees
Like Abundant Fruit
Bat Man

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Daintree March 2nd 2012

And so, here we are, deep in the beaudiful World Hewitage twopical wainforest of Daintwee situated in Far North Queensland Austwarlia. I am cuwwently sitting 45 metres below the twopical canopy, suwwounded by dense jangew cweepers , vines and cweepy cwarlies . . . (Scuse me?) . . . there is just such incwedible biodiversity here. The Daintwee wainforest contains 30% of fwog, (Scuse me? SCUSE ME? Look, if you’re thinking of doing the whole blog in a poor David Bellamy impersonation you can think again. After yesterday’s Jeau Coostarde fiasco, no-one will read it) Weally? (Really. Rrrr, rrr, rrrealy). Oh! So I’m going to be doing this one and it’s none negotiable. You say nothing and stay within the brackets. (Silence). Good . . . . and so: Here we are, deep in the beautiful ... read more
Monkey and Giant Fern
Chris - Fruit Eater of the Rain Forest
Katy Did (~10cm)

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas February 29th 2012

We av curm to thees byootiful plaz, le moste byootiful plaz on Urth, fool ov meestery et darnjer, to shar avec yoo, sum ov the seecrets she as too offere. Le last weeldernees on Urth, the Grart Barriea Rif, juste off le corst de Nurth Oostrarlia. Togethere nous weel explor le savaj byooty, le sensuale depths, in search de le famoos Whartip Rif Sherk. May I welcum yoo to . . . L'Under Mer Monde de . . . Jeau Coostarde. Le darve boat, elle peek us up at 10:30 and soone we are travel at 20 knot acrosse le byootiful Coral See towarde le famoos Agincourt Rif. Ma partenere, elle ees planning to do the snrokeleeng dans le rif, whal ah weel darve to le eenermost depths in serch of this fabulous creechur. Wee arrarv ... read more
Ma Partnere - Elle Teste le Maske
Ma Partnere Avec Le Sweeming Noodle
Rif Euphoria

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas February 28th 2012

Strewth mate ! (Hang on, hang on. How long is this going to go on for? You’re going to be in Australia for another two and a half weeks and it’s already getting tedious). Silence. (Well?) Silence. (Look at me when I’m talking to you!). OK. OK. Well, we were supposed to go ballooning over the rainforest today but it got cancelled due to the unsettled weather. So, for a consolation prize, we booked a helicopter flight over the rainforest and reef (tee hee). And what an amazing experience that was. Our own private helicopter, just me, Moi and Nick (the pilot). The helicopter took off from the hotel, flew along the coast, then along into the rainforest. We followed the contours of a few mountains covered in dense tropical rainforest, then out to the sea ... read more
Take Off
Copy That. Roger. . . Roger?

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas February 27th 2012

Tropical Oz – rainforest, jungle, wildlife. Damn these crocs ! Huge bladdy baggers, take your eye out given half a chance no worries mate. Sorry, sorry, I mean corks. On my hat. Damn these corks (on my hat) ! Huge bladdy baggers, take your eye out given half a chance no worries mate. (Christ on a bike, toss me another tinnie while I write the bladdy blog will ya mate). Anyway, spent a very interesting day today at a cork farm. Huge bladdy buggers, take your eye out given half a chance no worries. Sorry, sorry, I mean croc farm. Huge bladdy . . . . (Yes, yes, alright, we get it, very funny). Oh . . . well . . . we learnt a lot of things today about how to survive in the tropical ... read more
Bladdy Croc
Another Bladdy Croc
Yet Another Bladdy Croc

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Port Douglas February 26th 2012

Strewth cobber – we’ve only gone and landed in bladdy Austrarlia !! And I'll tell you something else mate, it’s as warm and as humid as a lizard’s backside, no worries. Today we are half way through the trip and we’ve left Asia - Oz is a whole brand new continent. What’s more, I can understand the bladdy natives. Weird. Anyway, we crossed the bladdy equator yesterday. No fuss, no certificate, no champagne corks popping, no letter from the Queen, nothing. The equator itself was a like a big bladdy black line, say five or ten miles wide, stretching as far as the eye could see from horizon to horizon. Like a big bladdy 28,000 mile long zipper. I imagine that somewhere on the planet, there’s a huge zip fastener they can pull whenever they need ... read more
Trying Out The New Camera
Desert Island

Asia » Singapore February 22nd 2012

Singapore – well, this is a bit different !! One degree off the equator (though still in the Northern hemisphere!), we expected it to be hotter than Thailand but actually it’s about the same. (Today Bangkok is 3 degrees hotter). The main reason we stopped off at Singapore is that it is on the way to Australia. That nice man at Trailfinders said we should really spend a couple of days here, seeing as how we are passing through, and so here we are. After Bangkok, we thought Singapore was just going to be more of same, and how wrong we were. It’s clean, very clean. It’s very cosmopolitan. It’s chilled, the pace just seems to be quite laid back, and the people are lovely. There’s obviously money here too (no moaning about the credit crunch, ... read more
Didn't Expect To See My Brother Here ?
Our Intrepid Travellers in The Orchid Garden
In Techno Heaven

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