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South America » Ecuador » West » Canoa April 6th 2007

Getting There So me and Miry decided to take the Easter Holiday down by the Coast at a place called Canoa and considering we only had three days there the 10-11 hour trip is a bit much for a couple of days in the Sun but it was worth it in the end. The Bus left around 10:30 on Thursday night and I had an eight hour sleepless journey to Puerto Viejo. I thought I would be used to the manic driving through pitch black roads that constantly wind all the way from the Mountains to the valleys and only straighten up towards the Coastal plains but no! did my experiences in Asia count for nothing. So we arrived at Porto Viejo at about 8 in the morning trying to decipher from the locals who was ... read more
Surfs Up!!
Harbour Port
Ahia Bay

South America » Ecuador » East » Tena February 3rd 2007

Ecuador’s Rainforests Through friends in Quito I had the opportunity to be an Expedition Leader for a British group of Gap year students, taking them into the Jungle where I would spend a week and half helping with conservation with all expenses covered not to mention pay as well. So naturally I jumped at the opportunity. The Tropical Rainforests of Ecuador are unique among the World as they contain so much variety of plants and animal species, not in great amounts but in great diversity. There are 300 different species of trees found in one hectare alone compared to North America which has 500 species in its entirety also there are around 25 000 species of plants present in the country, which represents approximately 10% of all plants in the world of these plants two ... read more
Rio Napa
Painted Belly Monkey Frog
Green Bee

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito January 2nd 2007

Pichincha Arriving back in Quito to take more Spanish lessons me and Sheir had the opportunity to climb Pichincha Mountain. You take a cable car half way up and then walk the rest of the way and it affords some excellent views of Quito and its interesting landscape which happens to be dominated by threatening volcanoes all around. It takes about and hour or so to make it to the top and as we did the mist started to roll in and the temperature dropped quite a lot but on the way back it was all Sun so a great afternoon. Chiva Bus Normally going to the Pub nailing down a few pints with an update of what your mates have been up to is all that is required to kick start the night into action. ... read more
Gonna Fly Now
Chiva Bus

South America » Ecuador » West » Montañita January 1st 2007

So my trip to the Coast began around five in the morning, not that I was aware of the fact being extremley drunk and pretty much falling into the car and going into a deep coma sleep. Pablo who runs the Apu Inty Spanish school I currently study at was the designated driver with his girlfriend Sheir from America playing Shotgun with me in the back. The first half of the journey was a semi conscious awareness that the air pressure was changing along with an increase in temperature as we drove down towards the coast. Consciencess came in the form of a jolt and the knowledge that three of four tyres had just been burst hitting a crater in the road, something that VW car is less than capable of contending with. Luckily the repair ... read more
Puerto Lopez Beach
Loco Surfers
New Years Eve!!

South America » Ecuador » North » Quito December 11th 2006

Quito The flight from New York was great apart from that it was at 7:30am which meant I had to be there three hours before so I ended up getting crappy sleep on JFK´s floor. Quito is 2850 meters above sea level and is your usual bustling city seperated into a New Town and an Old Town which is a World Heritage site due to containing a lot of Spanish influenced architecture and as you start to look at the History of Ecuador it seems as though the Spanish arrived and said "no no this is all wrong were going to have to start again!" so you see a massive impact on all levels of the culture here, so its nice to delve into the more indigenous side of Ecuador and its people. One of the ... read more
Basilica Quito Old Town
Inside Basilica
Quito Park

North America » United States » New York » New York » Manhattan December 5th 2006

The Big Apple, more than happy to take a bite out of it for a week. The place has something for everyone and is so diverse from its food, to choice of shopping, entertainment right through to the people who live there. When I first arrived I had already said thank you in Thai and Indian after the Nigerian taxi driver had dropped me off. New York has many many layers to it and it would take more than a life time to discover them all so I was more than happy take a slice from the Bar and tourist scene. Walking in to China town was great as you really do leave New York and enter China, it seems here there is no integration but thats actually what makes it work. I saw no Westerners ... read more
Sunset Statue
Rockefeller at Night
Times Square

Europe » France » Brittany » Saint-Malo June 25th 2006

Arrived in St.Malo on the Friday morning by the Condor Ferry from Jersey and coming into the harbour we could see the walled town which never ceases to amaze me as it has a sort of Citadel appearance from the sea. We quickly made our way to the Campsite by Taxi which for a very reasonable price includes baord, swimming pool, bar, pool table, table tennis and many other activities. The mobile homes were actually quite good as well having plenty of space they had room for 4 people, shower, bathroom, cooker with plenty of cutlery. So the Friday day was basically an intense game of Ping Pong with Eddie and then hit the pool and water slides and after having done it sitting, forwards and backwards we headed off into St.Malo town for dinner and ... read more
Beach Sparring
Kicking Back with the Boys
Camping Site

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