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16th November 2011
Chandra Tal (Moon Lake), Spitti Valley

beautiful nature of the Kinnaur & Spiti
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2nd November 2011
Chandra Tal (Moon Lake), Spitti Valley

Amazing Himachal Nature
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30th May 2011

what a great city!
We went to Barcelona a month ago and booked a tour there (http://www.citytoursbarcelona.com/) - what a great city! Amazing food, nice beaches and excellent night life
18th January 2011

Greece is one of my favorites
Brings back some great memories. Thanks!
18th January 2011

Excellent photos
I've enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing.
15th October 2010

Blogger of the Week
Hello Ohados :) Congratulations! You are the Blogger of the Week. Check this out. http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/26268-1.html You now also have enough recommends, to have Featured blogs, according to the current Featured Blogs requirements. Note: Currently, Featured Blogs need to have at least 400 words and one photo, to appear in the Featured Blogs section of the Front Page, and the blogger needs to have at least 3 remcommends. Mel TravelBlog Moderator
28th August 2010

Flamenco club
the name is "Del Flamenco" club. i dont remember the street name... but it's around 2km from the Catalunya sq.
27th August 2010

Great post, so helpful in deciding our Oct. trip to Spain. Where did you see Flamenco? Thank you :)
24th August 2010
Ushguli village

beautiful place
im sure it was even better to look at after walking so long to get there
14th August 2010

Excellent Entry Bro!
proving you are never too young to be Nostalgic
4th August 2010

holiday apartments Barcelona
You have forgot to talk about the accomodation. You can find a lot of holiday apartments Barcelona very nice, close to the centre of the city.
16th July 2010
Trekking near Zell em See

mountains holidays
The destinations are really as beautiful as they look!! Visit these beautiful mountains and see for yourself.
13th October 2009

Yes we can !
Scary ! Takes positive thoughts and optimistic character to reach this happy ending.
5th October 2009

absolutely out of da world
i just can't stop myself frm saying dat the pictures are absolutely mindblowing.....out of the world....its heaven come down on the earth..awesome...etc etc ,,,no more words 2 describe......i just loved it..............
3rd October 2009

Excellent Writing !
its interesting how 2 different people can express the same experience differently . BTW - my friend Meir suggested - AFTER reading my blog entry- that we would have crossed the ice patch on 4….i wonder why we didn’t think of that :)
1st September 2009

Nice Post
Nice blog and very good photos. Thanks for sharing
5th June 2009

Hi Mr. Sherpa. My sincere apologies if I was misinterpreted. I'm aware of the fact that Sherpa is an ethnic group and feels great empathy to them and their kind nature. I will try and change the blog to better explain that. All the best, Ohad
2nd June 2009

Sherpa does not mean Porter
"Sherpa Porter The local people, named Sherpa, carry goods of up to 70kg from village to village" Your description above and others regarding Sherpa are incorrect. Sherpa does not mean porter. Sherpa is an ethnic group name. Sherpa means people from east in Tibetan and Sherpa language. People often ask me if I were a porter everytime I tell them my name. This is because persons like yourself travelled in the Sherpa country yet you interpret that Sherpa means porter. Nepal is under developing country and does not have roads everywhere. The only way to get your things from one place to another is by carrying. Carrying a luggage or anything one needs does not make people porters. However, people who need to work as a porter to make a living which is done by many different ethnic groups including the Sherpas who do not have regular cash income source sure work as porters seasonally. I hope this enlightens you little bit about Sherpa and porter. By the way you take nice pictures.
8th March 2009

tnx, i deleted it.
24th February 2009

that is not a church
the picture you tagged as church its not a church
27th August 2008

Mon Bla
That's how the french call this mountain. I always wondered why they never say the end of the words.. Nice adventure and cool pix. Walking on the knife (mountain edge) looks amazing ! till the next one.. ;-)
20th October 2007

hi there too
hi there, nice to hear u read and enjoy the blog! tnx! actually we're now back home for 6m but more to come in the future :)
30th August 2007

Great Travel Blog!
Hi there, I really enjoy reading your travel blog. I love the pictures you have here, keep up the great work! Cheers, Alie http://hobosinlovemedia.com

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