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North America » United States » Tennessee February 23rd 2014

Sorry, I’m way behind. We are home and trying to get back to normal. Let me catch you up and then sum things up. On Saturday, 15 Feb we sadly left the Grand Canyon NP driving east and stopping at the viewpoints along the way. At Cameron we drove south to Flagstaff, where we got on the familiar, but dreaded I-40 eastbound. We got as far as Holbrook, AZ, where we made a stop at the petrified wood shop before checking in at OK RV Park. On Sunday, 16 Feb we continued east on I-40 through Newey (New Mexico) to Santa Rosa Lake State Park, just north of Santa Rosa, NM. It was a very pretty park, quiet and peaceful. Mon, 17 Feb. We finished with Newey, crossed the panhandle of Texas and into Oklahoma. We ... read more
Grand Canyon NP
Grand Canyon NP
Grand Canyon NP

Tues, 11 Feb, 2014 We took Hwy 68 from Bullhead City to Kingman, AZ. There was a sign on the Bullhead Parkway that read “Caution Watch for Burros.” At Kingman we took Route 66 to Seligman, which was designated a scenic drive. It was pretty, but nothing special. But as it turned out, the road was smoother than the interstate. We also saw 2 javelinas by the side of the road. At Seligman we got on I-40 and wished we’d stayed on Route 66 because it was so rough. At Ash Fork we drove south on Hwy 89 to Prescott, which I am told is pronounced PRESS-kit. Wed, 12 Feb It was a short drive from Prescott to Phoenix with a stop at rest area with a name. It was called Sunset View and it did ... read more
Golden Valley
Along Route 66
Welcome to Seligman, AZ

North America » United States » Nevada » Laughlin February 10th 2014

Fri, 7 Feb, 2014 We left Lone Pine and drove south to Mojave, then west through Tehachapi to Bakersfield. In places the wind was so strong we could feel the gusts against the truck and the camper. Along Hwy 58 there were empty soda cans and tumbleweeds blowing uphill. Around Tehachapi the dark clouds made everything look brown and dirty. Once we got to see Pat and Turner in Bakersfield, everything was sunshine again. We had so much fun laughing and catching up over pizza and adult beverages. Later we watched Jay Leno’s final Tonight Show, which Pat had recorded, and cried along with him. Saturday, 8 Feb Nancy and Linda both arrived this morning and we had more laughs over bagels and scones and gallons of coffee. What fun to be with favorite cousins after ... read more
Last look at the big mountains
Sunset over Bakersfield

North America » United States » California » Lone Pine February 6th 2014

Thursday, 6 February, 2014 We left Furnace Creek and drove to Stovepipe Wells, where we stopped for gas at $4.459/gallon. Outrageous, but it was 60 cents a gallon cheaper than in Furnace Creek. But if you saw those steep, winding mountain roads the tankers have to traverse to deliver gas to the park, you might understand the high prices. It was more overcast today than any other day of our trip. As, we headed west we saw more and more clouds. The haze and dreary skies washed the color and distance out of the vistas, making photography almost a waste of time. Kerry had forgotten how steep and winding the road is on the west end of the valley, and he didn’t like it one bit. Once we left the park and started down the west ... read more
Sand Dunes
Death Valley NP
Panamint Valley in the haze

Wednesday, 5 February, 2014 We had a new kind of alarm clock this morning, a shiny black one with feathers. A raven hopping around on the roof of the camper makes a surprising amount of noise. After moving to a different campsite (we were lucky to reserve 2 consecutive days, forget about one site,) we got on the road to head north in Death Valley to the famous Scotty’s Castle. There are two lies in that one title; it didn’t belong to Scotty and it isn’t a castle. Scotty was an entertainer/con-man who liked to tell people that the gold from his mine in Death Valley paid for his castle. But in reality it belonged to a rich friend who found Scotty amusing. The house is pretty fancy for the desert and has ambitions of castleness, ... read more
Death Valley NP
Death Valley NP
Death Valley NP

Tuesday, 4 February, 2014 I was going to wait until tomorrow or the next day to post another blog, but I took so many pictures today in Death Valley that I thought I’d go ahead and post tonight. First let me say that Death Valley is a beautiful place in spite of its name. This afternoon we drove to a couple of places we had not been before. In the past, we had only driven through, hitting the high spots on the way. Since we are staying here for two nights, we have more time to explore. We did the usual drive from the south end up through the valley along the Badwater Road, stopping at Ashford Mill ruins, which used to be where they processed gold from the Golden Treasure Mine. We stopped at Badwater, ... read more
Death Valley NP
Ashford Mill ruins
Death Valley NP

North America » United States » Nevada » Pahrump February 3rd 2014

Saturday, 1 February, 2014 Leaving Santee, we drove north to Ramona, a pretty, tidy little town, then east to Julian. The last time we drove through Julian, it was snowing, an unusual occurrence for them. Then, they were loading the school buses to get the students home before the roads got worse. This time it was warm and sunny and there were a lot of people wandering around town, sitting at outdoor restaurants and going in and out of shops. Then, as now, we crept down the steep and winding road to the valley below, but this time no snow. At the bottom is the Anzo Borrega Desert, which looks like you expect desert to look, sandy and dry with not much vegetation. Once through the Anzo Borrega we turned north and drove up the western ... read more
Anzo Borrega Desert
Salton Sea
Joshua Tree National Monument

North America » United States » California » San Diego January 31st 2014

Thursday, 30 January, 2014 We drove through downtown San Diego to the waterfront, specifically to the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier built in the 1940’s. We first visited the statues honoring Bob Hope and his many years of entertaining our troops in war zones. Next is a huge statue of the iconic photo taken in Times Square of a sailor kissing a nurse on VE Day. Then we boarded the Midway, my first step aboard a US Navy vessel. Kerry spent some time aboard ship (LSD Ashland) and it was interesting to see the size of the bunks (berths) assigned to enlisted personnel. It’s hard to see how he fit in the bunk, much less how he ever was able to turn over once in it. While the Midway seems small compared to carriers of ... read more
Bob Hope
Bob Hope and his happily receptive audience
The sailor and the nurse

North America » United States » California » Santee January 29th 2014

Sun, 26 January It was nearly noon by the time we left Picacho Peak State Park and headed north on I-10 toward Phoenix. The traffic wasn’t bad and we made pretty good time. We dropped the camper at Mary’s father’s house, where her brother, Ben, has been staying. We talked with Ben for a while before driving on over to Skip and Mary’s. Mary was just getting home and Skip was not far behind. We sat and caught up on family happenings and just had a nice visit. After a supper of Mary’s delicious chicken soup, they taught us the card game “Hand and Foot.” We had fun playing that for several hours before heading for bed. Mon, 27 Jan Skip was out early to the gym, then picked up donuts and bagels on the way ... read more
Imperial Sand Dunes
Bouldery mountains
Cibbets Flat Campground

North America » United States » Arizona » Marana January 25th 2014

Thursday, 23 January, 2014 We drove into the town of Elephant Butte and found the post office, finally mailing the post cards we’ve been carrying around since Big Bend. There is a nice resort/rv park in town with a wonderful laundry that they have opened to the public, so we were finally able to wash clothes. The wind picked up as the afternoon progressed and temperatures have dropped. It is supposed to get down into the 20’s tonight. It was quite windy by dark, with gusts probably up to 30 mph. Fri, 24 Jan This morning the thermometer showed 21 degrees when Kerry got up, but the wind had calmed some. We drove south on I-25 to the town of Hatch, the self-proclaimed chile pepper capitol of the world. Everywhere you looked were chiles, both red ... read more
Sunset on clouds
Elephant Butte Lake Dam
Elephant Butte Island

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