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20th June 2023

Welcome Home
It’s so nice to be home after such a long time. Wonderful memories, new friends and delicious food! See you soon.
19th June 2023

What a scary landing. I just can’t imagine!! So happy you are both home safe.:) And, you are welcome!!😊🌻
19th June 2023

So glad you're back!
Well, at least your return was not as "eventful" as ours! Can't wait to get together. xxoo
18th June 2023

What a sweet welcome home from your neighbor. Glad the travel back home was better than your arrival. I wouldn’t expect anything less than Mr Toads wild ride when you hit Orlando! 🐸 much better that you were able to have a wonderful meal at Kristys along with cocktails! Happy to have you home!
16th June 2023

What a wonderful trip. So many memories and stories. Safe travels home. See you soon!
13th June 2023

I cannot believe it’s almost time for you to home. I can’t wait to get together, over limoncello spritzers, and hear everything about the journey. I appreciate all the time you put into the blog. It made feel like I was there. Safe travels home and talk to you soon! Love you both 😘
14th June 2023

Merci, Jeni!
Thanks for all the comments you posted on the blog; we always appreciated them. We're only sorry we cannot bring you back some of the decadent desserts we enjoyed along the way. Hugs and kisses, Mitch and Dee
13th June 2023

Au revoir, arrivederci!
Another specular Odessey almost in the books! Love the recap pics. Here's wishing you safe and smooth travels.
13th June 2023

Cindy, you and John helped to make our odyssey spectacular when you joined us in Sorrento. See you soon!
12th June 2023

That was so sweet you got to witness a proposal and confided in beforehand. Beautiful views from the boat ride, great way to see the city. You both always find interesting people when you sit down to eat. I can’t believe the journey is coming to an end soon, time flies.
12th June 2023

A Proposal
What an amazing day! A proposal in Paris no less great to be a part of..beautiful weather and sights. Love all the pictures and the blog.
11th June 2023

simply fantastic !
The majestic vaux-le-vicomte is absolutely beautiful. this splendor and glory of the entire complex, the garrden.. and also the furniture in the castle... impressive! Also the historical background of the creation in connection with Nicolas Fouquet and Louis XIV (thanks for the history-lesson !). The entire complex probably also served as a model for Versailles, I read ! Great photos again from a great day; We're very happy for and with you! Good idea with the golf cart :-)) Dear Peter
10th June 2023

Pro Golfer
Mitch looked like a pro golfer in the golf cart. Beautiful chateau and the gardens. A Nice sunny day.
9th June 2023

The château is impressive and massive. Having a golf cart to drive around and view the gardens was a great idea, ensures you didn’t miss anything. Loved you had a picnic in the shade of the gardens. What a great idea. Looks like a wonderful day. 😘
9th June 2023
Narcissist at work?

Wow what a wonderful day..love you
6th June 2023

Spritzing around town
Yellow, Checking in looks like a great time. Gonna have to try one of those spritzers when you get back. Whose the narcisist at work?! Love you guys see you when your back!
6th June 2023

You have had a wonderful trip. I have enjoyed all the pictures.
6th June 2023

Home stretch
Your choice of location for the home stretch of this Odessey seems to suit you. Love the gardens and the food pics (as always). I'm going to research limoncello spritzer ingredients :)
6th June 2023

Happy you spent some time at the cottage, so interesting that it used to be her husband’s art studio. She looks amazing for 82, must be Lancôme! 😏😂. The gardens are stunning and your lunch looked pretty good for a common type of restaurant, and that crème brûlée looked massive. Yes, with limoncello spritzers, perfect day for a refreshing drink. Love the photos!
4th June 2023

flea market
What a nice surprise to stumble upon that flea market. As always, the food looks scrumptious! I had a (couple of) dirty martinis this afternoon--thinking of Dee.
4th June 2023
Jeni, this one's for you!

Oh yes it is! ❤️
Mitch, I would have done exactly what you did, eat every last bit then moan about how stuffed I am! Looked so worth the discomfort! The roasted chicken looked great. Dee, so sorry you keep striking out with the steaks. Happy the bus stop isn’t too far away so you can continue your adventures. Hope you both rested and recharged! 😘 Bonne Journee
3rd June 2023

I wish all of our produce looked like what you found. What an eventful lunch with interesting conversations and the baguette, yum. The dessert looked fabulous. You sound so at home in your cottage. Cheers!
3rd June 2023

We were so glad to be a part of this chapter. Thank you for your hospitality.
3rd June 2023

Love the Cottage
The cottage and garden look so peaceful.
3rd June 2023

You both look so relaxed. Paris is my favorite city also food, sights and cafe’s the best. Nice welcome to a wonderful cottage.. have fun

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