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11th July 2019

Odyssey 2019 - Synagogues, tombstones and a bird's-eye view of the Old Town
Nice blog and thanks to share this information with us.
20th June 2019

such a beautiful festive place...
AAAhhhhh, Sweet Munich!!! May the time here be festive and memorable!! Enjoy your friends.
20th June 2019
Glockenspiel detail

...the memories I have of this....
I found this clock to be just amazing!! Saw it when I was about 9-10 yrs old.
20th June 2019
Hookah pipe

...now that's a keeper of a souvenir!!! just sayin' :)
20th June 2019

Hello Munich!!!
WOW!!! You definitely hit the jack pot of drivers today!! Such a nice change for your travels, getting in another amazing town, the history yet again.... just wow! He certainly is a tall man!!! That apartment very nice find also, love the shower!! Enjoy all to come....
19th June 2019

lovely final day in Prague
Mitch you never cease to amaze me with the wealth of knowledge shared. I appreciated the depth involved in the letter written. Again, glad this turned out to be such a day for you both... continue with safe travels.
19th June 2019

quite the adventures today!!
Glad you found each other, I am certain a few random thoughts found their way into your heads. lol!! The sights today, a very impactful adventure, so much experienced together! Love the photos, especially from the Old Town Hall, kudos to you Mitch!! Yes, maybe more bourbon could be the answer as well!!
19th June 2019

magic meds!
So very grateful you went and got looked at, received some meds and shall hopefully feel better. The scenery is always so beautiful, wish we had more places like this here at home. All this food is making me hungry!!
19th June 2019

More beautiful flowers. Dee you look so pretty in that blue top with the roses! Enjoy your last few days.
19th June 2019

All the pictures look like paintings. What a beautiful day. Odyssey 2019 is coming to an end. But what great memories
19th June 2019

Odyssey 2019
What a wonderful adventure. I have enjoyed every moment of it with you. Safe travels.
18th June 2019

Safe travels home! Can’t wait to talk you and here more. Thanks for taking me on another adventure! 💚
18th June 2019

Great photos
What an adventure. Love the "streetwalkers" captioned photo.
18th June 2019

Thanks for sharing Copenhagen with us, Cindy...
...and I bet you'll never forget when you and Dee stumbled into a strange man's apartment, huh? :-)
17th June 2019

What a beautiful tour, the gardens get better and better! I love the house with all the green accents. The yellow and more yellow dining room can go. Do the French cows say Moo-née? 😏
18th June 2019

Good one!
We were "udderly" amused by your "Moo-née" comment, Jeni!
16th June 2019

The gardens with all the blooms are spectacular, I can see why you kept taking photos! The Musée Rodin was also impressive. Love the history about Rodin, Mitch. Very interesting.
13th June 2019

Au Revoir Paris
So sorry to hear about your fall Dee, It is hard to walk around with a hurt foot. The food looks amazing and will be missed. But the memories are always there.Enjoy the last few days and see you all soon. All's well at the house. Will miss the blog great job Mitch I know it's a lot of work and I love it!!
13th June 2019

I’m so sorry to hear you are cutting your trip short a few days. Enjoy all you can and by the looks of all the scrumptious food you have shown, you definitely are. A horse drawn carriage is what you need to get around town! Take it easy! 💚
13th June 2019

The home stretch
I hope that Dee's mishap is in the rear-view mirror! Enjoy Paris. Looking forward to seeing you upon your return.
12th June 2019

Oh No!!
Dee so glad you didn't get to hurt. Maybe you should be taking a few days off and rest. Love the pictures of Paris but so sad about Notre- Dame. The food looks so amazing. Miss you and see you soon.
11th June 2019

I’m so happy you weren’t badly hurt, sure more embarrassed hurt than anything. 16 days to go, keep yourselves in one piece! I can’t imagine the feeling of seeing the Notre-Dame in person after the fire. I shouldn’t read your blog before dinner, I’m so hungry now and ohhh the macaroons.....
11th June 2019

The traffic, u-turns, and yellow vests were tests to see how badly you wanted baguettes and creme brûlée! You passed the test and wasn’t it worth it! Yummy. I love the barber kitch, it’s right out of the IKEA showroom!
10th June 2019

Paris At Last
Oh the sights and smells of Paris! I love it there as much as you both do. Have a fabulous time.
10th June 2019

Barbie Kitchen
Glad to see you made it to Paris. Dee creates fabulous meals... even in a Barbie kitchen I'm sure. Enjoy!

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