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Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China February 19th 2012

Catapulted into the political epicenter after 18 hours of travel, the patriotism is super palpable in Beijing. Over the next four days, I tip-toe around religious topics and some seemingly very personal political topics ( IMO: the influence of Mao is still totally alive.) But everything else is fair game and multi-questioned; mostly revolving around my age, nationality, why I'm traveling alone and my hair-of all things. What, bleach blond isn’t the norm? Nope. Many people: mostly school girls giving peace signs, and tiny toothy old men, the lingering ladies and then…the eye-ballin' creeps-every country’s got ‘em. (tip: move swiftly and loudly if persistent.) Well, they’ve never seen anyone with blond hair, ever. It only got super weird once in the History museum in Shanghai. Started out fairly normal, they gesture to ask if I'll take ... read more
hand made precision
one of the Palace theatres
Tian'anmen Square

Asia » China » Beijing February 19th 2012

She simply sets her stuff down and washes her hands. (*which I'm super thankful for later) No consent forms. Only a hand sign for face up, and one for face down. There's no pressure of seeing each other...ever again. A calm in the air, I just brewed Green Tea...I mean actually, red wine is sooo good. Dimmed lights, 6,000 miles from home in a luxury suite overlooking Beijing, I'm warmed by a plush robe with the fantastical anticipation of the impending Egyptian cotton sheets (real good ones, too), I lay down and set the ipad to shuffle. She flips the switch! This little Dragon Lady turns into 'Sasha' the 300lb Russian man that might hate woman who karate chopped, pulled, pushed and proded. She slapped, punched, cupped and puckered, knuckeled and kneeded my body for 110 ... read more
Dragon Paw tree (locust)
Pagoda @ The Summer Palace
Beijing Performing Arts Building

Central America Caribbean December 27th 2009

Just a few pics to get us started...... read more
sun down
crazy roots
whoo hoo

North America » United States » Alaska » Haines July 31st 2009

We headed out of Juneau on the slow boat ferry to Haines. Can I just say this was....by far the best 4 hours in Alaska! Party of 5 on the top deck enjoying not only beautiful sunny weather, but warm weather, delicious margaritas and so much seafood...it was friggin' sweet! Haines was totally awesome and I can see why people never leave. It was packed full with writers, painters, sculpters, musicians, I'm sure there are some drifters n droolers and then me. I met this dude who has a cute little co-op gallery in the woods, and he lives across the bay and drives his canoe to work. Before I left for AK, everyone who had been used adjectives like majestic, tranquil, breathtaking, mesmerizing, yada yada. Yes, it was those things only because that's the closest ... read more
heart melting for alaska
cool light house
uncovered glacier, its scary

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau July 29th 2009

Alaska was the trip to complete the North American adventure voyage...(that's why I feel like I gotta keep moving, since it took me 31 years to cover that much ground, and to think that North America is only a fraction of the globe, if I kept my current pace, I would never get 'er done before I hit 65 in which I time I wanna be taken out back and put down with diginity gawd damnit.) ...wow, does the period go before or after the parathethesis...what if the paranthesis was properly plural? Alrighty, now that I've spelled parenthesis wrong three times already and think it's funnier to leave them versus correcting them and had two incredibly long run-on sentences, I can move on. So, my last place to visit in North America and I get to ... read more
Bev and I
so cute
Sun Bathing!

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 20th 2009

Seriously! This weekend had to be way up there for one of the coolest things I've ever done! I'm super proud of the accomplishment, endurance, spirit, dedication, and team effort of breaking Guiness' Book of World Records for the Longest Kickball Game!! Shaun, myself and about 40 other rockstars proudly endured 33 hours of one of our favorite pastimes, kickball!! Yup, the big 'ole red bouncy school yard ball rolled and flew through the air starting Sat morning at Overlook Park and ended Sunday evening all in honor of the Oregon Food Bank. Raising money and awareness for our community. All the sore muscles on Monday were worth it! Things I knew before we signed up to play in this game... * I love Kickball * I love people who play Kickball * I love to ... read more
Pork N Beans
Pork N Beans vs Fruit Cocktails
We're Winning!!

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 18th 2009

I do declare...Pug owners are the best! Lindsay and Lucy (pug owners of course) took Heather and I to Portland's 9th Annual Pug Crawl hosted by Mac Tarnahan's Taproom to benefit the Oregon Humane Society this spring, celebrating "Pugstock", Pugs, Peace & Love. This was a legit 'festy' with vendors, contests, music, fashion show, a pug kissing booth, doggy massages and beer, of course. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of putting costumes on dogs, however I think they all actually really liked it. This was so much fun and I'm for sure going back next year! ... read more
Hers is not a Pug!
All the Ladies!

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 2nd 2009

Oh my Gawd...I'm friggin' funny. Like gettin' awards funny... like should I be sorry , I'm so funny while you're kealed over in laughter/tears and pee in your pants, kinda funny? Actual 'Thank You' cards from persons, ie: Angie from her birthday party, where she 'thanked me' for being the entertainement. Let's start there, who gets thank yous from friends' bithdays, from the birthday friends herself? No one, thanks. Just me. You got it babe, at your service. The next one came in the form of an award! Yes, the 'medal' type of gold. I wore that fugger around my neck for 2 days, at least. And still talkin 'bout it. Was handed out at, you guessed it...a birthday party. Yup! But not my own, another sister from a diff'rent mister. uh, huh...just like that. Rollin' ... read more
love love love

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland April 24th 2009

I'm totally scared of birds. My mother has an infinite fear of the feathery friends and she instilled shear panic in me dating decades back, when my dad and I tried to save a fallen baby finch with a broken wing and my mom wouldn't let me touch it, or open the shoe box to give it more food or water despite it was crying for its baby momma, insisting it had rabies. (Do birds get rabies? I never thought to ask her then and it's possibly sadder that I don't know the answer now. Not sadder than making the word sadder up though.) I'm pretty sure that the reason my mom hates birds is either her sister or dad or both of them, used to chase her around the yard with a chicken after it ... read more
More Cherry Blossoms
Bridge over Water
Harsh Winter

North America » United States » Oregon » Coos Bay February 18th 2009

Not long after the jet lag wore off returning from our hiatus in Asia (more about that later...how I am by trying to publish my debaucherious tails that I've dubbed 'Into the Orient, I Did Not Do Any Illegal Drugs in Asia', book...with full color pictures and zero spell check to-date) I myself was off...down the Oregon Coast for a bit of "work" for the week. You know for that 'jobby thingy' that keeps the Organic veggies in stock and the fresh potable water leaking from the kitchen faucet? I will say, that for the better part of what other people would call their 'young adulthood', I swear I'm still an 'immature homeless kid', I have been fortunate enough to be on the road, travelling for my dinero for several years now. Fueled by an adolescents ... read more
Cool, Nice work on your Mist and Fencing!
See...it's pretty!
A little like I envision Mars

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