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Europe » Austria » Lower Austria » Bad Erlach July 13th 2018

My apologies to anyone who receives this travel blog twice but some people have said they did not receive it in their mailbox. I am attempting to repost the blog as a "public" post and hope that my friends and family will now be able to read about my adventure so far. Thank you. Today marks the beginning of week 2 in Europe. I have to start off by thanking Michael, Petra, Hannah, Maggie and Johannes (sorry Johannes but someone has to go last) for being so wonderful by allowing me to stay with them in lovely Klingfurth and for being so accommodating and generous with their time to ensure I am fully occupied and enjoying every single moment. Another special thank you to Hannah who has graciously given up her own room for me to ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Hurstville June 29th 2018

Last year I was silly/brave enough to welcome a stranger, from Austria, into my house for 6 months. Fortunately that stranger turned out to be the most wonderful young lady and she was a blessing to me during a really tough time with my mum and a scary health issue. Hannah was such a sweetheart and I grew to love her and was very proud to call her my "pretend daughter" to everyone. Well my pretend daughter decided to leave me in March and fly home to her real family and I miss her a lot, so I decided to be an annoying parent and invite myself over to visit with her in beautiful Klingfurth Austria! I am very grateful for the wonderful cyber friendship I have made with Hannah's mum, Petra, and I sure do ... read more

North America June 25th 2017

Welcome to my final blog for 2017, unless I won the $123,000,000 Texas Powerball last night in which case you will receive many more holiday blogs after this one. That reminds me, I should check my numbers today. Noel and I flew out of LAX very late on the 16th and landed in Austin Texas about 2.30 AM local time. It was really weird walking through a completely empty airport terminal with absolutely no one around, except security, as everyone had pretty much finished work hours before. The couple of guys staying behind to guide the plane to the gate and unload the luggage didn’t look particularly friendly at that time of night. Austin was awesome mostly because our VRBO hosts were AMAZING. Thank you, Lex and Marilyn, for being so wonderful and for all the ... read more
Austin studio apartment
Lex and Marilyn
Austin TX

North America » United States » California » Sylmar June 12th 2017

Well dear friends and family the national park road trip has sadly come to an end. We are currently in a motel in the San Fernando Valley to clean the car, wash our dirty clothes and get my nails and hair fixed before returning the car to LAX and flying to Austin Texas tomorrow night. We have racked up 4,800 miles in the last 28 days…that is 7,725 KILOMETRES!!!!! That equates to over 275 kms per day EVERY day for a month. See? I told you we were doing a lot of sitting around. The trip meter in the car says we have been driving for 109 hours!!!!!!!! The car was a fantastic choice for this trip even with the hassle of getting luggage in and out of it every 1, 2 or 3 days. It ... read more
e moose
bear encounter in gardiner
bridge for base jumping

North America » United States » Montana » Gardiner June 4th 2017

Well hello lovely blog friends. I hope you are all well and everything is ok with you and yours. I last wrote in Salt Lake City. The city of Salt Lake is actually not very big and is lovely except for the homeless problem. There were people wandering the streets all day and night drunk and begging and there were even tent city communes. That was a shame because the buildings and streets and parks were well kept. The greater Salt Lake area is huge. It has mountains running down one side and the lake on the other so the area is not very wide but is 190 kms long!!!! It was a case of “civilisation…we are here!” But no, keep on driving and driving and driving until you FINALLY see your turnoff. It was soooo ... read more
SLC homeless
idaho falls totem pole
on road in idaho

North America » United States » Wyoming » Jackson Hole May 29th 2017

We have arrived very close to Yellowstone. We are currently in the Grand Tetons area. Thought you might like to see some photos of our day.... read more
Goodbye Salt Lake City
Idaho Falls (of course)

North America » United States » Utah » Salt Lake City May 28th 2017

Well I am really cranky now. After spending the best part of an hour telling you all about where we have been and what we have been doing, the internet at our Salt Lake City hotel decided to kick me off before I had a chance to auto save my blog. I HATE computers sometimes (isn't that right Cathie Dill??) and I really don't have the energy to write it all back down again so I'm giving you an abbreviated version this time. Sorry. 2 full days in Las Vegas. WOW WOW WOW. Nathan Burton magic show = fantastic. Legends in Concert show with impersonators doing Elvis, Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson = brilliant. Huge Bellagio fountain show with flame throwers and fireworks as they were filming a new video for a song by ... read more

,Well hello everyone from sunny and WARM Palm Springs. It's good to pack the cardigan and jeans away for a change. We were headed up to Boston when I last wrote and on the way there we stopped at a beautiful town called Wethersfield that had the most magnificent old homes that are still being lived in today and they are hundreds of years old. You would never guess how old they are as they are so well kept. I have included photos of just a few houses but there were whole streets full of these gems. Don't forget to look for the ghost house. After leaving Wethersfield we called in for a tour of Mark Twain's house in Hartford Connecticut and that is also a museum. Did you know that Samuel Clemens (aka Mark Twain) ... read more
Wethwesfield house
Wethersfield house

Well hello there friends and relatives. You will all be shocked to hear that Noel and I managed to leave Australia without any lost passport issues, explosives swabs or cavity searches. Our flight with Delta to the US was really great. A bit bumpy in parts but not bad. The best bit for Noel was the leg room and for me it was the 3, not 2, but 3 meals they served and the fact that we didn't end up in the Pacific! We had a day stay at the Travelodge LAX, which I would have to say is not the best looking motel in town, but when you only want a sleep and a shower it served it's purpose. We jumped on the "red eye" to New Jersey where we picked up a car for ... read more
Our house (for 1 week)
Beautiful Beau

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Hurstville April 30th 2017

Welcome to my blog, to all the people receiving this for the first time. Please reply to this email if you do not want to get any further blogs from me. So the first scare for our travels has already happened and we haven't even left the country. I noticed I did not get my alert to tell me to do online checkin today. I thought to myself "I'd better go to the Virgin Australia site and do it." I kept getting the message ..."You have no upcoming trips planned". O...M...G!!!!! I usually book tickets direct and this time I had booked online via Flight Centre. I was thinking "Did they actually pass on my booking to Virgin?" A phone call (and one heart attack later) I got onto someone who said that because I was ... read more

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