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20th October 2011
Chilean Pine (Money Puzzle)

i like............
i like this post,................ thanks.
13th June 2011

My family and I moved to Cuenca, Ecuador almost three years ago. It’s been an amazing experience that has giving us a wider view of the world. We put together a report on Ecuador and the many thing to see and do here. If you would like more information on this please send an e-mail to
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31st March 2011

Dinner at the Captain's Table
We were also privileged to be invited to The Captain's Table on our last cruise which was to the Carribean - oh what an enjoyable experience!!!
11th March 2011

looks great
Hi suzy and Hugh, have been following your blog since you left, looks like you have had a wonderfull time. However won't be long till you are bck in Britain. Are you going straight back home or are you comming to Scptland for a ferw days? If you are it would be great to see you both. We are at home for the forseeable future and would be happy to have you visit. Our caaribean cruise went well and we are now lookin g foprward to going on the black Watch next January to Australia going east. How about it ? look forward to hearing from you Love Isobel and Bill
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22nd February 2011

Interesting about the church - we found the same thing in Italy - the beautiful churches on the outside were so-so inside...the plain churches on the outside were gorgeous on the inside. The craftsmanship of the builders in putting all that wood together in there is amazing! Sounds like a wonderful trip so far.
21st February 2011

mysterious sign
hello. great to see minnesotans in chile. that brown sign indicates an area with handicrafts and similar traditional items for sale. chileans would know it to be an outline of an earthenware figurine, holding a guitar. there is a town near santiago called pomaire which specializes in earthenware items, and figurines like this are symbolic of these earthenware items.
19th February 2011

Dear Suzy and Hugh. After so many travel blogs I am so used to your extensive, interesting and funny comments that I should wish that this wil not end early March. Can't you join another cruise after arriving in England? You write in a way that I think I am on the cruise as well. Reading your description of the All-Rounders lunch makes me very hungry, because it is in The Netherlands half an hour before dinner. Delicious that food! I like the photo of Suzy after visiting the hairdresser (even better than a photo of a locomotive!). The short hair makes her look even younger. Hugh will have to do something to catch up with Suzy, so to avoid to widen the age-gap. Colouring his hair perhaps? Clasien and I look forward to your next blog! P.S.: Hester just phoned that both Marten and Minke passed their swimming exams today. We shall visit the bank before we will visit and congratulate them tomorrow! Best wishes. Peter.
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10th February 2011

Thank you for another good story of your trip. I was not surprised to read the specifications of the steamlocomotive. That is what railwaymen should do! But I was a bit disappointed not to see the corresponding photos of the locomotive. And not just the one but at least a couple! Their are locomotives alongside the Panama Canal. That will be your chance to do even better! Best wishes, Peter.
From Blog: Glaciers, etc.
3rd February 2011

what a day!
Another exciting story! What those cruise companies do to entertain their customers! They change even the weather for you. It is beyond my imagination that it happened the way Suzy wrote it. So it is a good thing that you added photos of the story. I still have to say that I enjoyed very much the photo of the, a bit, fat couple on the Rio beach. Did that couple go on a cruise twice a year? So thank you again for your stories and the very enjoyable way of writing them. Best wishes, also from Clasien. Peter.
27th January 2011

Black Watch, South America
I was so glad to read about your dinner at the Captain's table etc. It was so personal and nice. I am also a regular Fred Olsen passenger and can take part in your cruise by reading articles like this. Keep on informing us! Regards Jørgen Wærhaug, Oslo
26th January 2011

Dear Suzy and Hugh, It is so nice to read your stories. And so funny! We enjoyed them very much. It would be good to publish all your articles in a book, for a rainy day! When we were in Hastings last December we went to the panto Cinderella and enjoyed it very much. The ugly sisters were played by men. Enjoy your trip and we look forward to reading your stories again. Best wishes also from Clasien, Peter de Koning.
From Blog: Ah, Rio!
24th January 2011

Dear Suzy and Hugh, I have heard about your marvellous story and hope you don't mind, but I have uploaded a piece to our Facebook page, at: I would also like to explore with you the possibility of including a feature on your 'Fred. Olsen romance' in our guest magazine, 'Ocean View', so would be grateful if you could get in touch with me when convenient. I hope you are enjoying your cruise - I am very jealous indeed! Best regards, Rachael Jackson Public Relations Manager Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Tel.: +44 (0)1473 292233 Mobile: 07917 323238 E-mail:
17th January 2011

the pleasure of reading
Dear Suzy and Hugh. Clasien and I like the reading of The Black Watch Ship Journal very much. It is so comfortable: I relax in my chair and enjoy the reading for free where you had to pay a couple of dollars to be able to write it. By the way, Hugh must be able to remember that when the four of us were in Great Britain we took the writing of our diary in turns. Is he going to write himself the stories one day? In return I will be only too happy to show you the diary of my next trip to China: by plane to Moscow, by Mantsjoerian Express via Harbin (North of China) to Peking (6 days in a train, I am not too sure wether I will like this) and in Peking walking the Chinese Wall with a guide for two days an dthen flying home again. As a bonus I will write it in Dutch! Enjoy your holiday! Peter.
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6th April 2009

I've just spent some time reading over a few of the entries! What fun you have been having, and what an experience you have gained! Hope all is well and that your return is as pleasant as your voyage has been.
From Blog: Cape Verde
20th March 2009

Nisswa's first day of spring
Hello Suzy! It sounds like you are having the time of your life. I am so pleased to hear that your mother is enjoying herself. Our first day of spring in Nisswa has brought a mix of rain and snow. It snowed hard at 7-8am and by 9am it was raining. Snow again at noon and rain at 1pm. Tomorrow is suppose to be better. I was glad to hear that the temp for your safari was so cool. I have always wanted to go on one of those but Ron says I wouldn't be able to handle the heat. I am a baby in the heat. I have enjoyed your trip with you and can't wait to hear more about it and Hugh! Have fun ( I don't need to tell you that.) and be safe. See you in another month or so. Teresa Berg
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18th February 2009

Just Tuning In
Hi Suzy, I just found your blog address (appropriately tucked into a book) and have been reading your posts from many ports. It sounds as if the trip is going wonderfully well. I'm glad you are seeing so much and also having time to relax and enjoy the ship, the sun, and the sea. You don't need to respond; I just thought I'd let you know I'm keeping up with you on your journey. I wish you continued smooth sailing. Pat Eldred
5th February 2009

sunny Fla.
Hi-sounds like you are having a trip of a lifetime Fla. has been a little cold-but o.k. Sharon & Larry bought a great house and have been decorating by garage sales and goodwill=Looks amazing! I'm enjoying The Fugitives Wife- You probably aren't reading much!!! Have a great time=Ellen
30th January 2009

Just found your blog and love reading your impressions. It's been very cold, as you know, but the persistent sunshine makes it tolerable. Co Rd. 13 is icy but everyone seems to be traveling slowly. I just finished Infidel and am in the midst of The Faith Club--two very different views os Islam!
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27th January 2009

Hi Suzy
Suzy, It is so much fun reading about your trip. I hope you are taking a lot of pictures. What a fantastic experience. Kathy
26th January 2009

been reading your bloggers
Hi, Today is Monday the 26th and enjoying reading about your trip. Sounds exciting and comfortable too. We are fine. Still very cold weather here. Has been below zero a lot. Finally getting into 20's and 30's this week. Ace's birthday on Sunday the lst so going down to Sara's to celebrate. Eating at the Country Club there and after to the Dunne's. Most of family coming. Super Bowl that day too. We were glued to the tv on inaugaration day. Should have said that it is Ace's 80th,,,..Take care and stay well. Love, gretchen
13th January 2009

Cold here
Hi: Really cold here. Probably won't get above +5 all week. -20 this morning. Marlo's thermostat out on Jetta, so she took Subaru. Traffic never above 5mph whole way to work today for her. Do you check at all? Would help you keep up. Jack is not napping today. Never a good thing! Bill
13th January 2009

Don't get lazy!
So just sitting around and reading soap operas eh? Sounds better than sitting inside a blanket freezing your buns off. (The buns off would be nice if it really happened) While you're enjoying yourself we are just trying to stay warm - '25 this morning and Nisswa was without power from 4am to 10 am! 50 inside! Have you found the gym? Is there a sauna? Any night time shows? Any single guys in their 50s or 60s?!! Enjoy!
13th January 2009

Howdy from Brrrrrrrrrrrrr Minnesota
Suz and Grandma, Jackie just sent me your blog and I thought you might like to read something from someone else. I am presently in NYC on a 3-day shadowing engagement at Morgan Stanley. Not sure what my role is yet, but at least I am now earning my big $$$$$s :-) Sounds like you two are having a great time and I told Jackie that it was probably best that you were seated with several people as it gives you another opportunity to mingle with other people. I know our trip to Alaska exposed us to some nice foreigners, 3 Brits and 1 Canadian and a couple from the good 'ol US of A. Happy sailing, Mike
12th January 2009

Good blog
Hi: Just want to let you know that I am checking this daily.
8th January 2009

Have fun
Suzy, I hope you all have loads of fun on the trip. Enjoy your time at sea. Joy Weston Peters
From Blog: And we're off!

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