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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Lofthus July 27th 2019

On the road fairly early and driving the Volvo for a change as it is diesel, not electric. Very nice car and comfortable. Headed east from Os and ended up taking a "short cut" up one side of the fjord which ended up being basically an extremely windy single lane road with slightly widened corners to allow a car to pass from the other direction. There were several times when we or the opposite car had to reverse in order that we could get past each other. Combine this already tricky situation with being on the edge of a mountain and hanging over the fjord.....That was some difficult driving for over 2 hours of the total drive time. Also, as we were approaching a tunnel (one of about 40 tunnels we drove through which were blasted ... read more
Road sheep

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 26th 2019

Mixed things up today with a morning bike ride around the neighbouring hills. Then off in the car to Bergen. Today was a hot one (apparently it set a record for hottest day in Bergen's history EVER hitting a high of 31) so we headed to the Nordnes Sjobad which, from the description, you can tell is a pool. It is a very old outdoor pool built into the side of the mountain right on the fjord and is a sea water pool. There are also diving boards and high diving blocks where you can dive the other direction from the pool straight into the ocean. We all swam and Nigel and Russell both dove into the ocean in spite of the jellyfish swimming around. No stings though. Phew! It was a perfect day for hitting ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 25th 2019

Let me start by talking about the weather. I had looked at the long range forecast before we left and it was looking like 18-20 degrees and quite a lot of rain the first week. Well, it has been nothing but sunny (although cloudy and a little drizzly the very first morning) and warm every since! Today was 29 degrees at its hottest! The day started off slowly and we eventually headed to the ferry to take us across to Lysoen which is a small island near Os and is the home of Ole Bull (a famous violinist and composer from the 1800's). Once on the island, we saw the interesting home where he had lived and the gardens. Then we took one of the three walking paths around the island through the woods and past ... read more
Home of Ole Bull
Staircase up to his home
Wooded trail around the island

Europe » Norway » Western Norway July 24th 2019

Up early and went for another run which Nigel mapped out for me. It is a lovely scenic route up and down the rolling hills of our neighbourhood and past cows, lakes, and the fjord. Easy to forget I am running....Woke up the kids and headed out to Os to hop on the ferry down to Rosendal. This is a one-hour ferry ride through several fjords and past many many mountains and makes a few quick stops and ends at Rosendal. Here, we hiked up Sjethaug which is a small mountain with a fantastic lookout point at the top (which I have to take Nigel and Russell's word for since Rachel and I stopped before the top as I was getting nervous about the heights) but the lookout along the whole trail was gorgeous as it ... read more
View over Rosendal
View over Rosendal harbour
Cows blocking trail

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 23rd 2019

God Kveld (Good evening) After a long journey (actually normal flights, just a long stopover in Paris....), we arrived at the Bergen airport and were met within 2 minutes by Tore (father of the exchange family) who kindly drove us to our home. He gave us the scenic tour and a commentary of the interesting things we passed. A very scenic drive from Bergen to Os (pronounced Oos but we had been pronouncing it Oz all this time) and since we arrived home around 6pm, we just unpacked and ate some dinner and all passed out. Up this morning and eventually headed out in our cool electric car to check out the area nearby. There are lakes, fjords, mountains all at our doorstep. Actually, sitting on the back porch this evening, I am looking at both ... read more
Tall Ships
Houses about to fall off the mountain
Troll mural in Bergen

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 8th 2017

Today was our last full day here so we made all the rounds to say our goodbyes. We all did the forest trail loop, then we walked down to the lake and walked the paths there to say goodbye. It really is such a lovely spot. We will miss it a lot. Then after lunch we went on our final bike tour guided by Nigel who is getting very familiar with the trails. There are trails literally everywhere here. It is such a pleasure to ride here. Our butts are feeling it now (after biking to Stockholm last night for the game and then again all over today) but tomorrow will be travelling all day so quite sedentary. The bike ride today was really nice. We have noticed that the kids play parks here are so ... read more
Bike path
Swim time

Europe » Sweden » Uppsala County » Uppsala August 6th 2017

Well, we finally got a couple of rainy days. When it rains here, it rains hard! It rained most of Sat morning and into the afternoon. Then it got nice and stayed nice for the rest of the day. Sunday morning started out nice and then we had scattered showers around lunch time. Then it gets nice and sunny again between showers. So, we did some road trips to see some towns a little further away. We went north as far as Gavle (on the Baltic) and then back down to Uppsala. We quite enjoyed walking around Uppsala and did a little shopping. Today we headed the opposite direction down to Nynashamn (on the Baltic coast) and then on to Arsta Havsbad (on the Baltic) and then Sodertalje. In Nynashamn there was a festival going on ... read more
The pier in Nynashamn
Food pic - sorry
Shrimp sandwich on baquette

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Sigtuna August 4th 2017

Today we drove back to Sigtuna as we had seen several nice places to eat lunch at and there was a great hike that started right in the town. We parked and walked into town and found the shopping lane where the restaurants were also located. After checking all the menus, we settled on a very quaint place where Nigel, Rachel and Russell all had herring served with Swedish style pureed potatoes, lingon berries (a Swedish berry kind of like a cranberry), salad, bread and a tasty berry crumble for dessert. As I am not a big herring fan, I had the not-so-Swedish dish of Croque Monsieur which was also delicious! Then off on our hike. Nigel guided us past lots of water, across bridges, through the woods and eventually back into town (16km later). The ... read more
Baby frogs
Path signage

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County August 3rd 2017

Today was a rest day for us after three fairly busy days. We took our time in the morning and headed out on bikes south of our neighbourhood to a town called Hüddinge where we planned to have lunch. We cycled around the town and found the university campus which was pretty quiet. We finally found a place to eat and had a nice meal. Then more biking around town and home again. Lori and Rachel then headed down the road to the lake while Russell and Nigel headed off on bikes to the soccer pitch and Nigel continued on his bike around our neighbourhood. It was a very relaxing day for all. Sorry no pictures.... read more

Europe » Sweden » Stockholm County » Stockholm August 2nd 2017

Up early again for another trip to Stockholm by transit. Made it to our first stop which was a 2 1/2 hour archipelago boat tour. This was fantastic. The weather was perfect and we sailed out of the inner harbour out to the inner archipelago. There are 30,000 islands in this area but we did not see them all (only most of them). This area is cottage country for the locals (although increasingly people are making them year-round homes). They take their cars on ferries and spend their summers on these islands. If they don't have a summer home, they might have a boat and island hop for several weeks at a time. Sweden has a law regarding property that states that anyone can go on any land (as long as they do not do damage ... read more
More summer homes
Pot bellied pigs

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