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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay June 17th 2011

Hi all, Hope you are all well, we are now finaly got into the holiday mode and relaxing, Riverside caravan park is defenitly a must for any one traveling this way, it is a clean and neat park with lovely lawns and tip top ablutions and a nice river running past the van. only R60.00/day for a site, we got a rate of R1200.00 for a month. worth it. Well nothing much exiting happening now, our jeep is going well and seems to be sorted. Wanda fell over one of the tent pegs and hit her head against a brik braai, lucky not to sereous but 2 black eys, the problem is that i have inflamation in my wrist and have got it bandaged up, now we were invited to a braai in the park last ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Mossel Bay June 11th 2011

Hi, we have finally left Cape town and lets hope this time it works, so far all is well. WE are at a park called riverside in klein brak, nice park on the bank of the klein brak river, they have had major floods in the area and the day before we arived here the park was under water, the river rose by 4 meters and everything was covered under water. when we arived I got out of buksie to take a look around and started talking to one of the campers and he mentioned that tthe people who we parked next to were from Aberdeen northen cape so i told him thats were we bought buksie, well what a surprise to find Hyde and Rina who we bought buksie from, what a nice couple, I ... read more
river side

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Kommetjie June 8th 2011

Hi to all, well we are ready to try again, we are planing on leaving tomorow and wil not be going up the west coast again, to misty and wet, we will slowly work our way up the east coast to warmer Natal, first stop mossel bay, then take it from there, dont want to plan to much, as we have leart that things dont always go your way. Well our jeep seems to be sorted after fitting a new head, she seems to be going fine now, lets hope for the best. I must mention how help full Chris the owner of chapmans peak caravan farm has being to us, it is realy a nice park and feels like our second home, we will miss the good humor and nice chats and advice from all ... read more
two sisters i hink
my friend

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Noordhoek May 29th 2011

Hi to all of you waiting to hear whats happening, well not much at this stage, my neck is better, we are getting more organised and getting rid of stuff we dont need, we have been in Buksie for 2 months now and have not done half the traveling we were hoping for, but just as well, would have hated to break down in Zambia or Moz or anywhere else for that matter. Well a update on whats potting at the moment, Buksietjie (jeep) has blown 3 headgaskets in under 200 kl, Chris the owner of chapmans peak caravav farm has been very helpfull and gone out of his way to help where ever he could, took me to a cylinder head specialist ( on the back of his gsx 1100 BMW) and this guy said ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Kommetjie May 23rd 2011

Our first night capetown and what a night it was, this traveling thing realy never gets boring, I dont like to get bored and have nothing to do but this is now becoming a bit to exiting for my liking, i am starting to think just one boring day could maybe just nice for a change. well here are some idea of what we woke up to thismorning. cheers for now, Nick and Wanda.... read more
new type of fridge
cant find it

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Kommetjie May 22nd 2011

Well we were just settled in at tieities bay when it all srarted, monday morning i woke up with a stif neck and thought nothing of it , tuesday was even wors so i decided to see the local doc, he gave me a injection to relieve the pain and relax the neck and some physio, by wednesday i was admitted to the local hospital and kept semi sedated, they aranged for a specialist to see me but the only problem was that he was in Capetown, so our dearest daughter and fiance had to drive to tieties baythat evening, break up camp and drive us back to C.T. we arived here at 04.30 morning, by the way buksietjie (jeep) also blew another head gasket and is still out of order. Docters did mri and found ... read more
tieties bay
our front garden
tieties bay

Africa » South Africa » Northern Cape May 14th 2011

Hi all, we have arived at tieties bay after 2 potensial trip enders, firstly coming down Ou kaapse weg our brakes decided we were over loaded and to heavy to stop and we nearly wiped out a couple of cars waiting at a robot, and when we arived at tieties bay the tow hitch on the back of buksie was only just hanging on, the nylock nuts holding the hitch had worked itself lose, well you can never be to carefull is what I have learnt. Tieties bay is a beutiful place to stay, there are only 4 other campers here so lots of of space for all, there is no hot water or electricity so it is back to basics, thank goodness for buksies hot water, we are not sure yet how long we are ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Kommetjie April 30th 2011

Well it doesent always go the way we want, but so what, our little buksietjie decided it is not ready to go yet and so it just broke a exhaust valve and bluew the head gasket for good measure, we have taken it for repaires and hope to have it back by thursday, will most probely only leave next week. The aircon works well only use it at night for heating, Wanda doesent want to get out of bed now it is so nice in the van. cheers for now.... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Kommetjie April 22nd 2011

We are nearing the end of our stay at chappies and here are more pics, ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Kommetjie April 22nd 2011

some picks of our 1 st stop at chapmanspeak caravan park.... read more
houtbay april 2011 030
houtbay april 2011 039
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