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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Satun December 25th 2015

Geo: 6.62, 100.07Merry Christmas from Satun, Thailand.I had a fab time celebrating Christmas with friends @On's the Living Room in Satun, Thailand. It's always hard being away from friends, family, loved ones at this time of year but thankfully the transient community of travelers provides fun times and fascinating experiences.In the morning I shared fruits, duck and drinks with the boys at the shipyard and got into the festive spirit, they're a great bunch of guys and they all wished me a 'Merry Christmas' on my arrival. It was a nice start to the day and a really festive atmosphere. In the evening I celebrated Christmas at On's place in Satun, the chef 'Sow' had cooked a delicious meal of Roast Chicken and Roast Beef with all the trimmings... Yorkshire pudding, roast potato's, onion gravy, veg ... read more
The girls

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Satun December 9th 2015

The start of any Aria's refit project. So we moved Aria onto her new stands as she was moved into the shed, the scaffolding and access was built around the boat and work began. Aria is a full refit on a 1975 Palmer and Johnson built sailing yacht,badly in need of a facelift. Here's some pictures on the decks being levelled, chipping off old paintwork and filler in preparation for a new teak deck which will go on. Cabin's being stripped out for a updated new look and old 70's spirals taken out.... read more
Scaffolding going up
Clearing/flatenning the decks
Chippping old base off

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Satun December 7th 2015

Geo: 6.62, 100.07What a surprise and fun celebration!!There's a bit of tradition at the shipyard when it's someones birthday, we made up a sign and add our notes of congratulations and normally have a BBQ to celebrate the occasion. For a number of weeks we had many BBQ's at the yard, so instead I decided I would like friends to come out to Satun for the night and was delighted by Cap'n Scott's offer to make food and celebrate at the house.We piled people into a couple of trucks and headed out from the yard for the night, other friends made their own way out and it was an opportunity for a different night instead of sitting in the shipyard which was great fun.It was wonderful that everyone could come out to Satun for my birthday ... read more
Lounging at the house

Asia » Thailand December 4th 2015

Geo: 15.87, 100.993Friday night BBQ's at the shipyard...We had a great crowd at the shipyard, from Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, Dutch, Thai, English and of course Scottish! And on arrival with Aria we soon began the ritual of Friday night BBQ's which was great fun.What started as a bring your own and throw it on the barbie, with everyone bringing salad, chips, starters etc. developed into a bit of a challenge with tasty barbecue ribs by Scott, Dwayne and Kelly and a whole goat BBQ with Dwayne and Daniel as a finale before Thorfinn launched. These ended up great fun nights and the making of great friends.Not only did we do BBQ's but before a few of the yachts left we also ordered in pizzas from Bobby's in Satun, written out with the boat names due ... read more
Goat BBQ
Chef Dwayne
Dwayne and Neil

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Satun November 26th 2015

Geo: 6.62, 100.07Loi Krathong is a festival in Thailand which is celebrated by floating decorated baskets down the river for good luck. It is celebrated on the full moon in the 12th month so dates change each year.In Satun in Thailand we visited the nearby river which was ablaze with celebrations, there were decorations all around the river, floats made up and everyone was celebrating and enjoying the event. Many were in traditional dress and outfits and taking part in the good luck of floating a basket of flowers lit by candles down the river. It is good luck to add a strand of hair, fingernail and money into the basket before sending it off into the night, sending it off with your thoughts.It was lovely seeing locals in traditional dress and taking part in the ... read more
Satun Riverside
Traditional dress

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Satun November 8th 2015

Geo: 6.62, 100.07De-masting a 106ft mast... Now this was scary... because of the height of the mast and obviously the extra height being out on the hard stand, we needed not only one but two cranes which we had to get from Hat Yai which is around 100km away. On the way the guys had a bit of a break down so they didn't arrive in the yard until around 2pm but at this point we started anyway despite the remaining daylight. Being so close to the equator the sun goes down around 6:30pm which I do find hard, I always loved the long late sunsets at home in Scotland combined with the short days of winter but now it's similar hours all the time, up 6:30, down 6:30.The whole yard was watching, helping, anticipating... the ... read more
Boys watching
Supports for spreaders

Asia » Thailand October 25th 2015

Geo: 6.65494, 99.978 Wow... how did I end up here!!!! On a beautiful sailing yacht named 'Aria', registered to the Marshall Islands, Bikini. At 87ft with 106ft mast, weighing approx 108 tons... my wildest dreams would never have brought me here. I arrived back in Langkawi at Telaga Harbour from Thailand on motor yacht 'Thea' which is a friends vessel, I stayed with Jamie and Julie another few days before returning to Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (RLYC). I am very fortunate to have great friends in RLYC and I stayed on Cat Chi, a huge catamaran owned by other friends and settled back in for a few weeks. The plan was to be here for a couple of weeks then return to the shipyard to help with the 'Windrose', but plans change which is the beauty ... read more
Sailing across the pacific
Wow what a sky!
4 mast abandoned boat

Asia » Malaysia October 13th 2015

Geo: 6.32, 99.85It's been a heart breaking week... although friends Joe and Anita are safe (thank God), Coral Kuching is lost and lies at the bottom of the Andaman sea.I was loving having Joe and Anita back at the marina, they sailed over for a few days to see friends that were in Langkawi, Tony and Kim and meanwhile celebrated both their birthdays. We had a lovely catch up from Scarboro'Friday's to Wonderland and The Pier and it was nice meeting their friends.They pulled up next to Cat Chi which I'm staying on and we resumed our morning coffee's and catch up, it's like having family home, I miss them when they're gone. I borrowed cleaning stuff and gave Cat Chi a good clean and even helped Joe lift in new batteries as the boat was ... read more
Full flame
All that's left
Thick black smoke

Asia » Malaysia October 5th 2015

Geo: 6.32, 99.85Meet the new look Lucy Lou...OK so I've not posted much about my bike or cycling recently despite collecting her from Bukit Lawang in Sumatra and cycling back to Phuket in Thailand in February and once more down to Langkawi again.I've estimated I've cycled 20,000km on her and I must admit, I never ever though I would say that. Cycle touring is such a fantastic way to travel and have real local experiences, the slower the better really. I named her Lucy Lou because she was a big white bike and not ideal for a bit of stealth camping, and more than that it was about sharing the love... (not)...'I Love Lucy' 'I Love Lucy', 'I Love Lucy' was often the cry scaling mountains in China where she was nearly thrown over the edge ... read more
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou

Asia » Thailand September 14th 2015

Geo: 6.65494, 99.978What a momentous occasion, after a complete overhaul which started a couple of years ago it was time for the finished 'Thea' to be launched from PSS Shipyard in Satun. Although launched once before, that was for sea trials and before the full paint job was finished plus a few other finishing touches... and the end result stunning.Congratulations to Jamie and Julie on Thea, she really has been a labour of love and they've made her their home from home. She's a beautiful motor yacht, brought from Turkey to the yard in Satun, I met them on their initial launch while in Langkawi and they have become great friends, and we're extremely kind to me in an emotional time of need.So with a beautiful Master's Cabin, Guest cabins, Captain's and Crew,and a beautiful living ... read more
Jamie and Julie
On fishing boat

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