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Africa » Uganda » Northern Region » Murchison Falls NP July 13th 2012

Set out on a 3 day Safari centred around Murchison Falls in North Western Uganda. Our group of seven consisted of 3 English Uni students, 2 Austrians, an interesting Dane and myself. The Dane used to teach at Copenhagen U ... Turns out he's got a PhD in Pharmacology, a Masters in African Studies and a Bachelors in Health Services (?) And, he's a camera buff. The British Uni students were at Oxford and Birmingham studying math and chemistry (general science) and the third was just starting uni in September. Our first stop on the way to Murchison Falls NP was the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary is. They have 70 square km of protected space where they started with 4 adult white Rhinos from Kenya. Later they got two more adults from Disney in the U.S. The ... read more
Nandi the Mother
Warning Sign
Boma style cabins

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Rwenzori Mountains July 12th 2012

2012 July 12 Drove back to Kampala with Q.. and S.., both from Brussels. The trip back was pretty uneventful except for a small mechanical problem ... errr ... more like a butterfly problem ... too many dead butterflies were stuck on the radiator that the safari van started to overheat. While trying to cool it down, the radiator cap got lost somewhere. The driver and the two guys Q.. and N.. searched for no effect. Finally the female of the group put her head in the engine compartment and found it. We had a complementary safari game drive through Queen Elizabeth park and saw Buffalo, Ugandan Kob, Topi, an African Fish Eagle, a Crested Eagle, Wart Hogs, Baboons, Vervet monkeys, and Elephants. Not the classic Serengeti savanah experience, but not bad for a drive through ... read more
Market Day
Market Day
Ugandan Kob

To make up for the lack of a hike to find the Gorillas, since they were just 10 minutes away from the parking lot, I figured I had to do a proper hike. So, booked a hike with the UWA to go to a set of waterfalls. I was the only one who signed up for hike. But, no problem. There was the guide, and two armed rangers who accompanied me anyway.... read more

Well, this was a long anticipated day. I was going to see gorillas in their natural habitat, at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest NP, a Unesco World Heritage site. After breakfast at 7:00, I headed to the park entrance at 7:45 for a film on gorilla behaviour plus the UWA briefing for gorilla tracking. Basically, stay 7m away from them, no flash photography, and no eating, drinking or smoking in their vicinity. We were told to expect anywhere between a 15 minute and 6 hour hike through tough tropical rain forest. We were to have sturdy boots, with pant legs tucked into the socks to avoid fire ant bites, and to have at least 2L of water each. We also needed to have rain gear and long sleeve shirts were strongly recommended to avoid getting all cut up ... read more
Curious Juvenile

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Queen Elizabeth NP July 10th 2012

Today was an all day travel day to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, for Gorilla tracking tomorrow. Since the road to Bwindi passes through Queen Elizabeth NP, I ended up with a complementary game drive. Not much to see, since the lions and other animals are usually further in. But, I did see Elephants, large troops of Baboons, a few Uganda Kobs (an antelope that is a national symbol), a crested crane (the national bird), a snake (going too fast to be more specific), some colobus monkeys and lots of birds. The lions here are known for their tree climbing habit, just like the lions in Lake Manyara NP in Tanzania. Left Kampala at 8:00 and arrived at Bwindi at 18:00 with only two small breaks - a very short lunch and the obligatory photo at the equator ... read more
Equator Sign
Rolled Over Container Trailer

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 9th 2012

Had an early morning start, since I had to get to the backpackers hostel before 8:30 for a safari to Murchison Falls. Got there and found there was no trip today. Bummer. I didn't confirm yesterday, because of the all day rafting. Now I have to wait at least another day, but most likely two. But hey! They have wifi. Slow, but it kind of works, though uploading photos is slow. So, it's a good time to update the travel blog. Went back to the booking office and to make a long story short ... there was a cancellation for Gorilla Tracking tomorrow. So, I took the opportunity and paid up. It's Expensive! The governments of Uganda and Rwanda charge $500 park fees per person, and the safari companies add enormous accomodation and transportation charges on ... read more
Portraits of Patriarchy
Drum Hut
Drum Hut Roof

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 8th 2012

Spent all day with Adrift, the original Nile rafting company, whitewater running the Victoria Nile starting from near its source in Jinja at Lake Victoria downstream (Northwards) roughly 45 km. It was loads of fun and got to meet some pretty interesting people. But, it was exhausting and took all day. I left the hotel at 07:30 and got back at 20:30. The company was very professional, and delivered on everything they promised. From excellent guides, to breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a very safe but adventure packed day. The bus came pretty well at the promised time for the 7:30 AM pickup. They had an ipad app for registration. Everyone registered while riding in the bus. No paper work! No messy hand writing to decipher. Don't know why I filled in marketing/anti-privacy fields such as ... read more
Team Tutu
A smiling Tutu
UN Peacekeeper A..

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 7th 2012

Found an Internet cafe that let me use my own computer. No wifi. Just a long cable with an RJ45 connector. No DHCP either for automatically detecting new connections. Had to manually configure the IP and gateway addresses. The connection is very fast too. Perfect. Today was mostly a walking day. Must have walked about 7 or 8 km. Also took several Boda Bodas ... these are motorcycle taxis where you ride as the passenger, just like in Vietnam. They get their name because this used to be the way to get from Border to Border in Uganda ... so Boda Boda it is. Only had one near miss when on a Boda Boda, when he had to brake hard and skid because a pedestrian was unaware we were behind her. Managed to hold onto the ... read more
Street Scene
Advertising Billboards
Street View

Africa » Uganda » Central Region » Kampala July 6th 2012

N.. is off on his Central African journey to meet up with E.. and W.. in Lusaka in 3 weeks time. Left our Doha villa at 00:40 to catch a 03:45 Emirates pond hopper to Dubai to catch the morning Dubai-Kampala flight. At that time the ride to the airport took only 20 minutes. At the airport, the guy in the lineup in front of me was our villa neighbour with his infant daughter. His wife had left for London already and he was travelling to Vancouver via the Dubai-Seattle Emirates direct connection with his daughter in a car seat. She slept the whole time while we were waiting, and only got up when the car seat had to be put in the cargo hold. Ofcourse flying to Seattle is a lot cheaper than flying to ... read more
Dubai Airport
Aerial View
Aerial View of Lake Victoria

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver July 2nd 2012

This is a shaggy dog story ... so please keep that in mind ... Also, if you work for Delta Airlines, you might want to skip this entry or quit your job, because it doesn't put Delta in a good light. E.. and W.. had booked a series of flights using Expedia starting in Doha at 18:05 to Dubai and onwards to Atlanta GA and Asheville NC. W.. is attending camp near Asheville and E.. is going onwards to Vancouver and on the way back picks up W.. and proceeds to Lusaka with slight delay in Doha. The original flight was cancelled by Delta with notification by email at 23:00 the night before. So, E.. got on the phone with Delta and they rebooked her via Heathrow on Qatar Airways. One small catch. The QR flight ... read more

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