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Asia » China » Guangdong » Zhongshan July 18th 2009

Hi America, I have been in country for three weeks now. Life is going exceedingly well. My stomach can finally handle the mysterious street vendor dumplings I can't seem to keep away from. I'm finding teaching to be quite an adventure in itself. Finally just the other day I took a quick trip to Guangzhou and met a load of europeans (good luck Eddie). I'm getting taken to less "show off the big white American" type dinners, so now I have to order my own food and pay for it too. Ordering food is a total crap shoot if you don't have a picture menu. I was trying a new place (no picture menu) on monday and wanted any type of chicken and rice dish. I did my best chicken impression and also said the chinese ... read more
Bridge in Zhongshan
Tai Chi
Zhongshan riverwalk

Asia July 11th 2009

Hello friends! Life continues in China. A new week has gone past and I am settling into my new enviroment even more than before. I have been running around like crazy from place to place, maybe even more so than the first week. Also I've been trying to dig a little deeper into the culture trying new foods, attempting to speak chinese, and exploring Zhongshan. I have learned that being a new American resident in a city of 2 million Chinese and about a dozen at most Americans means getting shown off A LOT. I have had a 'showing' at dinner events, welcoming parties, and class parties almost everyday. I really kinda like it, you get to eat and drink seriously GREAT (but sometimes seriously scary) food and hang out at some nice resturant while someone ... read more
My apartment?

Asia July 4th 2009

Hey Everybody! My name is Nate. N-A-T-E. I'm from midwestern United States and I am going to be writing about my experiences in China. I got a english teaching job with TPR english in Zhongshan China. Zhongshan is about an hour and half ferry ride to the south and west of Hong Kong. I am a horrible author and you can save yourself a lot of time if you stop reading now. For the legions of you who continue (hi mom!) I promise to post poorly written puzzling garbage on a confusing schedule. I honestly have no idea who is going to read this so I will attempt to have some level of maturity. The plane ride. I had to anxiously wait to begin my adventure delayed for four hours on the runway at newark airport. ... read more
My little room
Street in Hong Kong
The View

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