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17th December 2009

Too funny!
Nate, It truly is a joy to read your blogs and too funny for words! What a "famous" person you've become. Can you bring one of those billboards home? I am curious about the "girlfriend" reference..... Love, Ann
15th December 2009

i hope to see you in zhongshan
hi nate, i'll be spending the first week of january in zhongshan, i hope to see you you. just e-mail me. thanks!
10th December 2009

she's in there you just have to find her... more pics later
From Blog: Never Never Land
7th December 2009

What, no pictures of the girlfriend???
Sorry about the let down on the Taco Bell - I can imagine that must have been pretty hard to take...I am sure everyone can empathize with that addiction..... It is great how quickly you have learned the language. Can't wait to hear you speak it. Take Care, Lyn
From Blog: Never Never Land
7th November 2009

haha well potato guns and snowmen ARE unforgettable experiences!
7th November 2009

ha. ha. ha!
koff, this is bloody hilarity. "please get in my belly, strangely appealing meat product" ?!?!?! i am sitting here on saturday morning, 8:30am, in my house, alone, laughing hysterically! it honestly sounds like you have more 'experiences' there in a week than i have had in my entire life. then again, this IS coming from your friend who still fondly remembers air potato guns and snowmen as unforgettable 'experiences'...
5th November 2009

ha yeah Jon, I have you to blame for starting me down this wretched path!
4th November 2009

Nate! I stumbled upon your blog! Wow. I actually just spent the last couple hours reading them all. Impressive sir. I'm jealous. It sounds like you're making the most out of this thing. I knew you'd be the perfect person for this type of adventure. Whats it like to be rock star? Also, you're a really solid writer. I laughed to myself numerous times during the course of my reading (dig the reference to friend who sparked the interest). Anyway, I hope everything stays as amazing as it has been. Ill make sure to stay up on the escapade and write you. Keep it real. Jon
4th November 2009

quite the life of stardom you are leading! very cool....try to remember us little people on your rise to international fame and fortune! Your dad came down to visit me and go to the Bengals - Bears game with Jimmy K.....quite a game - the Bengals steamrolled over the Bears for a 45-10. Now Drew and the kids and I are getting geared up for college basketball - I think your team UD is supposed to be pretty good this year................ Be safe and have fun. Love, Lyn
4th November 2009

ha I just need to grow some chest hair and Ill be in business!
3rd November 2009

I've said it before I'll say it again. You put the cool in Koffel. Just don't forget us when you are famous. Love you Natie.
3rd November 2009

Loved your latest blog!
Hi Nate, This is great stuff! Finally a non-ugly American is getting prominent display in the countries of the Far East. I can't wait to read your travel tips, which I'm sure will work just as well in Chicago and Iowa City (which is where Dorothy and I will be travelling this week to see Rita and Jimmy and then our new granddaughter, Eleanor). When you get back you'll have to have a big party where we can all hear about your travels in person. We'll surely come. Stay safe. Bill (your Dad's brother).
3rd November 2009

sounds like you're the David Hasselhoff of china!!! you have got to post that video! its about 40 degrees here, and im wearing flip flops....chinas really softened you ha ha stay warm!!
3rd November 2009

"But there I was taking instructions in Cantonese about what they wanted me to do." I laughed out loud for thirty seconds when I read that. It scared the cat. Love you buddy, Ross
29th October 2009

Mrs. Claus told me to look you up. great pictures. hope all is well with you. what a neat experience. stop by and see us when you get back in town.
27th October 2009

Great experiance
What an experience you are having. Take good care!
16th October 2009

Would you be interested?
Hi Nathan, I am from Ink Publishing Singapore. We publish inflight magazines for airlines all over the world. I am currently working on Fah Thai, the inflight magazine for Bangkok Airways. Since we fly to Macau, our readers would like some insiders information from a local resident or frequent traveller to the area. Would you be interested in doing this for us, since I saw you recently wrote insiders info on China. Do contact me via email and I can provide you with more info. Thank you, Rachael Nonis
14th October 2009

Halloween is coming
Nate, Weather wise you are not missing much here. At least in Chicago it is rainy and getting colder. 40's and 50's. Some frost already. Your blog is great!! I agree with your comments about Hong Kong Vs Tokyo! You should also be sure to make it to the Great Wall of China before you come home. With fall upon us here in the states the leaves of the trees are all turning color, and gourds and pumpkins are showing up everywhere. St. Charles just had the annual scare crow festival. So, do you plan to share anything about Halloween with them in your class? Do they plan to dress up like goblins and ghosts -- NOT. I think it would be a great teaching experience for you! Let us know if you need or want anything as we approach the holidays. Happy to ship things to you! Family seems to be fine here. Jimmy and your Dad are planning to go to Cincinnati to see the Bears play the Bengals at the end of the month. Should be fun. I took a pass....better to have two football fans. Take care for now! Rita
11th October 2009

ha thanks Ben the haircut is totally worth the trip, ha yeah my timing to leave the country lucked out considering the job situation back in the states, good luck cuz
10th October 2009

Nate, the blog is awesome. I may be taking a trip to anywhere but jobless suburban Boston this winter, maybe I'll swing by and get a haircut
7th October 2009

I怀didnt mean to mislead, Im from actually from the midwest (ohio).. Yes Im teaching in Zhongshan China which is about an hour away from Macau. Good luck with your travels!!
6th October 2009

Carolyn's Chinese name
Carolyn is sitting with me as I read your blog to her....she wants to know what her name would be in Chinese....while you are at it, you better tell me what Nicholas and Michael's names are too! They will want to know! Sounds like you are doing well. It is great to hear from you. Love, Lyn
5th October 2009

Great message
Nate, I just printed your latest epistle. What an exciting adventure!. I love reading the news from China. Keep those e-mails coming. Love, Grandma
2nd October 2009

hey Nate!! i saw Natalia wrote on your wall so i thought id say hello, and then saw this wonderful blog link so i signed up!! I'm excited to read up on what you've been up to! we miss you here, back in Madison. glad your having fun! talk to you soon! Jackie
2nd October 2009

Thanks for the offer Aunt Chris, but thats okay, our leaves should fall eventually (I think) it just will take a couple more months, enjoy the nice weather while you have it!

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