Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai July 31st 2009

So an update on our adventures... I've been doing work most of the week and visiting research partners. I went to a private hospital on Tuesday. I've never ever seen so many patients in one place. They were lined up against walls, all the chairs were full. The hospital was very clean and very organised which they would have to be with that many people coming and going. I also went to an engineering college. I had to give a lecture and it was until I got there that I found out it was in front of 120 staff and students. They seemed to like it and it all went well. We had lunch at the college. I was a bit confused at first because one of the professors and I got sat by ourselves at ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai July 26th 2009

Well we are in Chennai. After an interesting train journey (again) we made it. The journey was interesting because we had to share with two other people in the cabin overnight, one of which made constant bodily function noises and assumed that it was ok with us... Possibly the worst night sleep we have both had in ages. Chennai is an interesting place. Busy as all Indian cities are but it doesn't seem to take that long to get anywhere. Maybe we've just lucked out with where we had to go. We ended up changing our accommodation and got that sorted on the first day we were here. Yesterday we sussed out the shopping centres and even found a grocery store in one of them. We brought up big on bottled water but between drinking it ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanyakumari July 22nd 2009

Well, now we've got to Kanyakumari. Narn's got a few days off work now which is nice and well timed to have a look at this area. We're right at the southern tip of the country here, where the arabian, bengal and indian oceans/seas all meet. Its a nice town, and the people are very friendly. After getting off the train at Trivandrum, we were picked by a friend and we took a car down to here - its around 80km in total and took about 2 hours. It was a bit strange because you are driving through populated areas the entire trip (barring around 10km), but the shops and houses only go a little way away from the road and then its into the palm trees. Its really nice to see the palms around here ... read more
One of our beds
it was very long

Asia July 20th 2009

51 hours on a train...need i say more! it was actually a really good experience and we are both glad we went from north to south india on the train. India is amazing in that it is like two different countries from north to south. the scenary changes dramatically, the climate changes, the people change, and the food changes. the train was quite long and we ended up on the wrong end to begin with, so we lugged out 20 + kgs of stuff on our backs to the other end and finally found our carriage. we swapped seats with some people to allow them to sit together and us together. i think we got duped out of the better seats though...know for next time :). so glad we brought ear plugs. definately a necessity to ... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon July 16th 2009

I'll be typing this one today (Richy) so you'd better all enjoy it cause its going to be awesome. Well, saw the Taj Mahal today. What an amazing place that is! The drive was a bit long, took 2.5 times as long to travel the same distance as you would in oz, but that's what you get over here. But before we get to that, an update on Narn's presentation and the conference. Narn's presentation went really well and she also has another university interested in doing collaborative research with the team. Now back to our adventure; we pulled up on the way to get something to eat for breakfast, around 1.5km over the border (into the next state - Rajastan?) at a nice place that had good food - it was obviously geared to tourists ... read more
An indian street
Where we ate breakfast and lunch
The 'baby' Taj

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon July 15th 2009

Had a big day at the conference yesterday and now have information overload. I had to chair a session also, which I've never done before, went ok though. I present my paper today and I'm going to show a video in the presentation to mix it up a bit. So after I had finished work at 6pm we went to a shopping centre to see if we could get some dinner and just to have a look. The shopping centre information said it was open until 11pm. Technically it was but only after half a dozen stores. In three km's of shops there was one ATM and it was out of order! So Richie is going to have to go to the bank today. We found some dinner in the form of KFC. We decided that ... read more
Uni Campus
Uni Campus
Uni Campus

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon July 14th 2009

Have had my first experience of the above title. All good now though. Had the conference dinner last night and I think the food was a bit too oily. The desert was fantastic. It was like deep fried balls of batter with maple syrup soaked through them. I could get very very fat on those. Too rich to eat them though. Conference started yesterday with keynote address. There are other females attending about 5 indian women, there are probably about 50 people all up. If we have time today we are going to try and go to a shopping center and check that out. Apparently there's a rather large one down the road that is 2 kilometers long. That's if we interpreted what our taxi driver was saying the other day. It's our wedding anniversary today, ... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon July 13th 2009

Yesterday after having curried potatoes wrapped in some kind of pancake thingy, which was quite good after we got used to that flavour for breakfast, we headed off into the center of new delhi and old delhi. We caught a University taxi which was great because it had aircon and the driver picked us up a few hours later from where he dropped us off. We got dropped off in the middle of the tourist district and started getting harrassed as soon as we stepped out of the car. We stick out like a sore thumb and get stared at constantly. People were even taking photos of us! It doesn't bother me now, but at first it was a bit unnerving. We went to a tourist office, which was a big deal in itself as people ... read more

Asia » India » Dadra & Nagar Haveli July 12th 2009

So after a ridiculous long time on planes, too much airoplane food, and no sleep we are in New Delhi. Oh so glad that we had arranged a private pickup from the airport. It was like nothing we had ever seen. We walked out and their are people everywhere. The first thing we did was buy water. Never been so glad to see my name on a piece of cardboard. The crowds are amazing and the heat it feels like you are sticking your head in a kettle to breathe. There are lanes on the roads but noone uses them. It's the honk and move method of driving. Our driver was very efficient at that. The only thing he slowed down for was a couple of braham bulls on the highway. Richie wishes that we could ... read more
The rock bed
Let you guess what this is for...

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