Two silver travellers off to see the world

Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Lemgo July 9th 2019

Short trip to my old birth place. Should be an interesting trip, a trip down memory lane, providing that everything works OK, and the timetable works. A trip that would not be allowed if certain family members had their way. Anyway, first message received this morning telling me that the flight would be delayed by 30 minutes. That will mean a bit of a rush from arriving in Düsseldorf to catch the 18.02 train To Bielefeld and Lemgo. Not a good start, got a phone message to tell me that my flight is delayed until 16.05. Which means, of course, that l will miss my connection and probably not get to my hotel until at least 23.00. Arrived at my least liked Manchester Airport and found the usual chaos. Information board tells me that my flight ... read more

Oceania December 22nd 2008

Hi there As a final roundup we thought we should put some pictures to the words... read more
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North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 27th 2008

Hi there and good morning from San Francisco on Thanksgiving Day and our final stay. Did you know that there is a severe shortage of supermarket trolleys in San Francisco? Well if there isn't there should be. Why. Our initial impression of San Francisco when we arrived in the early evening was that there are a lot of homeless people around here and they all appear to have shopping trolley's to push their personal processions in. They sleep in doorways, camp out on park benches and lay about on sidewalks. All this within walking distance of our hotel and the main tourist area. For information we stayed in a very nice hotel called The Whitcomb on Market Street. The hotel building has a long history and is outstanding with a really nice interior. It is obvious ... read more

Oceania » Fiji November 23rd 2008

Educational question. JUST FOR THE WATCHING KIDS. Sorry not the big kids We are leaving Fiji tomorrow night, the 24th November, at 10 oclock at night and arriving in Los Angeles after 10 hours, on the 24th November, the same day, at 1 oclock the same day. Apart from travelling in Doctor Who's Tardis or employing the USS Enteprise, from Star Trek. HOW DO WE DID IT. How do we travel back in time???? There is no asking Uncle NIgel!!!!! And sorry Simon you can't answer either!! There will be a prize for the first correct answer and also a prize for the best explanation. ... read more

Oceania » Fiji November 23rd 2008

Bula from Fiji Fiji, just for information, sits on the 180 degree of longitude, direct opposite the Europe. This fact will in later in this blog. First impressions remind us a little of India. What with the poor conditions of the roads and building. It is in fact a very improvished set of 366 islands. But what the people lack in conditions they make up with their greeting and hospitality. They appear to be very happy people. Just as we left the airport we came across our first introduction to a one of the mainstays of the country - Sugar. They have, in this region, a narrow gauge railway whish is devoted to the transport of the sugar cane. We are apparently in the middle of annual sugar harvest and the cane was being transported to ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland November 23rd 2008

Heres to final chapter of our four wonderful weeks in New Zealand. I have to whisper this in case Nancy is listening but l am sure she stated (perhaps under the influence of alcohol) that she would, after seeing the country, that if she had to she would consider the possibility of travelling back to this beautiful country. I am not sure that she would say this in the cold light of sober. So what interesting and humorous thing happened in Auckland. Well not a lot apart from the necessary packing for the next leg in Fiji. Nancy did remind me of a interesting conversation during a wander to the local shopping centre. l begin by asking anybody with a senstive nature to look away now. Now that l have everybody's attention l will begin. We ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell November 20th 2008

We have to say that We have to say that our decision to travel to almost the top of NZ was certainly the correct decision. The beauty of this place is overwhelming. We had a prize position in the Holiday Park in Russell, the view of the window of the van was fabulous. We looked out over the bay with yachts and boats drifting past in the clear blue water, the sun was shining (not a cloud in the sky) and individual islands everywhere. Nancy has asked me to relate to you what happened when we first arrived at the Park. We had booked in at reception and were driving to our site when Nancy issued this almightly shout STOP. Nancy had seen a family of Californian Quail, that was both parents and 7 tiny little ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland November 20th 2008

Hi there Thanks for feedback on Carlisle Paula This stay east of Auckland was just a one night stand because as we have said we decided to go up to the Bay of Islands for a bit of extra time. Can we say at this point, and l have Nancy's permission to say so, that we could quite easily spend another 4 weeks in NZ and stll not do the place justice. Anyway this park was quite small and largely filled with static caravans that holidaymakers from Auckland would use in the summer. Nancy make the comment that of the people that were currently using the vans looked a little shifty. There isn't a lot to say about this park other than on the morning of departure it starting raining. It has to be said that ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Coromandel » Coromandel Town November 19th 2008

Hi everybody Change of plans today. We had already planned to the Coromandel pennsiula today for a two night stay. However when we arrived in Coromandel Town we discovered that the actual Holiday Park was some 4 miles outside of town and miles from anywhere. No Restaurants of any description, and more importantly no watering holes. So it was a drive back into the town, find a shop and settle for a 'cook in' in the van, only the second time in three weeks. Nancy reckons we are slowly turning into Kiwi because we having to go to bed earlier than normal because the Kiwi's tend to go to bed at 9 pm (or so its seems) and everything closes down. And Jack l had a very nice bottle of Cloudy Bay with and after the ... read more

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