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10th August 2009

Wow! The safari sounds like it was awesome. And you saw a leopard!! Very cool and it sounds like that was more than a bit of good luck to see him/her. Looking forward to seeing more pics.
10th August 2009

Sci Fi
Getting a quiet moment to catch up with your blogs. And of all the great things you're seeing, I just have to tell you that I laughed over your "Star Trek" comment. Sci-fi is just not your thing - lol. I can just see you puzzling over the space time continuum. LOL. Off to read more of your blog posts.
8th August 2009

do u remember me...
THANKS..SO MUCH..i know u do.... NANCY enjoy the life cause its too short, i wish the best for u, beautiful pictures, over here nc almost everything is the same thing every day.......im not sure if u ll get this message........ILL BE IN TOUCH...GOD BLESS U......BYE
7th August 2009

Please tell me you went Salsa dancing
I had to bust out laughing when I saw that ... you've previously mentioned your criteria for dancing of ANY sort!! I DO HOPE that the safari worked out and sounds like your friends gave you some good advice!! Whenever this trip ends .. I'll trust that you will have the opportunity to return, there seems to be some unfinished business (touring) which needs to occur... AND after the information/presentation that you provided earlier in the week, perhaps there will be more emphasis and possibility that you can return later in the yr. I'm really pleased that you have had the opportunity to be embraced by your coworkers and families-- makes such a difference in the quality of the memories that you will carry with you forever. Its amazing the impact others can have on our lives and our perspectives! Please be careful on the caffinated items... granted you were treking up a hill and surely its hot... but still, we want you safe and sound! Good luck next week in determining the length of this trip and we will look out for your feedback. Tam :)
2nd August 2009

GREAT first wkend-TONS accomplished
I will get with you when you return but wanted to shoot a quick "hello". I'm aware that a bunch of others are doing the same and as you stated net connection is "good" at best! I wanted to say thank you for sharing your adventures and the photos... especially ones that connect us to the day to day operations.... ie purchasing food, $5.00 cokes, and even your unofficial cold blooded "pet" you were "hiding" in your bath :) !!! The Gisozi memorial and education center HAD to have been exhausting... though it seems they are doing all they can for proper burrial (now and in the future-- sad to say) and its amazing that part of the memorial has to remind and/or convince folks that this tragic event even occurred. Just amazing this sort of thing continues in our midst in our continuum of civilization! On a lighter note... the expo sounded quite interesting and inspirational ... you have given us something to look for in an upcoming O mag-- you just KNOW it will be a hit here in the USA... if that woman gave stock pics...you'd have a run on the mkt! I'll have to depend upon you or one of your friends to let me know the markup on the goods you catch at Macy's! The kiosks with the demonstrators cracked me up.... say what you want, but those folks actually make a heck of a living I'm told. Say... if you do have a chance to send a note.... when are you back in town? Good luck this upcoming week.... sounds like you have much ground to cover ea week with the folks at FHI!! Thanks again Nancy!
30th July 2009

Wooottt!! Look out gorillas here she comes!
30th July 2009

Hey Nancy!! Africa huh! Like the tiger pic! Looks like quite an adventure, you wil have to tell me all about it.
27th July 2009

What an experience... sounds like things are finally settled w/ the arrival of your luggage and setting up "shop" at "Research house"!! I love the views from your apartment and immediately thought of gardening...though you would need to make arrangements with your neighbors/co-workers to keep everything growing between visits! Best of luck as you and Jennifer charge through the guidebook and make plans...does she realize you are "hard core" when it comes to making the most out of travel?! :) Enjoy making a difference for the folks that are counting on the results of this study!
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27th July 2009

Cool Place
Nancy, You rock! Thanks for the photo of the food! :) I think the kitchen is big enough for you to have a personal chef....:) I can't wait to hear about your adventures on this trip. Rest up!
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24th March 2009

I won't even attempt to top the cleverness of Hardy, Kris, and Andrew.... great rap! Happy Birthday Nancy and I can't think of a more appropriate way to celebrate.....traveling!! Congratulations!
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7th December 2008

i am a girl from Chongqing. i went to Tibet last summer and i love it. it seems like u didn't went to namtso lake?that 's the most beautiful place in Tibet to me, i wil definitly go there again. this is the first article of yours i read,now,i am going to the second one!
1st November 2008

Hi NB, stay safe. I heard the weather is not so nice there. Take care. F
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1st November 2008

Yes, Tibet tour should be intresting and great experience, enjoy your Tibet tour and have a nice time in Tibet. Tony from www.tibetCtrip.com, we would love to share our experience with you also. regards
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27th October 2008

Enjoy your trip. Be safe
Nice noodles. I miss it.... Have a wonderful trip!! Feng from CA
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