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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Bettolle June 20th 2012

Isn't life wonderful when all you are thinking is what kind of tree is this?.... I was loafing about in a chair in the shade ( very hot here) looking up at the beautiful blue sky through the shiny oval leaves- and something plops down beside me - it's a furry looking orangey-brown fruit and at first I thought it was an apricot - but it's hard so maybe its a hazelnut....must ask Palmyra , the owner of this beautiful Tuscan Locanda. How did we get here when only a week ago ( last Wednesday) I thought Suzanne and I were going to stay at Gloucester - visit Cotswolds and Bath... but that was cancelled and the weather being awful we thought why not get away to the sun... a fe whours later we were booked ... read more
San Giminigano (13)
San Giminigano (2)
San Giminigano (16)

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam June 20th 2012

No - I am not in Amsterdam now -just to confuse you I am in Italy this week . But I have been able to get Suzanne's photos she took at the Keukenhof Gardens when we were there in April - and they are so beautiful. So if its a rainy day or a grey day let this beauty lighten your day. More blog to come on Italy later. Love XXX... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Eastbourne April 28th 2012

Hello all Today I was up to London in Hampton Court - and not being mugged in the Philipines- I am sorry but my Yahoo account has been hacked - I have lost all emails and all contacts - so this blog is a good way to reach most of you. Thanks to everyone who might have thought it was true and showed concern by texting phoning or messaging me here...and given that Richard has been working in Manilla a couple of times - it was perfectly feasible that I might have been there!! Now it's aright mess to try and see if Yahoo can restore my account ....meanwhile I am changing all passwords etc ....maybe I shall use a Maori word - they are pretty unintelligible. Love bemused and confused me. xxx... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam April 26th 2012

My home exchange with Helen and Enrique on the German Dutch border was lovely and on Friday I set off to drive to Amsterdam. Negotiating the very busy roads - mostly motorways was easier than it would have been since I had Sally Satnav to guide my way. I even managed to get off the motorways and cross a large parkland area The Hoge Veluwe National Park (a bit like driving through the New Forest) . In the middle there is the Kroller Muller Museum - a sculpture park and collection of many Van Gogh paintings as well as other artworks - so I spent some time there including time for a nice cup of coffee and Dutch apple cake. Japanese visitors galore seem to like having their photos taken beside a famous artwork....I prefer to ... read more
Keukenhof (9)
Keukenhof (1)
Keukenhof (2)

Europe » Netherlands » Gelderland » Arnhem April 19th 2012

Oh goody - I can see from the comments that people are actually reading my blog. So to continue.... the weather is as expected in April- cold, showery, windy at times and occasional sun. But I am well equipped with my M+S thermal long-sleeved T-shirts and 3 more layers and a woolly hat... lost my gloves on the way somewhere - must've fallen out the car door....and of course the shops are full of sundresses and sun hats and mo gloves to be seen anywhere. So its hands in me pockets!!! Today I have been to the Arnhem OPen Air Museum -well I just love these places - there are old codgers driving trams, boiling up tar for the boats , chiselling and scraping wood ....and old ladies with shawls and Dutch caps ( HATS!!!) spinning ... read more
At the boatyard
At the boatyard (1)
At the boatyard (3)

Hello my dears It's a rainy day here and so I will have a bit of a rest from sightseeing. I am staying with a very nice couple ( Hospitality exchange again) in Emmerich on the Rhein - and you an see Holland from here. One wonders about our penchant for border security in the UK when here you are flashing about on motorways from France to Belgium to Holland and Germany - never stopping for pasports or customs- only a cctv camera to catch you. We certainly seem to have put up the drawbridge compared to the rest of Europe. So leaving the White Cliffs of Dover on Sunday morning the sun was shining and the sea was calm ( goody no Kwells this time) I arrived in Dunkerque 2 hours later. Ferries to France ... read more
Emmerich (1)
Emmerich (2)

Hello all I thought I better finish the blog about my trip to Spain before I set off on my next one!! So it was a great drive down to the Costa del Sol from Alicante – even better that Terry was driving – thanks, Tel, it’s great for me to have a break from driving myself. The roads are fabulous and at that time of year there wasn’t much traffic. We passed through a range of landscapes – snow capped Sierras, villages with troglodyte cave houses, mountainsides covered in endless olive groves, orange and lemon trees and near Granada there were acres of tree plantations – not sure what they were – birch or aspen but obviously planted as a crop. And then there was “spaghetti western” country but no sighting of Clint Eastwood in ... read more
Calahonda Apt Pool
La Cala (1)
La Cala (3)

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Alicante March 19th 2012

Dear all I have actually been back home a few days but didn't get a chance to do my blog on the latest trip away- so it's retrospective - but I know everyone likes to see my photos and know what I have been up to- so here it comes..... Many people fly into Alicante’s new airport and then whizz off to the coastal resorts like nearby Benidorm and Torevieja…. But visiting my lovely cousin, Marilyn, and her husband,Terry, they pick me up and whizz me inland across the mountains to the valley where they live between two villages Frailes and Hondon de las Nieves. Almonds blossoms were out and vines are cut right back to stumps, orange and lemon trees are laden with fruits and we pass many olive trees some ancient and some newly ... read more
Around Hondon de las Nieves (3)
Walk with Hashers (2)
Walk with Hashers (4)

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai January 30th 2012

You know you are still in Dubai when the call to prayer from the local mosque wakes you about 5 am!! It’s hard to believe I am almost all packed and leaving warm and sunny Dubai behind this afternoon.. I have certainly made the most of the time here – out and about visiting our “old” haunts, discovering the new Dubai and seeing friends. I have travelled about on the new Metro system and busses which has been great- if a bit crowded at times- there is a Gold Class Card you can get but I had the Silver one so was in with the crowds although you can go in the “ladies” only carriage but that is also crowded – so it means standing quite a lot of the journeys. On busses again you use ... read more

Middle East » Oman » Muscat January 21st 2012

At last I have found a coffee shop which does wif fi - I am back in Dubai but here goes with the report on my last couple of days in Oman ... it's a bit long but you will see why.... After the visit to the fort I was off again – driving myself from Muscat through the mountains to the coast at Sur and then on to the turtle reserve at Ras al Jinz. This was a journey of about 250 km and well done Oman for such brilliant roads. The geology of the country here is fantastic with a a huge range of different rock types and ages from ancient to relatively recent in geological terms. So what a lot of dynamite must have gone into blasting the way through these mountains to ... read more
Coast Road from Sur
Coast Road from Sur (1)
Coast Road from Sur (2)

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