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Europe » France » Centre » OrlĂ©ans June 27th 2013

My dear friend Lesley and I set off at 5.30 am for the Dover - Calais Ferry... at last we would get some sunshine we thought ...little did we know!! I should have left my woolly hat and gloves in the car. Every time we stopped at a picnique area we froze - 12-14 deg is not what we expect in a french summer. And everyone remind me not to drive round the east side of Paris ever again !! Even with the help of Sally Satnav and maps we managed to take the wrong ramp and god knows how we eventually found our way back onto a road which took us out and onwards south...and also there were the most terrific traffic jams. No never again. So on we went to find a small chambre ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » SeaTac June 3rd 2013

Yes - this is goodbye - but I am sure I will be back one day - there is so much I have enjoyed here- the magnificent scenery, fabulous cities, great food and wonderful people. These last couple of days Bob and Marti have worked hard to entertain me and make sure I havent mssed too much of the local highlights and of course as always with these hospitality swaps I get included in the family I got to meet Bob's mum - a wonderful old lady of 98 who lives in a really nice retirement home in the city...and she goes to the gym 5 times a week!! Always great to hear the family stories. Sun has shone on me these last few days - I was taken out the the family home on ... read more
Wilkommen zu Leavenworth

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 31st 2013

Six weeks ago I set off with Beeny and I have travelled 3000 landmiles here in the USA and been in 6 States - so we have done pretty well. Rainy days in Oregon followed me as I drove north into Washington to Seattle and it has taken a few more days to brighten up. Nevertheless my hosts Bob and Marti are showing me around their beautiful city and we seem to find pockets of blue sky and haven't been rained on too much. Bob volunteers as a concierge at the info booth at the famous Pike Market so he is an excellent city guide. WE have spent time driving around some lovely neighbourhoods some with quaint wooden houses with verandahs and porches and others with quite grand mansions and super modern architecture. Seattle being on ... read more
Downtown Seattle
Seattle skyline
My Seattle home.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 27th 2013

Well you all know me - I love a good deal... and this has to be the best. The public transport system of Portland - you can take the MAX metro train, streetcar and busses all for $2 a day - if you are an HONOURED CITIZEN - in other words a senior !!!! "What's in a name" - to quote someone famous ( Shakespeare , was it?) - well from now on I am an honoured citizen and not a senior.The last 2 days on the Oregon coast were wet and misty - but I still got out and about and the weather made for some dramatic photo shoots. I made a visit to Cannon Beach which is famous for its magnificent Haystack Rock towering on the is another one of these arty towns ... read more
Rainy days Oregon Coast (7)
Rainy days Oregon Coast (10)
Rainy days Oregon Coast (14)

A wildlife update is needed methinks. If I have seen one Californian Condor I have seen a hundred - well I think thats what they are - big wing span, red heads - soaring on thermals all along the coast from California to Oregon ... and there I was on a windy headland looking at some lighthouse when these 4/5 birds almost flew over my head - pelicans I thought. There have been so many stopping off places along the route (I have driven 880 miles since San Fran now) I have lost track of which bit of coast line is which. I had lovely sunshine + blue skies the first 2 days - and when I say the road hugged the coastline and was bend after bend up and down I mean it - for ... read more
California Coast (1)
California Lighthouse
To the Lighthouse

Sad it was to leave my girls - I can say we shed a few tears as we loaded up my rental car and I drove off leaving them to catch their flight back to the UK. We have had a most wonderful time together. And we had had a whirlwind 3 days in San Fran - we all fell in love with this beautiful city - in spite of it being cooler then we expected and very windy. Movies of California always make you think the weather is just perfect ... but I guess that's not the reality. Suz had researched what to do and the Top Ten and we left it to her to sort us out for the 3 day plan. Immediately we got a hop/on/off bus with a 48 hour ticket which ... read more

Contd..... Chapter 2. Two days driving about 700 miles to get to Yosemite and what a drive it was - we climbed up to the Tioga Pass and this was a high mountain road( 56 miles)looking down into deep valleys....but the road was wide, well maintained and not scarey to drive ( have been on worse roads in France!!)we were above the snow line and you could see why this road had only been opened 2 days earlier. We passed by meadows, rushing mountain rivers and streams, waterfalls - these mountains are massive white granite with smoothed tops - quite stunning...and beautiful rock. Hodgon Meadows campsite ( I had booked it ages ago - and you need to because otherwise you don't get a site) was on the Western side of the park so we had ... read more
Hogdon Meadows Camp (1)
Lumberjack Tracie

There has been so much to do - sights to see and otherwise no wifi - so I I sometimes don't have time to write the blog. For our last few days is Sedona we had wonderful sunny blue skies with early morning views of Balloon rides going over our resort ...Sedona really is a lovely town , and some great restaurants including The Cowboy Club where went twice and tried rattlesnake, fried cactus as well as buffalo meat loaf, buffalo pot roast and steak...and the pork ribs were to die for. ..they also did pretty good cocktails - I blame the girls for introducing me to Dark and Stormy!! We had booked up 2 tours before we set off for the Grand Canyon trip - so one day it was 2 hours in a Safari ... read more
Sedona Jeep tour (4)
Sedona (11)
Sedona Jeep tour (3)

After the Grand Canyon - one might be disapointed with the next stop - but no we were not. When we started planning this trip I bought a huge map of WEST USA and put red stickers on all the places I wanted to go ... then we got real about the distances and time factor and Suzanne said she wanted to go to Grand Canyon and Monument Valley and so we said anything else would be a bonus....well we have had lots of bonuses already. So everyone has probably seen Monument Valley in the movies John Ford westerns like Stagecoach, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, The Searchers were all filmed here as well as Thelma and you think you have an idea of what it will be like but everytime we come across some ... read more
Gouldings Campsite (4)
Tracie makes the famous eggy bread.
Navajo Tour Fone pics (1)

We've done it - the Grand Canyon. We travelled from Sedona to Flagstaff -where we stopped at a Downtown Diner for pancakes and french toast and blueberries with half a gallon of maple syrup- we then took the Old Fort Valley Road, avoiding a busy highway....a great route with beautiful pine forests and snow toped mountain views. When we stopped at Valle we filled up the gas ( see I am talking american already)and got our Grand Canyon Park pass and so at the entry gate to the park we could sail on through pretty quick. I did book our campsite ages ago ( just as well as they are all full) and so we got straight into it ...parked up and in no time armed with shuttle bus maps we got going for the South ... read more
At the South Rim (3)
Grand Canyon Fone pics (3)
At the South Rim (14)

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