So, for all you naggers out there who wanted to know what I am up to and for all who are not interested one single bit I have set up this blog.

Africa » Madagascar » Antsiranana October 14th 2011

Having a great time!!! Love this country. Beautiful animals and friendly people. Sometimes things are a bit crazy and chaotic, but in the end that's where the funny stories come from. Some pictures for you to enjoy...... read more
marlies 001
marlies 002
marlies 020

Oceania » Australia January 5th 2010

Hey everyone, So finally I find a moment to post something. I have been in AUS for about three weeks now, and man, this country is huge. We travel so many kilometers a day it's unbelievable. Starting off in Sydney with Ilona and then on to the Red Centre. This was truly amazing. The desert has captured my heart... Of course we saw Uluru (but did not climb it, no worries mate), but Kata Tjuta and King's Canyon were at least as amazing. We also did a helicopter flight for the first time in our lives crossing some ranges and spotting wild horses and camels (lots of dead ones, though, because of the draught). We had a true desert adventure with the van breaking down in the middle of buttf*** (anyone seen Wolf Creek?), then later ... read more
Helicopter ride
Stormy queens of the desert (Photo by Elias)
At the 12 Apostles

Oceania » New Zealand May 19th 2008

And here is a VERY LONG account of my further travels on the South Island and the time up till now back on the North Island (my advice to everyone except my parents: just look at the pics). I already mentioned before that I stayed in Arthur’s Pass for two days. I did two day tracks there. One was Avalanche Peak, an 1100 m height difference to cover. It was a steep and rocky climb, but I managed it in about 2,5 hours. They had warned me for black ice (ice on the rocks you don’t notice, until you’re slipping down I guess), but all was fine. Up there I had a nice view of the surrounding Alps. The next day I did an easier track to Bealey Spur Hut, together with a cool Kiwi guy ... read more
At the top of Bealey Spur
Massive glacial valley with braiding river
Castle Hill Reserve (bouldering heaven) on the way to Christchurch

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island April 19th 2008

Sooo, After I traveled for another week on the North Island, visiting The Coromandels and Rotorua, I flew to Invercargill in the south tip of the South Island. Here I met up with Eva, a German girl I met through work at the institute, to travel by car through The Catlins and Otago Peninsula to Dunedin. The Catlins are very quiet and not touristy, which was a welcome change to Rotorua (a volcanic area which is nevertheless mindblowing). In The Catlins and on Otago Peninsula we saw loads of sea lions, fur seals, the rare yellow-eyed penguins and tatatarata: ALBATROSSES! What a sight, these birds are absolutely incredible. In Dunedin, so far the only town I actually like (sort of), I said goodbye to Eva and travelled to Queenstown. I wanted to do some hiking here, ... read more
Gas forming over a lake near Rotorua
Champagne Pool near Rotorua
Me at a sulphurous, green lake near Rotorua

Hi everyone, Today I surprise you with an actual holiday story I would like to share. I can assure you not to be worried, there are no cut-and-paste bits from my proposal and no short lists. Nevertheless, I cannot promise it will entertain you. You have to find out for yourself... So... last week two colleagues and I did some field work at this beautiful dairy farm situated at an estuary near Auckland. We finished our work within two days and had one day left to go sight-seeing (fieldwork is such hard work). We visited some beautiful beaches north of Auckland and went for a bush walk. We saw some enormous hardwood kauri trees, of which only a few are left after the early European settlers cut them down with such great vigour. At Turangi, on ... read more
Karekare beach, north of Auckland (movie buffs: The Piano)
Tongariro National Park
Felix and I just before we climbed Mt. Ngauruhoe

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Palmerston North March 15th 2008

Hi all, Last night I was made ridiculous by dear, darling Felix and Stephanie, because I have not paid any attention to my blog since the entries on Japan. So, hereby I dedicate this entry to you guys! I am sitting at the comp at seven in the morning on a sunday as an attempt to climb back up from my devastating fall from your grace... This 'd better be appreciated... So now, what have I been up to lately, you wonder? Well, simply said work, work and more work (field work also counts as work, of course!) at the HortResearch institute in lovely Palmerston North (North Island, New Zealand). To give an impression of this city to the Dutchies, think: a cross-over between Wageningen and Lelystad (as some of you might know this is where ... read more
One of my many roommates (rip, I did not kill it)
Beautiful Castle Point beach
Field work

Asia » Japan » Kyoto January 22nd 2008

Now, we did not only go shopping... We also saw some cultural, uhm, stuff in Kyoto and Nikko. ... read more
Traditional Kyoto
Bamboo grove

Asia » Japan » Tokyo January 21st 2008

After the list of cool things naturally follows the list of UNcool things in Tokyo. List of not so cool things * No garbage bins to be found in the entire city * Tatami mats suck! * Finding an ATM for international cards is virtually impossible * Tropical climates inside every building or metro or train etc. * Traveling by train is expensive * Almost no one understands English * Japanese green tea ice cream is bleh! (compared the Chinese version) * The ritual of paying is at first funny, but very soon gets on your nerves (just take the damn money and let's be done with it already!) * No trees in the streets, it is brick city during the day until the neon signs start flashing at you at night * The fish market ... read more
Green tea ice cream, not so yummie!
Neon city
Fish market

Asia » Japan » Tokyo January 20th 2008

To prevent us from forgetting even the most subtle differences, Ilona and I drew up lists of the things that struck us most in Tokyo. List of cool things * Cool dress styles everywhere and people really take the effort to look nice ( you even come across traditional dress sometimes) * No ring tones or people on the phone in public * Amazing architecture * Very polite and shy people (sometimes so much so, that they ignore you when you ask them something, this should then be classified as UNcool) * Pachinka (illegal slot machines in halls where the noise ruins your hearing ability) * Cool toilets * Everything is really clean * Shops and restaurants on every possible floor of buildings or in underground corridors without end * Strange, techie gadgets and geeks in ... read more
Toilet luxury
Cool shop

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