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Asia July 8th 2011

My friends and Family has lost me for almost a year! hahahhaha They know I will do this travels one day and yes, I did it! Oke here we go... the amazing Journeys of mine.... Beautiful Phuket-Thailand Phuket-Phi Phi Island - Phanga Bay I almost miss my connecting flight to Changi, it's quite breathtaking when the check in counter woman said, its already 30 minutes to boarding time and the check in was closed but she let me in... (I would like to thank whatever her name ^^) In Spore we stay in my friend apartment in east coast rd for one night... I have morning flight to Phuket, but I go to Changi @7AM (quite early when my flight is @11PM) and Changi is never boring me to hang around in. Breakfast at yakun kaya... ... read more
yakun kaya toast
Photo 7

Asia » Indonesia June 27th 2010

Hmmm, in the middle of relaxing May, suddenly there's a chance to enjoy Beautiful city Yogyakarta... Yogyakarta is capital city of Central Java, Indonesia... this city famous of its kingdom cultures called Keraton... So here we go, my adventures: 1st Day: My flight at 3PM jakarta time and it delayed almost half hour! errgghh... but then it paid, when my plane landing and i was welcomed by good weather...warm weather.... I arrived @5PM I stayed in Duta Guesthouse, its a nice and clean place...the staff is nice also... After taking rest, i'll go to Purawisata for dinner and watching ballet of a legendary epic love story Ramayana. The restaurant names is Jimbaran, the local food is delicious, but they serve western food as well. Only spend around 25 USD you can enjoy "all you can eat" ... read more
fancy dinner
my blue umbrella
Borobudur temple

Asia » Singapore May 3rd 2010

My 1st plan in 2010 year already finished!!!!! I'm lil' rushy in packing my luggage... only 6 hours before the flight ^o^" But the flight was great!!! the blue sky was clear back then.... I use Tigerways airlines and its quite cheap... I arrived @ 4PM Spore time and needs more than half hour to reach MRT station and learn how to use it. its only cost 2 SGD with 1 dollar refundable... It took 15 minutes to reach my hotels, MRT is fast!!! I really really grateful when realized that my Hotel was in the city hall~~ So @6PM, I walk around the city, using almost all MRT route with my small free map from a nice lady in airport (people there was so nice... ^^) Getting lost here...there... until I conquer almost half country ... read more
tanah merah MRT
MRT route

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown March 1st 2010

Singapore will be the 1st destiny in year 2010..... I plan to travel to Singapore on 12-14 April 2010.... Main places to go: - Chinatown - Singapore Flyer - new opening Universal Studio - and the most important....esplanade concert hall to watch JAMIE CULLUM yaaayy !!!!! if there's anyone interest to join me, just let me know, i'll show you detail budget and plan or we can discuss together! Cheers, T ... read more

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