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30th July 2013

wish i could go!
hey aunt mollie and cousin macayla it's Chloe i see you guys are loving your trip! I read your blogs and i wish i could go to all the amazing trips you guys go to! I hope you have more fun on the rest of your trip! miss you, Chloe and matt
24th July 2013

Enjoying your blogs, keep them coming. :)
16th July 2013

Awesome pics
I loved all the pics. Little girl would have broke my heart. Sorry to hear about your eye . Glad it's getting better. Stay safe love you both.
From Blog: Small Detour
8th July 2013

Those steps look so steep. Good on ya for going up. Sorry you were so ill, so glad you are better. Scorpion (eewwhh) love keeping up with you girls. Your both amazing to me. Lots if love
5th July 2013

so beautiful cous I love the pictures!
4th July 2013

Water looked amazing
The water looked amazing. Sounded like you had a great time. Sorry you weren't feeling better. Hope it has passed. Love seeing all the pics. Take care and be careful. Love you both.
From Blog: Bangkok
4th July 2013

Thanks for the updates
Love the pics and the updates! Malls are gorgeous, you're right they really know how to do malls over there. UAE is the same way, unbelievable how big and gorgeous the malls are. It's like they have all this money and nothing to do with it. So very glad you and Macayla are having a good time, stay healthy though. Miss you, we'll have to get together in December when we come home for our visit.
From Blog: Bangkok
24th June 2013

I would be praying for sand and sun too
Oh gosh sounds like quite a time. I hope your island proves to be just what you both need. Look forward to pics. Love you both. Be careful
23rd June 2013

I would probably lose tons of weight there eating on veggie stuff not knowing really what the meat was or where it came from!!! love you
20th June 2013

Love your blog
Love reading your travel blog. You always make me feel like I am right there. Monkeys scare me. They are so damn smart. I would have ran too. Love to you both. Be careful
19th June 2013

Flying Monkeys
as I read your post I was LOL seeing you running from the monkeys! love you ya'll be careful
19th June 2013

I'm so glad you made it safe! Enjoy your adventure!!
19th June 2013

Great pictures. i think it is great yous go on these trips every year. looking foward to reading more of the blogs and the great pictures.
8th July 2011

Spanish class
Great you are having Spanish lessons. Even if its hard in the beginning, when u finally manage to communicate with the people it is worth every struggle! It makes traveling so much better :-) Good luck y saludos de Berlin! Lena
8th July 2011

Great photos & info!
1st July 2011

love your post did ya'll have to popo a lot! lmao I'm so glad ya'll are okay I love the pictures keep us posted
From Blog: Copan Ruinas
25th June 2011

Hope your trip is going smoothly so far - let us know you made it :-)
16th July 2009

Your Holiday
Hi there, I am been watching your trip with interest as a friend and myself just got back from a 16 day Peru adventure we organised ourselves. I can't believe the trouble you had along way, but it certainly made some interesting reading. I'm sorry the trip wasn't as you thought it would be, but you will look back on it and have a laugh. Our trip went very well with no hiccups and we did virtually everything you did, but we also added the Amazon. My travel blog is on here if you ever feel like reading it. Do a search for MJO. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. Michael Ortiz (Australia)
From Blog: Heading to Lima
13th June 2009

Greetings from Peru
Did you finish your paper the night I called? Macayla called your dad and got ScottĀ“s phone number. I am sure you found that our by now. I really want to call you when I get back. Macayla would like to visit you and the family and I wanted to see if I could coordinate with you. We will talk more about it soon. Love Mollie
From Blog: Huacachina
13th June 2009

Macayla is so lucky to have a mom like you to show her the world!!I give you so much credit for bringing her up and exposing her to this. She is lucky and blessed to have you! Love Christine
From Blog: Huacachina
11th June 2009

I want to see mummys
From Blog: Huaca Pucllana
10th July 2008

Glad to hear that you are enjoying all the sites - the view from the hostel is awesome! Why are you looking to move to another hostel? How is the food? What is the temperature? Is there any item that you wish you had? You'll be there long enough we could probably ship it to you! Ha ha - Mark says you'll just have to suffer! Can't wait to hear more! Much love...

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