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North America » United States » Indiana » Vincennes May 20th 2018

Oubache Trails Campground, Vincennes, Indiana I don’t know exactly what hit me, but after breakfast yesterday, I started feeling not-so-great. A little bit of nausea, a headache, a lot of aches and pains, and just a general malaise (who remembers that word from the Jimmy Carter days!). Part of it was really physical, the rest, I think was kind of a reaction to the heat and humidity. I wrote my post, and drank my coffee, outside on the picnic table and, while things were pretty quiet among the human organisms, there was a whole lot of flying insects that seemed to want to share their morning with me. Maybe it was just the whole oppression of ‘southern summer’ that kind of got to me. But all I felt like doing was going back to bed. After ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Vincennes May 19th 2018

Oubache Trails Campground, Vincennes, Indiana Two weeks in one place, even if two different campgrounds, is a long stay. I think we needed it, though, in order to adequately explore Chicago (Can anyone ‘adequately’ explore a big city?), and the Indiana Lakeshore of Lake Michigan. But all things eventually come to an end, so we broke camp yesterday, hitched up and headed south. We could have taken Interstate 65 South towards Indianapolis, but I don’t particularly enjoy being passed by big semis. And, besides, part of it is a toll road and who wants to pay extra for my dual-axled tiny trailer. So we took state and US highways south. Speed is somewhat limited, but I can’t really travel more than 65 mph, so that wasn’t a real problem. And you do have a lot of ... read more

Dunewood Campground, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore We’ve been in this part of the world almost two weeks now - it was our longest stop on the trip. I wanted to make sure that we saw enough of the Lakeshore to really understand it, and Joan had lots of things to do in Chicago, a city she had never been to before. (My experience is four decades old, so I don’t exactly remember it well either!). The trip to Oak Park on Wednesday was our last Chicago trip and we both concluded that between the Art Museum, Millennium Park, Downtown Chicago, the Culinary Tour of the Northside of the River with Deep Dish Pizza, a Chicago-Style Hotdog, and Italian Beef, the Pullman National Monument on Chicago’s south side, and the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings in Oak Park ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Oak Park May 17th 2018

Oak Park, Illinois We drove into Chicago again for Joan’s last Chicago rebellion item - the Frank Lloyd Wright houses at Oak Park. Try as I could to come up with a train schedule from here in Indiana all the way across the big metropolitan area, nothing was going to work very well. Google said we were looking at a minimum 3 hour trip using public transportation. That was going to make for a very long day. So I ended up fueling up the car and we drove the entire 60 miles using the freeway system most of the way. As someone told us earlier in our trip, Chicago only has two seasons, winter and construction, so the highways were a mess with lots of orange barrels and signs. Our car GPS doesn’t know much about ... read more

St. Joseph, Michigan Once again, the weather wasn’t cooperating. We woke up to occasional rain and completely overcast skies. Forecast wasn’t very good either, so it kind of put a damper on plans. We don’t like hiking in the rain - besides being uncomfortable when it is wet and cold, I think you also miss a lot because the colors are washed out and flora and fauna sort of retreat from the weather. We probably could have picked a museum in Chicago and gone in to do that, but after the Science Museum experience, we were feeling a bit urban gun-shy. So our fun yesterday was something else Joan had on her rebellion list, a drive along the shore of Lake Michigan. There actually is an official Lake Michigan Circle Tour that uses a combination of ... read more

Dunewood Campground/Michigan City, IN After a certain amount of time the piled up dirty clothes begins to take on a certain aroma and our tiny little house starts to smell like a high-school gym. At that point we know it is time to do laundry. Couple that with some of the disappointments of the weekend, and the stresses of moving campgrounds, and, well, it was time for another down day. So we slept in and then kind of planned the day. We had an additional problem to deal with too. I think I mentioned earlier that we were having problems getting refills with a couple of Joan’s prescriptions. Joan had called Humana last week telling them about the problem with the ‘refill dates’ and all that and, three times, she told them not to ship the ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Chesterton May 14th 2018

Heron Rookery, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore It was Mother’s Day yesterday, and especially after messing up Joan’s visit to the Science Museum, I felt a need to make a nice day for her. So we started by sleeping in a bit. Even without an alarm, though, I’ve become used to getting up at six regularly for so long that I now do that even when I don’t want to. But writing these posts every morning does take at least an hour so I have to get that done early or it will impact the day’s plans. By the time I finished and published the post, Joan was stirring and, as part of the Mother’s Day celebration, we had a big breakfast. She made pancakes, and I fried up the bacon and eggs for pancake sandwiches. In ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago May 13th 2018

Hyde Park, Chicago, IL We’ve been using our current campground as a home base while we explore two very different areas - the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and the City of Chicago. Mostly it works, especially for the shorter trips to the Lakeshore areas for beach walking and hikes. I have to admit, though, that managing our Chicago experiences has been difficult at times, mostly because of the logistics. There are just two ways to get to Chicago - commuter train and car. The Train is cheaper, but you are bound by their schedule and on the weekends, that schedule can really be difficult to work with because there are many fewer trains running. Driving takes less time and works on your timetable, but, including gas and parking, ends up being expensive. The frustrations of finding ... read more

North America » United States » Illinois » Chicago May 12th 2018

Pullman National Monument, Pullman, Illinois There is just one bucket-list stop in Illinois. Yes, it has two historic sites - the Lincoln Home and the Chicago Portage - but I did not include Historic Sites in my bucket list because they are usually small and there are so many of them that it would mean a lot of additional traveling. (I’ve been admonished by real ‘Park collectors’ that you can’t claim to be one of them unless you do every single NPS site, but, alas, we’ve already missed so many of them that it would be nearly impossible to make them up anyway. So, my bucket list remains as is! And so there !) But there is a single National Monument in Illinois and we went there yesterday. It is located in a section of southern ... read more

North America » United States » Indiana » Porter May 11th 2018

West Beach & Bailly/Chellberg. Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Had to do a ‘dump and fill’ yesterday. That’s shorthand for dump the sewer tanks and fill the fresh water tanks. While we are paying a fairly decent price for this campground - $30/night - it only provides electrical hookups at each site. You can fill up your RV’s water tanks at a central station, and, instead of a sewer connection here at the site, you have to take it to a ‘dump station’ to unload your holding tanks. We can manage with our tank sizes for about five full days before sewer tanks are full and water tanks are empty, but after that happens then we really have to hitch up the trailer and mosey on over to the service area and take care of business. We ... read more

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