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Oceans and Seas » Pacific » Auckland Islands November 5th 2012

Today the ship the highlights are, a "Beyond the Podium" speaker will talk about Trans-Atlantic Contact before Columbus. There is also a galley tour and a "Freedance" that will benefit The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For that you pay $15.00 and receive a tee shirt and $10 goes to the foundation. Here we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean steaming, okay diesel ing, our way to Pago Pago Samoa. It is a clear and beautiful day out. Actually the weather could not be better. Warm and clear with a beautiful breeze and a few puffy white clouds floating in front of the sun from time to time to just give you a comfortable respite from the sun. I can walk around the ship and look out and see nothing. Literally nothing, but ocean. It ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Volcano November 4th 2012

It has been a few days since the Amazing Epic Adventure has started and it is beginning to get Epic. Today Alan and I took a helicopters tour with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter tours and it was amazing. We saw both waterfalls and erupting volcano on the island of Hilo. It was Epic. What astonished me is in some places of the lava field there were small islands of rainforest untouched. Also in places that were covered and destroyed just five years ago are sprouting trees. I inquired if they were planted, and no, all natural growth. Amazing. As we flew over the main crater that is erupting, you can smell and taste the sulfur in the environment. Not much, just enough. I asked the pilot if the air temperature fluxuated over the crater. He said no, ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Oahu November 1st 2012

So here we are on our first day of our Epic Amazing Adventure and all is going well. We flew from Phoenix to Oahu, Hawaii yesterday. We had a problem with the transfer company when we arrived but were able to get it resolved with the help of our travel agent. Still it is so nice to reach in my purse and make a call and have an advocate helping me out. Hooray for travel agents! We arrived at the Waikiki Reef on the Beach to a wonderful welcome. Being Halloween many of the staff was dressed in costume. So a very beautiful and colorful "Carmen Miranda" checked us in. Our room is a partial ocean view room that is large and spacious. It is on the corner so we have two large sliding glass windows ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Gilbert October 30th 2012

My bags are almost all packed. I am about 85% done. In a few minutes I am due to check in on our flights. In a few hours I have my pre vacation mani/pedi scheduled. And later tonight we have to bring the dogs to the breeder for boarding. That is the most difficult thing to do in preparation for this "Epic Anniversary Adventure. I am so excited I am beginning to squeak. Well I better get busy with it.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Gilbert October 20th 2012

For our 25th wedding anniversary, my wonderful husband and I decided we were going to go on our "grandest" trip to date. We decided on the region of the South Pacific. And of course we decided to go by cruise ship. We love cruising. On Halloween we will be flying from Phoenix, Az to Hawaii. We will be staying a couple of nights in Waikiki and then boarding the cruise ship. The cruise will take us to Hilo,HI, Pago Pago America Somoa, Suva Fiji, Turanga New Zealand, Auckland New Zealand and onto Sydney. Where we will spend a few days before flying back to Hawaii. There we will go through customs and spend the evening before coming back home. 26 days and nights. Along the way we will be crossing the International Date Line, the equator ... read more

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