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12th September 2013

Catching up. It was interesting about the mine fires. The reference to the Yukon Quest being the ugly stepsister was funny. I love your bus towing adventure and am happy everyone survived your murderous hand.
8th September 2013

Having a great time
Seems like you had a great day today. Keep up your blog. Thanks Millie & Keith
4th September 2013

Juneau--State Capital
Interesting to hear the history of the Anchorage earthquake. Are you aware of any history on why the Alaska state capital is located in Juneau as opposed to Anchorage?
3rd September 2013

Hot and sunny in LA today. Nice Labor Day. Glad to hear you're settled in and getting ready for a big touring day tomorrow. Keep us posted.
2nd September 2013

Northwest Passage
Great to hear about Seattle Mindy. Sounds like you've having a good time. Hope you brought gloves and a scarf for Alaska. Shana Tovah!
From Blog: The Odd Couple
1st September 2013

Sounds like fun!
Don't you just love some of those GPS directions? I visited my childhood friend many years ago when she lived in Everett. We went to the locks. Interesting! Enjoying your trip with you.
31st August 2013

Glad I didn't call
Dear Mindy, I was thinking of calling to wish you a Shannah Tova and that sort of stuff, but instinct told me not to . . . now I understand why. Have a great trip!
31st August 2013

It sounds like a great trip to Seattle. I was in that city briefly last time I was in the US (Two or three years ago? It wasn't a long trip to Seattle, and it wasn't for happy reasons.)). It made me happy to read that you are still in touch with TJ and that you got to see him! You're on my mind frequently... like, more than you'd believe. I've been in touch with Regina/Amy a bit lately. She seems to be doing well.
31st August 2013

You will love Alaska. Keith and I went in 2008 for 10 days on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and had a fabulous time.
7th November 2012

Great Pictures-Makes me want to go to India Keith & Millie Bracht
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6th November 2012

Great Pictures
Love your pictures. How long were you in India? How long did it take to travel from NYC to India ? Just to let you know that Keith and I just returned from a 14 night Panama Canal Cruise. We had a great time. Millie & Keith
1st November 2012

Can't wait to see your pictures. Have a safe trip home...
25th October 2012

I would give anything to see you in a rickshaw.
From Blog: India Day 2
24th October 2012

I can just picture you in a rickshaw. Priceless :). Can't wait to see your pictures. Take care. Have fun.
From Blog: India Day 2
22nd October 2012

Good Day (or Night?)
Glad to hear you made it through the night and a bus ride. I've heard they are really, really crowded on the streets in the cities like you witnessed. Have you seen any of those trucks all painted and decorated or is that Pakistan only? Those are awesome. Good luck! Happy traveling.
From Blog: India Day 2
22nd October 2012

Keep 'em coming!
I'm going to be living vicariously through you! So far, I've been everywhere you have, so I have pictures of it in my mind! Keep the blog posts coming! :)
From Blog: India Day 2
22nd October 2012

Glad you made it!
Sounds like you're off to a good start. Looking forward to the upcoming reports! ;-)
From Blog: India Day 2
21st October 2012

What the heck?! I take my eyes off you for one minute and off you go to the Orient! Look out for Tigers and Cobras and don't take any wooden rupies. Take care over there, but have fun.
From Blog: india trip day 1
16th April 2012

Or it might confuse them
I always wonder if people who "haven't seen it before," like those "who haven't read the book," (not in this case, but in general), really do enjoy the play more so than those who have foreknowledge. There are a number of different translations, but basically, John 19:41 is (according to the New International Version (©1984): At the place where Jesus was crucified, there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb, in which no one had ever been laid. Does that help? Keep in touch. Haviva
14th November 2011

Thanks for keeping in touch
Dear Mindy, Thanks for keeping in touch. It is nice to know where you are and what you are doing. Pardon my "ignorance," but what does OKC and PLB stand for/mean? It doesn't take away from my understanding of your "piece," but it would be nice to know. Happy Thanksgiving. (Do you have plans?) Stay in touch! Haviva
27th October 2011

Nice pictures . . . glad you are home. Hope you had a good time!
26th October 2011

Wonderful photos!
Your photos are wonderful. Thank you for taking us along on your great trip.
20th October 2011

What can I say?
Dear Mindy, What can I say? It doesn't sound like you would want to do Vegas again. What a shame. Did you check out the shopping area at Ceasar's? Or the gondola ride between the Venetian and the Palazzo? It is not New York, but it is fun. The night is just lit up nicely, so you probably didn't miss much. I guess, if you don't gamble . . . . Although, there are a lot of shows . . . . Maybe we will get you back there someday -- when we can do it together. Enjoy!
From Blog: Las Vegas
15th October 2011

did i say that i didn\'t have the info? no, i just said that i\'ve been unable to access the net to post it. and the kindle does have internet access, but it is not suitable for typing long passages.
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15th October 2011

Welcome home!
Glad you got home safely. Hope you had a marvelous time.
From Blog: apology

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