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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 7th 2008

So i woke up and did a clear out of paper work i did not need and repacked my bags ready for traveling to Thailand on the 7th, then i wrote some postcards and went and posted them and it was torrential rain outside and i must have caught asia in the rainy season......dohhh, so i grabbed some brunch and went to an internet cafe and update my previous blog entry and uploaded some piccys to my picasa, check on my facebook and emails etc. Then i spent the rest of the day minimising my rain exposure and going to different electrical stores and by late afternoon i had decided on a cannon eos 400d slr digital camera (its the japenes model so its called a kiss x) and a asus minin laptop and i got ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon June 4th 2008

So i managed to work out the right bus and chatted to a nice scottish guy and american guy on the bus and i managed to get to the building were the guest house is and i checked into the las vegas guest house and then im roomed on a different floor with the haven guest house? must be a chinese thing maybe?, i settled my stuff down and got cash out and then went to the shore and took some piccys and bought a bottle of water and then looked round some electrical stores and was tempted to use my credit card and buy a laptop and iphone. Then i woke up at 9.30 am all though the room is so dark i thought it was still night, so i used the great over toliet ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Cairns City June 2nd 2008

So once again Qantas confirmed themselves as a shit airline, jesus how difficult is it to get a fair paying passenger a veggie meal on a plane, in the end they had a spare meal, but thats not the point. I speak to them till im blue in the face and i have my meal confirmed and on the flight no meal?, i paid them 249 dollars between route a change and date changes and i get shoddy if i can possibly help it after my hong kong flight im never flying with them again. I got to Cairns at 4.40am and got a airport shuttle just after 5am and waited at the hostel till 10.30am to get checked in and get a room and so i was cranky and tired, i booked a barrier ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth City May 28th 2008

So up at 8am today which was reasonable enough as appose to 5am, anyway grabbed breakie and checked out and caught the transfer to the airport and there was dave on the bus as he was heading to perth aswell for a few days and then home. He grabbed me a beer at the airport and i had a few more on the flight as again qantas did not have my veggie meal argghhhhh, complained to qantas and only got a poxty meal voucher and then got a shuttle bus to the hostel. Its wet and dull in perth and got to the hostel and checked in and its miles from the city, but i perceivered and walked into the city and took a few piccys and the is not much to the city and the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Uluru May 26th 2008

So after my wicked day at the beach etc and time with naj,tammy and matt, i headed back to the hostel and washed and dryed some clothes and grabbed some water and had the most boring dinner ever and watched some scrubs and south park. I went to the room to catch some sleep as i had a n airport shuttle pick up of 7.45am and the dorm is in two halfs and my half were some americans and we all wanted to grab some kip and the rest of the folk in the hostel decided to have a party in the dorm which was not appreciated and did not help me sleep, the bus was in time in the morning and i got the airport checked in and gave my weekly transport pass to a ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains May 23rd 2008

So after my last blog i booked a 55 dollar tour to the blue mountains at the wicked travel travel agency in kings cross. It was a 7.40am pick up from outside the holiday inn in kings cross. So i grabbed some food from the supermarket as lunch was not included in the tour and i tried to book a surf lesson but everywhere apart from the bondi surf school are closing down for winter. I headed for bed early and decided to wear trousers and take a fleece and not make the mistake of going to the zoo and freezing, i got up early and caught the end of the man united and chelsea champions league finala nd i wasnt disappointed, the reds delivered and what a shame for I got the bus and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kings Cross May 21st 2008

So last night i hung out on the terrace at the hostel chatting to some german guys and an italian guy who have been working in Oz and heading home soon, caught a wicked sunset over the city and saw massive bats fly over the city. I then went to the pool room and had the pizza and wine and i managed to scoff 6 slices of pizza which is more than i have eaten for a few and as for the wine i think at least ten mug fulls and i played drinking games and cards with other travelers who had had the pizza and wine, a good deal for 2 dollars. Then some of us headed to the world end bar and got a free drink and a laugh at some bad karokee ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Kings Cross May 19th 2008

So friday was not a very eventful day and then friday evening we went out to dinner at aaron and ashleys friends house, her name is angela and she is a crazy brailian woman, the meal was not the nicest ever and then i feel asleep in front of the tv. Then on saturday i went with aaron and ashley shopping and they are wosre than women at getting, other jobs were done and then we met the models in the office and headed for sydney, I was in a car with Jessie and Michael two male models and the girls went in aarons car and i cahtted with the guys and we eventually got to the hotel after getting, the hotel was nice and me micheal and jessie were sharing a room and ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Coogee May 13th 2008

So i got to the airport in one peice after my last blog and the check in desks were closed and so i got chatting to this scottish woman who now lives in Oz and two other travelers James from england and John from Ireland. John was heading to Auckland first and then Oz and James had been traveling and then was going to Oz with a nursing job and a 4 year visa ahead of him. So check in eventually opened and i had fun and games as the check in guy kept making calls but did not tell me what the issue was and i had also asked for an upgrade or extra leg room and neither request was fullfilled, but it was worth a try. The guys waited on me and i eventually ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz May 10th 2008

So before leaving La Paz the plan had been to go to the san pedro prison with colin and alan these crazy irish guys or to go with these kiwiw guys i met, neither pair turned up and so i did not end up going, although im not overely bothered to be honest and in the end the money i would have used there i instead used at the witches market and got myself some bits and bobs and some gifts for my girlfriend and family including the cutest alpaca hoddie ever for my soon to be born niece Evie Lynn who is due around the 15th May 2008. I then chilled out in the hostel bar and met this cool english and irish guy and danish girl and we drank till the bar closed and ... read more
La Paz
La Paz
La Paz

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