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24th May 2023

Gotta get Ed over there being he is a motorcycle fanatic ! Glad your having a Great trip!
10th May 2023

Thanks for sharing your travels!
Living vicariously through you. The 10-year countdown to retirement is on!
From Blog: Dublin to Galway
12th March 2019

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25th September 2012

I love her view!!!! Thank you for sharing these photos! I felt like I was there but with no sweat on my brow :-)
From Blog: Moving--again
28th August 2012

What! No picture of the glorious new bathtub I heard so much about?
From Blog: Moving--again
4th February 2012
South City Mall

I visit the south city mall very often and it is the best mall that i have ever seen!!!
29th June 2011

Hi Jenn
We get back after midnight 4th of July into the 5th; I'll drive back to the Valley on the 5th, hope to be back at work on the 6th. Did you see the jade elephant in the Beijing pics? Having a great time, Susan
29th June 2011

Beijing last day
Love the Chinese dream and nightmare! Sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying your trip - can't wait to hear all about it. When do you return? Hugs -
26th June 2011

so cool!
Keep on bloggin' Don't know how you have the energy for the details in your blogging, but it's great. What an adventure. I'm reading every word!
26th June 2011

Hi Sue, Wow the pics are amazing...thanks for sharing. What an adventure.
21st June 2011

I guess you're sleeping now (should have just hit wednesday morning, I think). Sounds like you're busy but soaking in alot, good to hear!
26th May 2011

Hi Pat
you found it! yes, it worked. now, I'll reply before I say too much and see if it's "public"...yes, only me for a number of reasons.
14th May 2011

Let me see if this works??? Sue --- are you going by yourself? Is Mike going with you?
7th April 2011

This is exciting
Can't wait to track your exciting trip! When do you leave?
28th March 2011
South City Mall

very good looking . we want another south city mall in haridevpur
4th February 2011

heh--how did you know I'd posted something else on there? I thought I'd removed all the emails so folks wouldn't be bothered by stuff like this. I'm on the page, doing some prep work for my trip to China this summer (want to go???) and just saw comments from the move bit! Yes it was WORK
25th January 2011
South City Mall

biggest shopping mall in kolkata city
i like to go south city mall............
13th October 2010

last time you will see the floor
Everyone, look at the floor. Remember it well young children for this is the last you shall see of it...
13th October 2010

I can't believe that is Hill's room!
There is a floor? and a window? Who knew :)
12th October 2010

Congrats on getting the girls moved. How are you doing -- it's a bit hard having them so far away, isn't it?
18th February 2008

Thank you for letting us tag along on your trip. It was very interesting and I learned a lot. Glad you made it back safe and sound. Herb
14th February 2008

sue & mike, i hope u have chance to visit or at least call sudipta in kolkata. anil
14th February 2008

Thats swastik sandwich shop near santacruz station. Brilliant sandwiches. Hope you had a good time in Bombay.
13th February 2008

Brave Mike
Wow, Mike! Love the pink shirt! You're a brave guy!!:)
11th February 2008

Love the photos of the flowers! Now you're in the big city--Bombay! It's nice to see the homeland of my neighbors. Have fun!

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