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22nd August 2013

I might have known you two would figure out a way to go fishing. Your stay must be ending soon. Love Mary
19th August 2013

Someone's Day
I heard on the radio that it is someone's birthday. Happy Birthday Katie! You're a wonder.
20th August 2013

someones day
Ya sure you betcha...the radio? Really!!!! Yep...the old girl is 70 and she can still count..
17th August 2013

Bad day in Ecuador
Sorry to hear that the oil interest won out. Keep up the good work.
16th August 2013

It is sad!
Could not paste this web site onto my browser but will search for the article myself.
16th August 2013

Thanks for sharing memory lane, I loved it. Could you get them to deliver the same roses at the same price for our 55th this Octobre. Chria A.
16th August 2013

I could try but I don't think it will fly.
15th August 2013

You are great! I have had three marriages and this last one is going on 30 years! I so love your posts. I read them all and love them. I do wonder though how any four people could eat 30 crabs!!! I am thinking they were very small.
15th August 2013
Still happy after all these years

Congratulations. The longest I ever had was 16.
15th August 2013

You guys are awesome!
What role models you are - living life to its fullest and keeping that spirit of curiousity and exploration alive. You make me tired, but also inspired....can't wait to see what you have planned for #50! Love, J&J
15th August 2013

Plan to be alive and somewhere on or off the earth.
13th August 2013

This is all pretty fun reading. Particularly glad that you seem to have gotten a grip on your colds.
13th August 2013

A walk
Yeah...so far so good. Hope it stays that way. Headed for trout fishing @ 12,000 feet on Friday. Then we will see what is what.
13th August 2013

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary to you both. Katy you deserve 49 roses regardless of the cost! My sister Shelagh has been here. she leaves today to go back to Canada. I thought of you when we went wine tasting on Sunday to our favorite winery and others. Sounds like you are finally feeling better. Love Mary
13th August 2013

A walk
Yeah we are better. We both still have dry cough's and some nasal congestion but it is minor. Hope to go Rainbow trout fishing at 12000 feet on Friday if weather holds. Ciao
13th August 2013

Just gorgeous !
Sounds and looks like a wonderful day ! Like what you came for ? Happy Anniversary to you both.
13th August 2013

A Walk
It was a beautiful day and just what we have been looking for. Our colds, if that's what they were have kept us slowed down for too long. Our muscles are sore today from all the climbing but they will get better. Let's hope the sun holds for our fishing trip on Friday. The lakes are at 12000 feet so cold may be the operant word. Ciao
12th August 2013

Happy Times
Sounds great in all ways. Am not sure about the "rue" sucking business but probably you had to be there and I would have loved it. Glad you had such a great time. LJ
6th August 2013

Blog, email...
Hi there, Got your message as an email... Sorry about the duplicates - I have no idea why? Not operating from my home computer, but that shouldn't make any difference. Hope you continue to feel better and the cold spell doesn't last too long. Lesley x
5th August 2013

Sadly, ugly Americans are everywhere! I only met Canadian expats in Mexico's Lake Chapala so can't say how that area would compare. My 2 American friends who spend 6 months there love and respect the Mexican people with whom they have a variety of dealings. All the Canadians I met were of that same ilk. Perhaps that is because they were all liberals who have befriended each other! Get well. Love Mary
5th August 2013

Re: Manta
Oh dear! I hope you haven't let your Manta experience put you off Ecuador? It seems to be a sad fact that whenever you get expats of any nationality congregating in numbers then it all goes a bit pear shaped... usually a pear pickled in alcohol... Anyway, hope you are both feeling better? Your Amazon trip sounds amazing, we are very envious. We didn't get much further than Misahualli on the Napo River, but even that was pretty special. Enjoy Cuenca, I hope there are not too many 'Ugly Americans'. If you really want to get away from it all, keep heading south to Vilcabamba and the Peruvian border at San Ignacio... the border guards would be very surprised to see you there... we had to wake them up! Take care, Lesley & John xx
5th August 2013

Pacific beach etc.
We are getting better slowly so we are not doing much. Will stick with museums and city stuff. Weather has turned cold and windy...apparently not unusual for August. Yeah, Manta expats are really nauseating. Our host in Cuenca is not. She speaks passable Spanish, has been here a long time and shows a lot of respect. Hope there are more like her. By the way. We are finding that every message you send (email and blog) comes in duplicate. Not sure why. And one more thing...please let us know if you get this message directly or you have to go to the blog site to get it. Ciao...
4th August 2013

So sorry. Any idea from where in the US these people came? My limited experience would suggest the sunbelt, but maybe this idiocy is nationwide.
5th August 2013

Pacific Beach etc
Lo siento amigo. They are from everywhere, midwest, Florida and North Carolina and AZ. Real racism has no boundaries.

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