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23rd July 2013

some great pics in this entry, esp Tony off the ground!
19th July 2013

looks great!
Looks really great out there. Pity about the frost and your virus Mike. Hope you all feeling better now. All good here. First week of retirement has been flat chat. Need to find a job for a rest! have fun Dad
19th July 2013

beer goggles
are some of these photos from first person view mick, thru the beer goggles?? ;-) Get well soon, enjoying the read. Heading up to Sydney this weekend, watching the bombers v GWS - SURELY i will see the bombers win live for 1st time since the great comeback against NM in 2001...
8th July 2013

you're off!
Have a good trip fellas, wish i could be there! Travel safe, drink a few refreshments for me
From Blog: I'm away!
19th June 2013

Vice Versa Updates
Dont worry matey, we will make sure that you receive daily updates on all CCSSP activity. Cos we know how much you will miss it!
7th July 2013

Cheers Rod. I'll be looking forward to those *cough*. :-)
6th June 2013

get a life!
1 month before! havent you got anything else to do!!? haha all subscribed up and ready to hear about it all. I am very keen to come along one day/year if you'll have me.
7th July 2013

Most def. The next one will be to WA in 2016 odd with Dad, Pia & whoever else would like to come along. You'll have to trade in the Camry for a ripping 1991 Ford Maverick. I hear they are the best truck going around....

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