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14th July 2015

Usui Sensei
Thank you so much for sharing! I will visit in October and am looking forward to visiting his grave s well.
17th May 2012

Nice snapshot. Love the food details. I am surprised to hear about all the smoking . . .not the crowds though. Anyway, I have some catching up to do on your blogs, C and I just finished a week in retreat in San Rafael. next week off to Vail for another 8 days of retreat and training. Travel Safely and much love, T (and Christine too)
17th May 2012

Sounds like you are having a blast and eating tons of amazing food! Have a sake for me! Xoxo
5th May 2012

Grave circumstances
Hey Michael, Thank for sharing your visit to the Usui memorial and the customs surrounding cemetery visits. Love that you are having such wonderful weather, have a sake for me soon. T
4th May 2012

Looks and sounds wonderful...I hope the jet lag doesn't last too long. Can't wait to read the next post! Lots of patients have been asking about you and wishing they got to say goodbye to you! xoxo
4th May 2012

You shaved? You look 10 years younger!!!
18th May 2012

haha i didnt shave
that was an old picture, the beard is as big as ever!
4th May 2012

Day 1 - I am jealous already!!
Have fun!
2nd May 2012

Wishing you a safe and amazing trip!
Hi Michael! Heard you were on a plane and on your way! Wanted to wish you a safe and wonderful trip! Also, loved the tree hugger thank you note! Looking forward to your blogging! Be well, Nicki
30th April 2012

Have a great trip...look forward to seeing the rest of your adventure!
I was wondering if you were traveling alone...apparently you are! That's really ossm that you're going on your own, but I'm sure you're gonna have a great time! Do you ever come out to see Stevie spin? You should come to our summer Campout...Stevie might be spinning...weekend right after the July 4th (it runs July 5-8). Good journey...!
9th November 2010

I stumbled upon this blog while trying to clarify parmarth's relationship with yoga alliance, and am so glad I did. What a beautiful and inspiring journal, and it seems to answer my question that yes, a 200-hr training at PN does qualify one for a YA certification. Thanks so much, and please feel free to contact me if you have any advice for my march/april 2011 journey, which this blog has finally sold me on. SAT NAM!!!
22nd September 2008

It all sounds neat- Thank you for taking me on your travels its absolutely amazing! Stay safe!

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