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11th October 2013

Glad to see that some things still frighten you: stages and freeways. Keep enjoying the "ride"! Mike
7th October 2013

What a Read
I was intending to go to Iran one day - won't have to now, an excellent travelogue Charlie - when will it end???
6th October 2013

if you're still there try visiting southern coast , specially qeshm island . it's truly magnificent and based on your blog i'm sure you're going to enjoy it as much as i did .
3rd October 2013

great blog , waiting for the next one
27th September 2013

Iran sounds Fascinating, look forward to hearing lots about it, maybe we should debrief at the George!
26th September 2013

Hope the toothache has cleared up. Loving the blog, I must get to Istanbul myself, had a number of Turkish friends in London but have never visited. Looking forward to hearing about Iran. Stay safe mate. Colin
23rd September 2013

Hi from guymers
Charlie really enjoyed this blog and the photos - looks like they need a few bags of grass seed and some US irrigation to green the place up a bit. Those high passes are terrific for views - keep writing and enjoy Istanbul. L & G
17th September 2013

enjoying the blog
Hey Charlie - your blog is painting an amazing picture of happenings on the trip - but so glad I am not seeing the animals at the markets. Stay away from "BIG FALLING ROCKS" and travel safely. Leanne
7th September 2013

Railway Museum?
Why didn't I think there would be a railway museum there. Great read Charlie, but where are you now? It's 7 September, we're just about to sit down and watch the elections!!!!
2nd September 2013

Retirees in USA
Hey Charlie - loved the blog and related well to the fireworks are better in Canberra - we felt the same about the fireworks in Victoria Harbour. Have just about had enough of US and heading home on thurs. Watch out for a big blog entry coming your way soon. Travel safely. Ciao L & G
29th August 2013

Journey under way!
Pleased to hear your adventure has commenced in earnest. Loved the blog, looking forward to the next one.
26th August 2013

Ahh! Sunshine and warmth
Enjoy the tropical atmosphere of Singapore. Thinking of you today - You know why. Regards, Mike
19th August 2013

An Old Fossil out looking for fossils
G'day mate, Preparation are on schedule, and you are looking good. Enjoy your trip and bring back lots of photos.
18th August 2013

Methuselah on the Move
Greetings Charlie, I await your next blog with baited breath! All the very best mate and travel safely.

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