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11th September 2017

great stuff, have fun Merv
11th September 2017

Great to hear from you, looking forward to reading the blog enteries
30th December 2014

Thanks Merv
Cheers Merv your stories and insights have been a mix of hilarity and education, welcome home man! Dave and Laureen x
From Blog: Home...
30th December 2014

thanks Dave & Laureen_-much appreciated! Cheers Merv
From Blog: Home...
21st November 2014

It's a small (and diverse) world, thanks to the internet.
Hello Merv, Thanks again for another entertaining Blog of life in China. Love the photos, especially the scooter in the loo. Enjoyed the "beer" bar commentary. Will miss your Blog entries, but will be happy to see you safely back home. Love, Teresa.
From Blog: Counting down...
22nd November 2014

Thanks Teresa! yes--not too long to go now... love Merv
From Blog: Counting down...
19th November 2014

safe travels
Hello, Merv. Great to hear from you again, it's been too long. Looking forward to having you back on our side and a catch up date is a must. Have a safe and effortless trip home. See you both soon. xo P.S. It's true about time, what the heck!
From Blog: Counting down...
21st November 2014

Thanks Anne!
Glad you liked the blog---yes--home soon and time to catch up--seems like a lot has happened this year... Cheers Merv
From Blog: Counting down...
21st October 2014

Getting ready to join you!
20th October 2014

Hi from Fiji
Hello, Merv Great to hear from you again. I love to hear and laugh. Rick and I are toughing it out in Fiji right now, it has it's own interesting quirks. We will catch up when you come home. Anne
22nd October 2014

sounds tough!
Fiji? Wow--I'm interested to hear about that--see you when I/you get back Cheers Merv
6th October 2014

Hilarious Bassa, keep it coming, cheers Dave
7th October 2014

Strictly speaking BaZZa, but who's counting? Ha! Thanks Dave: much appreciated!
3rd October 2014

All quiet on the western front
There was one other person walking on Wentworth street on Wednesday. I dare to predict that it will be the same today. The only sound is two cars and the staple gun for a new roof. Bright sunny skies. yes-this is the place! the best T shirt slogan this year so far? White print on black shirt " Try turning it off then turn it on again". All well here. Much to do in house and garden while the sun continues to shine. All love mum
4th October 2014

Thanks Mum!
All sounds good--glad things are plodding along nicely love Merv
3rd October 2014

Stay there!
Merv, it will be a shame when you come back (just kidding)and no longer blogging to us. It has been very entertaining and great for a laugh. Thanks for that. See you soon. xo
3rd October 2014

Thanks, Anne!
Hi Anne! Thanks for all your support and positive comments--much appreciated! Cheers! Merv
29th September 2014

Really- Cultural Underwear Festivals???
Sorry dear but you can't leave your devoted readers wondering. Do your research and inform us on the status of underwear festivals in China. Already the 3rd Annual... and exerting some cultural influence I assume??? And somehow we think we might be at some sort of advantage here in the west?? I think not with underwear taking on exulted cultural status...Keep us posted. Miss you loads, xoxo
2nd October 2014

Underwear festival...
Yes--indeed, the Cultural influence of underwear in China is, apparently, worthy of an entire festival...
28th September 2014

Holy Moly!!
As we heard over and over, "we want to come to Canada, big country and not very many people!" I now understand completely.
2nd October 2014

China crowds...
Yes--I really do appreciate the luxury of space after I have been in China for a while--we are fortunate to call Canada our home...

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