Melissa and Otto Dillitzer

Melis n Otto

Melissa and Otto Dillitzer

One born on Maui and one born in Brazil and ready to see the world!!!

Central America Caribbean September 16th 2009

The plan was to take a bus to the Belize border like the tickets we had bought explained, but when we lugged our bags down the road to their office, they said that not enough people had paid to go so they werent going at all! Thanks for telling us geez!! So we snaked our way past more people trying to scam us and caught a ride to the bus station in Santa Elena, next to Flores. We ended up pay Q30 each (like 5-6 US dollars) to the Belize border. What we didnt expect was that the bus that we were taking was a local trans so that meant stopping every 20ft to pick someone up which made being crammed inside the bus even more fun!! We finally got to the border and crossing ... read more

Central America Caribbean September 12th 2009

I should have known not to trust some long haired guy selling tours on the street.. but his office looked so nice! The 7hr trip to Semuc Champey turned into a 9hr ride from hell. 13 people crammed into a 9 passenger bus, luckily i sat up front with the driver, but if not i dont think my stomach would have made it. Getting to Lanquin, the driver pulled over and we thought it was time to get off, so Otto and I did, and all of a sudden the bus pulls off with the rest of the people inside and me and Otto are left with our bags and 3 local guys putting our stuff into the back of their truck and telling us to get in and go to EL PORTAL, the less known ... read more

Central America Caribbean September 3rd 2009

so we made it to Anigua a couple days ago after quite a long day at disneyland!!! just as everyone told me, guatemala city is just a big ugly dirty city, so we were happy to be zooming straight out to Antigua!! ofcourse, it would have been easier if the guy we arranged to meet us at the airport was actually there, but thats ok, a taxi was just fine and actually cheaper!! Antigua reminds me of olinda in brazil!! cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and beautiful old churches all over. its a very clean little city with lots of little cafeĀ“s and restaurants. our hotel CASA CRISTINA is just as i thought it would be. small and simple!! our room has an amazing view of volcano fuego and the city. besides the church bells tolling and ... read more

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui » Upcountry August 28th 2009

Getting super excited! Leaving on Sunday night for Guatemala if all goes well, meaning there is space available for us on the planes! I think I am more nervous flying stand-by this time than I was went we went to Brazil last year, not sure why since Brazil was such a huge trip!! It will be fine I'm sure! Everyone do a little prayer and hope that all goes well, that theres no major rain and that Otto can make it up the volcano with me without falling too far behind hehe! Much love to everyone and check out our blog while we are gone! Melis and Otto... read more

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