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29th November 2011

Omo Valley Travel
It appears that you had great travels through the Omo Valley. The people there in my opinion are some of the most unique in the world. I fear though that the construction of the Gibe III Hydroelectric dam will destroy their lifestyle and the valley as a whole.
6th July 2011

Everest Base Camp
wow ! what a amazing Journey... Congratulations on making it all the way through ….I am planning my trip this Oct (2011) I was in Kathmandu with my friends earlier this year and we did the Annapurna trek (14,000 Ft) and that was amazing ….. And it only inspired me to head to Everest... too bad your tow of you team members had to head back down … Thanks again for sharing your trip with the world … Sonia
30th May 2011

a thousand thanks
Loved reading your blog. I'm working on a culinary textbook and your views helped me to tweak my piece on Ethiopia. Despite your dislike of Ethiopian food in Ethiopia, there are many fine restaurants abroad. Hope you try one!
25th April 2011

Hello dear Birgit and Matt! It was very nice to meet you tonight and I absolutely enjoyed my evening with you here in Isfahan :) and hmmm WOOOOOOOOOW you're so lucky you've got to visit so many places i envy you :D
13th April 2011
Sunset over Pamukkale

This one is crazy good !! :) feel like stealing it !...we r on our way to turkey next month, hope to catch this shot ! :) bye
21st December 2010
A Hamer woman in Turmi

interesting culture
15th November 2010

Cool pics
Your photos are very nice and give a good insight of the trek; congratulations.
26th October 2010

I'm currently reading a book called Roots of Outrage that Sean's Mum sent us. It's about South Africa, mostly set during apartheid and it's so interesting to learn what went on then! It's really cool to read that you're visiting these places. I can't wait to go myself one day.
10th August 2010

Just caught up on all your happenings! AMAZING PHOTOS! Haydes and I are definitely investing in the new canon beast of a camera! You guys look so happy and I bet your having the time of your lives! Carry on throwing the photos our way love seeing what you are up to. Em xx
2nd August 2010

That's amazing guys! I'd love to go on an animal safari one day.
24th July 2010

Hey guys, hope you are well. We don't know much about the lip plates except that the slice the lower lip and slowly increase the size of the plate to stretch the lips. They are mainly used for special occassions. Unfortunately the Mursi were not that interested in explaining much!! Looking forward to catching up with you guys hopefully later in the year xx Love Birgs and Matt
9th July 2010

Lip plates
Hey Matt and Birgit, amazing adventure you are having, and a great blog to follow. Quick Q, why do they have the lip plates? Decorative? functional? how long does it take them to grow their lips like that. Really keen to know a little more. Scott and Steph
1st July 2010

You have made a wonderful blog regarding the Omo Valley tribal peoples.
29th June 2010

Hi Mark, great to hear from you. Unfortunately we are not in Sth Africa until later in the year but the football has been great, the Kiwis did really well, we are very proud. We are having a great time and not looking forward to returning to work at all!!! Its amazing, it does not matter how long you are away, its like you never left, still great memories. How is the rest of the family - I hope someone has brought Kerrie a new camera! Take care
17th June 2010

World Cup?
Hi Matt/Birgit, What adventures you two are having ! I thought you may be in South Africa at the moment, catching a bit of the World Cup - the Kiwis are doing better than the Aussies ... sigh. Just thought I'd say hello. Been back at work nearly two months (like I never left the place). Keep having fun. Cheers, Mark (from the Tucan trip)
14th June 2010

I LOVED your Ethiopa post and photos! Amazing! That Hyena feeding looks insane, but so awesome! I love Ethiopian food and what I've learned of the culture, and I hope to go there one day. My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
22nd May 2010

Mc pic
Your MC Delivery pic is fantastic!! LOL Thanks for the laugh. Shared it with peeps in my office. :) Noreen
From Blog: Luxor
20th May 2010

Matt's Tee Shirt
Hey Matt, you should have taken off your white Tee shirt before you jumped into the Nile!! :) The temple at Abu Simbel looks AMAZING!! we enjoy reading your adventures over a quiet lunch :)
From Blog: Aswan
17th May 2010

This is amazing guys, you're in Sudan!!! Such an interesting story, I can't wait to hear more. Have fun!
From Blog: North Sudan
14th April 2010

Love your haircut Matt.
From Blog: Cairo
15th March 2010

Congratulations guys! Beautiful ring too. Have an awesome time in Africa!
From Blog: Istanbul
15th March 2010

Wow, cool, congratulations
Wow, the ring is beautiful. So happy for you both, and what a lovely proposal story to tell your kids one day :-) The Mosaics look like paintings... I can really see what you mean Birgit that the tiles must have been really small!! The sacophagus looks incredible, and the discus thrower is one of my favourite statues - now I know where to find it!! :) So stoked for you both. Enjoy your time through Africa together. Scott and Steph
From Blog: Istanbul
11th March 2010

Hi Birgs, Have just done a quick look over your blog, what an amazing trip! have just been talking to torz and realising how much i miss everyone from fairthorne. aghh those were the days. wish we could get everyone back together in the same room. oh well, i guess you must be almost back to reality?? love maz
8th March 2010

Love those turbans
Conned?? No way!! Looks like you got good value from the turbans!! Looking at those sunny desert photos makes me wish I had gone to Morocco!! Its snowing here (again). The camels look really cool :) What a great trip you are having. Awesome stuff
From Blog: M'Hamid
26th February 2010

Going to Nepal in May, starting in Kathmandu then up to Pokhara for 7 days trekking. Never been before any advice clothing ect.
From Blog: Kathmandu

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