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26th November 2017

Thanks. Greatly appreciated. Will read in its entirety later today. Always looking forward to receiving your next informative article. Note with concern the massacre in the Sinai. You take care and be safe. Ian
5th November 2017

Beast of Burden
I've enjoyed reading your blog today and hope there are more to come. Nice camel photos.
2nd November 2017

Looks awesome
1st November 2017

Worthwhile Walk
A great read. Certainly makes me want to visit, lengthy walks and all
From Blog: This is Petra
29th October 2017

wow thanks for sharing your beautiful adventures.
29th October 2017

what strip. I was trying to imagine you in the salt water being keeled over when trying to stand. Fabulous for people who feel they can't float.
27th October 2017

you are most welcome
hi is me Ahmad i was your tour guide in luxor and Abydos ....i really enjoyed your words is a style of a poet....
From Blog: Love Letter
29th October 2017

You are most welcome
Sorry I misspelled your name Ahmad ☺ tonight on CBC a friend told me there's a program about how the Great Pyramid was built based on papyrus discovered not long ago. I'll try to see it and let you know how it was.
From Blog: Love Letter
28th October 2017

You are most welcome
Hi Ahmed I certainly remember your excellent guiding and advice with gratitude. I will write about my major tours in Egypt in the next few days. Thank you for comments. I hope your mother is doing well.
From Blog: Love Letter
23rd October 2017

Some surprises are simply wonderful, like this one. And travel companions in some instances invaluable in more ones than one
23rd October 2017

An adventure Undeed
No adventure is without its highs and lows, which was had in good measure on this expedition. Makes for good reading and could sense the scenes described. Rested hope all is well, as fired up to read more.
From Blog: Aswan
19th October 2017

Gis told me to see this as I am feeling quite depressed re Puerto Rico, adding it would put a smile on my face. Didn't disappoint one bit!! Made my day. So happy Ally and your other friend did this!!! Many hugs xxxxxx
19th October 2017

Da BEST!!!!
Well Margs, been reading to my heart's content...couldn't resist commenting on your lovely surprise from Ally and Margaret. WOW. Soooo lovely. Glad they could join. doh bodder wid no blog, present in every moment and have a fabulous time. Hugs for you Three Muskateers. Bon bon voyages! Be well and be safe.
19th October 2017

Wonderful so happy you have company, ..Ally you are the best!!!! Well, let the party begin. And yes want all the pictures! Its raining again here..I think Divali was a washout in many places, though the lighting up at Kariwak went ahead. Again kudos to Ally and Margaret B! Enjoy!
19th October 2017

What a surprise indeed. What a great gesture of friendship. I know that you enjoyed Egypt but now you will have ball in Jordan. ENJOY!! and love to the "exotic girls".
17th October 2017

Wow is right!
So happy you are enjoying this to the max, Margs. Thanks for sharing the info and photos with us!
17th October 2017
Aswan 2 kaftans

Margs, I'm wondering why this is my favourite pic so far LOL LOL LOL!!! Keep it coming and have a blast!
From Blog: Aswan
16th October 2017

We saw a few while at a stop over in Cairo... but only a few. Info here is very interesting. You will have to include it in your photo book eventually.
15th October 2017

Been there Done that!
Hi Margaret, Dougie and I did what you are doing via a Nile cruise in 2004 to celebrate retiring. your very detailed and informative blogs bring back the memories.
15th October 2017

The pyramids seem breathtaking and you look so small beside them.
14th October 2017

Busy days!
I had no idea Tutenkamen was so young and lived and ruled for such a short period of time. Neither did I know he was 'insignificant'.
13th October 2017
Guide Galael and me the Bazaar

To be you !!!
Great history lesson, didn't learn this in school. Wonderful Kodak moments !! It's all good.
13th October 2017

Welcome home Queen Margarita.
We are given the opportunity to care for this Earth, and enjoy on our way. You my Sister ; is on the right Road. Blessings.
12th October 2017

Those streets sound a lot like streets in India.

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