MarcandJoyce's Guestbook

16th March 2018

Loving your updates
Tell Marc to yell loud for Charleston while you're there!
28th February 2018

Hope you are enjoying your adventure. Don't worry nothing has changed since you left my neighbor still has the Christmas fiesta going in the front yard 😉
27th February 2018

Houston too!
You forgot the best part...seeing your friend of 50+ years while passing through Houston!!
27th February 2018

Woot Woot!
Have a great time!
18th October 2016

Welcome Back
Welcome back Marc and Joyce. Since you've been gone we haven't slept or ate. We have been so worried about you. we are sooooo glad you made it back alive. BTW. Marc, have you thought about donating you beard to a worthy cause like me. I could use the hair. Peace
12th October 2016

Did someone say Texas?!
12th October 2016

Yes, Texas!
We are in Amarillo until tomorrow! Come on up!
12th October 2016

Yes, Texas!
We are in Amarillo until tomorrow! Come on up!
9th October 2016

So Happy your enjoying the experience. You deserve all the happiness you can squeeze into a day! ❤️
4th October 2016

Who is Cooking?
You've got to be kidding. Joyce are you really using the outdoor kitchen or is Marc? Boy do I wish I was there. Looks fantastic, but pricey. I can see why How come so few pictures? Would love to see more. Continue to have a safe journey. Looking forward to seeing you both when you get back. BTW, how was that matress you bought online? I'm still deciding what to do.
4th October 2016

we're jealous. But you both deserve it. have a great time. it seems like it's going by real fast and we're not on vacation. LOL
3rd October 2016

looks so fun
What an experience of a lifetime you are doing together. Glad to be a distant part of it!
30th September 2016

Some of us work
Hi guys. Sounds like you are experiencing life in multiple ways. Did Marc put his chaps on for you Joyce? Been busy at a workshop last 2 days. Gotta make the donuts. Enjoy and talk soon.
28th September 2016

Hope you are seeing a ton and taking it all in!!
28th September 2016

Pretend meat
2013 SPAM?!?!?!
27th September 2016

Lots of &#£{?
There seems to be a lot of Bull in that one picture.
26th September 2016

Retirement :)
Joyce! You are living my dream! I wanted to do a 6 mo to 1 year cross country trip in an RV but Charlie is not on board! Maybe if I share your blog/adventures with him I can change his mind! Good luck, much fun and safe travels!
26th September 2016

Buy me a Rolling Stones T shirt!
25th September 2016

Joyce is a natural
Hey Travelers. Everything looks like fun. Joyce looks like she fitting right in with the camping. ( if you call this camping). Keep sending the photos and send some warm air back to us.
25th September 2016
Six awesome musicians!

Love it
Thanks for the updates!!! Love it!!! Good luck at rv dealership. Hope you get it fixed quickly. Stay safe. Love you guys!!!

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