Samuel Verdin

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Samuel Verdin

I was born in February 1989. I've got itchy feet. Working as a Chef, attempting to save every penny to kick start something new. Asking myself ''Why are you waiting?''. Not long now, 20/02/12.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex September 27th 2011

I saw something rather cool earlier. Smoke trails from the end of what I might describe as a massive hunk of metal drifting through the sky. As this beast of a machine was travelling through the air at a ridiculous speed it was leaving behind it these elegantly soft strings of white, slowly playing and dancing around each other until they calmly dispersed into nothingness. What stories do the people have to tell and what lives do they lead. The people that have made that trip possible in order to create such a beautiful impression on me. In a matter of months I will be one of those people. I will have the opportunity to change peoples lives, to help, to laugh, to cause mischief, to create happiness or sadness. To flourish in an unknown world ... read more

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