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6th February 2018

By far, the best picture of the pyramids. Glad it showed up on my screen
15th March 2016

Contact information for Long Lellang
Dear Mat. I just finished reading your wonderful article on trekking with the penans. I will be going to Sarawak and want to do something similar. I would prefer to arrange things myself but since there are no phones in Long Lellang, I won't be able to make arrangements that way. I was hoping that you might have some e-mail addresses of guides in Long Lellang (or Miri), that might be able to make arrangements for a guide in Long Lellang to go trekking with me. Again, great article! Sincerely, Cooper...
15th March 2016

Contact details
Hi Cooper, thanks for your message. Glad you enjoyed the blog, it was a special few days. If David still owns the Highlands hostel in Miri, he knows Bellang and may be able to help. Unfortunately, other than that I don't have any other contacts. : ) Mat
7th April 2015

First view of lake Tanganika
Thanks! Have been fascinated with this area since I used to keep aquariums full of cichlids. Your blog is inspiration to go see it for myself one day. Great pics :)
22nd February 2015

Namibia is also my favourite country ..... we did similar trip back in 2007-2008 and 2011-2012. Fanny's favourite is Tanzania. Video
6th February 2015

4th February 2015

very cool. any advice on picking a tour company? thanks
4th February 2015

Tour company
Thanks. It's been 7 or 8 years since I was there, sorry I'm not sure who would be best now.
6th January 2015
Sidewinder snake

Sidewinder snake
The venomous sidewinder is also called the "Horned Rattlesnake." It is unique because of its sideways form of locomotion with its body moving in an S-shaped curve.
19th December 2014

Adventures and journeys around the world
What an amazing trip. We've enjoyed your blogs and hope you will continue to write even if you are not on the road. You are the expert on your local area.
16th December 2014

What an awesome trip! Dax would love to do something like this, so how about giving him a call next time? ;) Also congratulations on the baby! We have a small daughter as well and understand how such a small thing can take up so much time :)
16th December 2014

Interesting tourist place in South Africa:
South Africa is a nice country.Every visitor likes this country. So i like the country verymuch.
15th December 2014

Congratulations Mat and Trace on your baby!!!
How about a blog with some pictures...not all Travelblogs have to be about traveling.
15th December 2014

Congratulations on having completed your journey all the way down Africa...
and having completed writing your blogs about it a year later! I had to go back to re-read your trip (an a few earlier ones) to regain the continuity as I sometimes went several months between reading each blog as they were posted. Thanks for your efforts in both amazing trip. Now I'm waiting to see what happened to you and Trace in 2014!
15th December 2014

Yes, sorry about that!
Ha ha, we had a baby this year, and that slowed down the blog output! At least I got it done within a year of leaving Cape Town - just! Thanks for reading. : ) Mat
22nd November 2014
Namaqua Chameleon

Great shot. Great angle to catch its expression. Presume a bit of patience required. How lucky it paid off!
22nd November 2014
Namibia: My new favourite country

Why wouldn't you?
The thrill of the ride...into such lands that time stops...why wouldn't you smile with arms raised? Fantastic adventure.
20th November 2014

What a great blog. Loved every minute of traveling along with you. Cool meteorite and lots of creepy, crawley things.
30th October 2014

A long way from home
There are times when we travel off the path and have that moment of realization about how far away you are. It is exhilarating. Sorry hell road was so tough on you mentally. Hopefully brighter days are ahead. The storm shots are great.
11th August 2014

Rubbing backs
You crossed the border into DRC with papers intact...and no mention of rifles to encourage your greasing of palms to get you through. Time to listen to some Staff Bemba Bilini to celebrate.

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