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Europe » Kosovo » East September 15th 2009

Oh my gosh! I made it through the morning! Yeah! I was nervous and excited at the same time, kind of like when you are at the fair and you look up and watch that giant roller coaster zoom by. You can feel the rush of the air, hear the people screaming and watch their arms flail out of control. Same thing with taser training. The instructors were absolutely clear about what we were about to do. "Now ladies and gentlemen, this is a strictly volunteer training event. We want you to understand on a very small scale exactly the amount of pain you can inflict and how quickly you can immobilize a person." Military training is much like law enforcement training, try out the new techniques on each other so that you always understand the ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » East September 12th 2009

The spirit of the American soldier is absolutely fascinating at times. A simple promotion in rank created an opportunity for the logistics team to gather and share a few precious minutes together that many of us fought to carve out in our schedules. Our Logistics Deputy was promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel and not without a little fanfare to go along. The actual ceremony was done in a lonely room here at Camp Atterbury but the efforts of smart men and technology allowed for the promotion to happen here in Indiana and simultaneously for his family to watch back home in North Dakota. Who'd a thunk ten years ago that this would be possible? But the best part of the entire promotion was the party afterward! A military tradition would be to host a gathering ... read more
Logistics guys having fun
Even "Near Beer" makes you giggle!
Just hanging

Europe » Kosovo » East September 11th 2009

Today was the day I could sleep in, the first since I have arrived hear at Camp Atterbury in July. But as they say, all good plans must come to an end. The phone rang early to inform me that the sewers were backing up in two of the barracks were we have soldiers living. Ugh. That's gonna be a mess. Then I was notified that there was some problems that were cropping up with our plane transportation to our next location. Believe it or not I chose to try to solve the plane issue before the sewers! It hit me like a ton of bricks as I stared at the paper in the local paper box. It was 9-11... A flood of thoughts came flashing across my memory bank. The day my small world changed ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » East September 9th 2009

Wow! What a first day out training with the troops! I decided to leave Major French back in her little cubicle sitting in front of her computer. I know she is tied up doing that staff officer stuff so I didn’t want to get in the way. So I found the first group of soldiers I saw and decided to tag along and experience what a soldier goes through in a day. I know I’m not a real army soldier yet, but maybe if I do enough army stuff with others then I can get an honorary membership? So I will try real hard to keep up and become proficient at all the Army Warrior Tasks. Sadly, I picked a hard day to get started. It looked simple enough. Pick up a weapon, put on my ... read more
Running in the field of dreams!
Finally out of the woods
Heading for home!

Europe » Kosovo » East September 8th 2009

I thought maybe today would be a good day to start my army physical fitness training. The sun was shining brightly, a slight dew on the grass and an air of excitement amongst my new army buddies. They said it would just be a simple run around the block, so I thought, what the heck. It's all about comraderee and they say if you have a healthy body it leads to a healthy mind. As we lined up on the road they made the announcement, "faster runners up front." I immediately got in front of the pack becaused I for sure am faster than Davina, in fact, I would classify her in the group that runs for a mile, walks the next 1/2 mile and then loses focus when she passes any kind of roadside kool-aid ... read more
Let the run begin
Quick!  Get out of the way!

Europe » Kosovo » East September 8th 2009

Boy, it sure has taken me a while to get to Camp Atterbury, but now that I am here let the Army games begin! My official name is Dobie and I am going to be traveling with Major French on her deployment to Kosovo. I am quite an experienced traveler so I have had no issues with my preparation phase. I simply followed her packing list, which I might say was a tad bit over the edge for me. She was so detailed with the list that she had three separate columns; one for Kosovo, one for Germany and one for Camp Atterbury. Obnoxiously, she had each band-aid accounted for, twenty-ones pairs of socks evenly distributed between the bags, aspirin for each location and even down to the nitnoid level that she had the exact ... read more
Packing for my deployment to Kosovo
Traveling First Class is the best!
Great wheels for my trip from the airport to Camp Atterbury

Europe » Kosovo September 5th 2009

From around the world the experts on Kosovo Operations have flown in and are preparing to first educate us and then evaluate our performance. Military Officers, civilian contractors and staff members from the current KFOR rotation stationed in Kosovo are standing by for the start of the exercise that will test soldiers from headquarters to the soldiers on the ground. We had a three star General try to motivate us about preparing us for the “Worst Day in Kosovo” scenario. We will have to study, research and apply our skills to a series of circumstances over the next 18 days that will be issues we have never had to deal with. He spoke about how National Guard soldiers have a depth of experience that the active duty can’t touch because of the ability we have ... read more
We write notes on everything
Still at it...
The boys in plans

Europe » Kosovo » East September 3rd 2009

No pictures... No stories... Just wanted to quickly tell everybody thanks so much for reading the blog thus far and for sending back comments and messages! Training here at Camp Atterbury has been very good but has overwhelmed my ability to maintain positive control on my time management skills. I am heading into about a 12 hour reset to get prepared for the next exercise, so will do my best to get some stories ready for publication this weekend. Gonna go eat lunch and take a nap! Take care! Davina ... read more

Europe » Kosovo » East August 31st 2009

I must admit that I have been remis in my writings for a week or so. My apologies, but as we say in the world of deployments… “Life has changed” and we have been running to just keep up. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was part of the Torch Party as the Logistics Officer the team and I were crazy busy ensuring that all the reporting units were being provided their basic life support needs. That story is still to come as “Torch Party Part 2”! So in the big picture of things, over a thousand soldiers from at least 27 states and territories have reported for duty in support of the KFOR 12 Peacekeeping mission. Half of them (nearly 700) come from the great state of North Dakota and we will ... read more
Desks are getting cluttered
Intel Guys
Such focus

Europe » Kosovo » East August 19th 2009

Sometimes I am the luckiest person in the world! This time I drew the best cards in the deck and ended up with the funnest logistics team that could be assembled for a short term mission. The “Torch” was not only comprised of the positions I talked about a few weeks ago but also my team. The logisiticians were half of the work party, with six of us being represented in specialized positions. I should probably say that the positions were specialized but we were not. We all came from backgrounds that were very different than what we were sent early to Camp Atterbury for. My partner in crime who worked side by side with me is as close to an army best friend that I have ever had. He is what I would call ... read more
Putting equipment into the supply room
Then we hand move all the boxes
Counting equipment parts piece by piece

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