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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney October 15th 2011

on my last day in chile mel and kirk who were on the salt flat tour came to stay at the same hostal. That night we went out for dinner then played pool in the hostal. We had planned to do the city tour the next day but decided to cook for ourselves and set off on a mission with a brazilian guy we had met and a friend of his who was a local. We nly thought we were going on a 5 min walk to the shops it turned out to be a marathon. We walked miles to a local market picked up supplies to make pizza for lunch and pasta for evening meal, then went to a supermarket then walked another million miles to find 'the best empenadas' in chile, aaand to be ... read more

The bus left to go to uyuni, thank god! The bus ride was the worst yet, the bus was actually 12 hours and 11.5 hours of that was on really bumpy untarmaced roads, someone should really speak to bolivia about getting some tarmac down. I got no sleep whatsoever because of the road and because some twat infront kept turning his very bright torch on! Anyway i arrived bit the worse for wear and in need of a shower but then found out i could get on a tour that morning so i went got booked and went for breakfast. 10.30 i got to the tour office an jumped in the 4x4, first stop was a train grraveyard then on to the salt flats which were just out of this world for as far as you ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz October 4th 2011

So yesterday i waited all day till 9pm to catch my bus, goes to the terminal and gets told that due to protests and blockades the bus would not be leaving!!! This is not my week. So i put on my bag and headed to a hostal about a 10 min walk away, and to make things worse it was horrible! just a bed in a room which is ok. But no showers! Had to have a strip wash with cold water in the sink in the kitchen, and at night its nearly freezing here so that was not pleasant! I actually cant remember the last time i had a hot shower, it must be nearly 3 weeks. My room was right next to the toilets and i was awoken at 5.30 am by people grebing ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz October 3rd 2011

As we all know i had the crappiest of weeks because i spent loads of time writing about it yesterday, and while i was sharing with you all about what a crap time i had the bleeding launderette closed the launderett who had all my clothes apart from the skirt and vest i was wearing... awesome! My flight back to la paz from rurrenabaque was first thing this morning before they opened so iv lost the lot!!! I should have been majorly pissed off but i found it more funny that anything, only me! Then to add insult to injury the flight was delayed so if id have been in town and not at the airport i could have got it!! we actually had to sit on the runway waiting for our flight to land and ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque October 2nd 2011

Well it all startslastweek, i got out of bed at 5 am to catch my flight back to la paz... gets to the office the bus breaks down so they start tinkering with the engine get it working then they get a flat tyre! Finally after all the commotion we get to the airport but something bad was going off and there were fires and rioters blocking the runway and throwing stuff at the bus... so the bus goes back to the office and we all get told no flight today! I was a bit upset to be leaving anyway to be honest because i loved the jungle and pampas so much so i thought id head back to the agency and see if they could arrange for me to go and stay with a tribe ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque September 24th 2011

After my jungle adventure I booked on a 3 day tour to the Pampas, we set off on the most torturous car journey every which was 3 hours in an izuzu trooper with no air con and no suspension on a bumpy, very bumpy dirt track!!! We stopped off for lunch half way which sort of broke it up a bit but it was still pants! After the journey we then got on our boat, i was very lucky there were only 3 people in our group so it was quite cool. We set off down the river and saw an abundance of wildlife, i wouldnt be exaggarating if i said there was an allegator avery 20 meters... probably more. We saw loads of different kinds of birds and capibarra... really awesome! We stopped to pick ... read more

South America » Bolivia » Beni Department » Rurrenabaque September 21st 2011

I´ve not felf the need to rave about any agencies or hostals etc untill now but I have really just had the most amazing 3 days in the jungle thanks to Mogli tours. I´ll start from leaving La paz, i headed out at 6am from the hostal and got a taxi to the airport, which is just a small military airport me and the taxi driver had a bit of a problem convincing the guards i actually had a flight booked... i thought for a moment they wouldnt let me in there was a lot of waving of guns and stuff, not good! So gets in the que to check in, the plane apparently holds 20 people but there were clearly more in the que which was a bit concerning but hey! Weighed the bags in ... read more

South America » Bolivia » La Paz Department » La Paz September 16th 2011

I got on the bus to Puno feeling still worse for wear, the bus stopped every now and again to let someone on selling something the first one was bread the second drinks but the third was just unforgivable. She jumped on in a blood stained top and a heavy bag on her back, she then dumped it in the isle next to me and to my horror it was a dead animal. It didnt have a head but i guess it was a llama or something. She then got out an axe and started hacking it to pieces there was dead animal flying everywhere, then she started snapping rips and legs and stuff off. If i felt shit before i felt really shit now!! The locals loved it and were buying loads, the man next ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Machu Picchu September 13th 2011

It was a 5am start on the 8th, i was told to wait in the reception which i did- i clocked a guy outside wondering about but thought surely he would knock if he was waiting for me... after aboiut half an hour he did come to the door and off we went, we had the same situation picking up the others because they had also been told not to leave the reception under any circumstances yet the driver just sat outside! Anyway we all eventually got on to the bus and stopped in a small town for supplies (mainly coca leaves) after 20 mins we got back on the bus shocked to find it full of peruvians all sat on our stuff, we continued to the start point. As soon as we got off the ... read more

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco September 7th 2011

Dinner last nightwas awesome, we went to this really cool restauraunt whos only fult was the shitty techno they had playing in the background. We ate well I had Yukas for the first time which are just osh chips basically and sticky fig pudding with butterscotch sauce and themost amazing coffee iv ever had it was coffee chocolate kahlula and some other alcohol it came to 50 soles which is just over a tenner but mega expensive over here could have got 2 nights accomodation for that! This morning I set off to go whitewater rafting, to be honest i was dissapointed partly because no one died. The rapids are supposedly a level 3, 5 being the highest but i couldnt even muster a óooh´or a whooooo ifyou know what i mean. It was nice dont ... read more

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