Lissa and myself have been married for 15 years and we love to travel all that we can.We love to share our trips with friends. We try to travel with as many our friends as possible to share our experiences. This is our fourth trip to Italy and hopefully we can share it with you. The picture you see is of us standing on our property in Nicaragua. Our trip to Italy will start on September 21st so hope you can all be with us. Feel free to write back.

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Noto October 27th 2011

Sept 27 Day 6 Off our own homemade breakfast meats, cheeses.... We where off to the east and after driving through Modica we headed for Noto. This town was a series of one way streets and we had heck of a time finding parking as it seemed to market day. Eventually we travelled past a parking lot and had to go around again to find it. We found our way to town center and the main was closed to traffic for about 8 blocks. Looking like it might be a nice day, we thought we might need umbrellas, so from a street vendor we bought a 5 euro umbrella. At our first stop we went to a church called San Salvatore which looked like it had just gone trough a major reno and was going to ... read more

Europe » Italy » Sicily » Ragusa September 26th 2011

Day 5 Up bright and early and down to the restaurant in the villas for breakfast as we didn't have time last night to stop and get any groceries. As usual it was the Italian way for breakfast but alot more than in Florence. Fresh pasterie's, meats, cheeses and lots of fruit. Capo's to start the morning and it was time to program Bonnie get on the road to Ragusa for our first day. Weather today is 25 and chance of rain. Wondered into Ragusa and found the car park and started the walk up into the town center and up to the Piazza. First stop one of the many churches along the way. As we where in the church the rain started and rain it did, slow at first and then it picked up steam. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 25th 2011

Day 4 Moving On September 25th Its first thing in the morning and per usual since we’ve been in Florence we head upstairs to the 3rd floor for the european breakfast. It consists of meats cheeses yogurts breads cereals and of course cappachinos. Its always a bit of a heavy start but you get used to it. Our hotel was as lovely as Lissa and remembered, we actually stayed in the same room as we did 6 years ago and I think it’s the same mattress as it was just as hard. Everything said it was just as we remembered. This time we spent more time on the rooftop bell tower enjoying the view and of course Prosecco. Now its time to pack and head to the airport for a 1230 flight to Catania and off ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 24th 2011

After another later than normal evening it was the day to take the big red tour bus around the city. For 15 euro you can get a pass for 24 hours and tour the city getting on and off as many times as you like. First stop Michelanglo Hill to see the city from the southern end. We got great views of the river, Ponte Vecchio and all the Duomos and there is a lot. The first thing we saw was a Japanese wedding pull up (bride and groom) in a red Ferrari and the rest of the wedding party in a number of Mercedes. There must have been about 150 family and wedding party followed closely by camera men and photographers. It must have cost and arm and a leg to rent space on that ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence September 23rd 2011

Day 2 Antinori for lunch This was the day we went and got our car rental, about 1 km walk on a row of streets full of car rental agencies. I think they where all there.. Got the paperwork and now another km walk to the garage for pickup and wait for it to come from another location. 10 minutes and we where on our way... Bonnie our trusted GPS who sometimes does some strange things took her time in getting started since I don’.t think I used it since France a year ago. We started off trying to follow the map but within a few minutes we were a little lost. Finally Bonnie was charged and ready to go. The restuarant was only 28 kms away and we were in Passigno in 35 minutes. Since ... read more

Europe September 22nd 2011

Well finally off the ground and on our way to Amsterdam, great seats and it looks like a brand new plane. Great service but.... 1 non stop screaming 2 year old next to us, finally fell asleep 1 hour before landing. Lissa had her ear plugs and slept, not me. We got to amsterdam but dan and Laura where only on standby. Really bought tics 6 months ago and you get standby. They did however get on last minute. Into Florence, small airport off on the Tarmac and a quick taxi to our hotel. We grabbed a nap and a free bottle of prosecco on the roof top and away we went. Cruised the ponte vecio and watched the talent playing as they where not bad. The hotel reccommended a little fatoria for dinner just 2 ... read more

Europe » Italy » Tuscany September 11th 2011

Well its 10 days till liftoff and were off to Italy again(4th time). This time we'll start in Florence for 3 days and then off to Sicily. I love Florence and hope to see David again as he is the most fantastic piece of architecture I've ever seen. I could stand and stare for hours. We have a wine tasting and lunch the first day at Antinori just south of Florence. On day 3 we have a dinner reservation at the Frescobaldi restaurant and wine pairing. My wife will be in her glory as she has become quite the photographer and I'm sure I will get to be her camera bag caddy. We are traveling again with my cousin(sister cause she may as well be) Laura and her husband Dan. We travel well together and love ... read more

Europe November 12th 2007

Day 23 and the last day Well we are on our own again today as Laura and Dan where out late and still in bed at 9am so we decided that today being our last day we would go to the Appia roads. Now just imagine a road 451 kms straight from Roma to Brindisi, it was built in 306 to 312 bc and is perfectly straight. It was said then it took 14 days to travel the road. I would imagine now it would take 2 months. how they did it on the cobblestone is beyond me. Started off by going to the catacombs where over 500,000 where buried, they where unearthed some years ago and only 2% is open to the public. We where down 20 meters and they where the oldest as they ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome November 10th 2007

Day 22 Today Lissa and I our on our own. Laura and Dan have to see the pope. We walked in the rain to the Capitol museum which we have walked by many times.On our walk to the museum we noticed a very strong police presence today, swat helicopters and hundreds of police all the way to the museum. This museum was even more spectacular than the one in Napoli. The amount of scultures was amazing. A good many of them where found in a small building that was found right at the base of capitol hill. They where in shops and stores that where 1500 years old. There where found in the late 1800,s. Inside the museum is the original bronze statue of Romulus and Remas with the she wolf that rumour has mothered them. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome November 10th 2007

Day 21 We headed of to the colliseum early in the door by 930 before the crowds/buses showed up. This time we got the audio guide to hear the description but next time it be better with a regular guide. After an hour we moved towards the forum which is an incredible place but you really have to use your imagination to picture what was once there. Then moved over to Palantine hill which is twice as large as the forum. It seemed that we saw more there than the last time we visited. If you nose around you never know what you might find. The ruins are by far our favorite things to look at. By this time we started to get tired and hungry so back throuhg the forum and up Capitol hill and ... read more

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